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Guide to Microchip Microcontroller PIC Programming
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In order to program a Microcontroller chip here is  short explanation of the development process. First we will write our code in MPLAB Development Environment,The wiritng code can be in C or Assembly language than we compile and build our code and get a HEX order to transfer the hex file to the Microcontroller we will use a PIC programmer, a simple electronic circuit that can get the code from our PC using the serial or USB port depending on the programmer model after that the program will be transferred to the PIC program Flash memory. Programming a PIC using MPLAB ICD2 : A pic can be programmed using the ICD2 programmer in circuit debugger KIT available at Microchip this kind pf programmer support both RS232 and USB interface many third party ICD programmers are available in the market and provide the same functionality as for the original ICD2 Programmer provided by Microchip ,Also programmers […]

CCTV and surveillance systems

What is CCTV cameras ? security systems or CCTV ( closed circuit television )  has become as essential as other thing in our lives. our property and premises are prone to be attacked if no proper security systems are well adopted in order to keep on surveillance on a continuous range. cctv systems are now available in different models and shapes, applications purposes and ready to keep on surveying during day and nights no matter what the weather condition is.  1- The 8 different types of cctv cameras available in the market .   2- Difference between analogue and digital CCTV : Many of us do not know the difference between analogue and digital cameras where both are behind the purpose of surveillance and providing security to our property. the main difference is that analogue CCTV cameras which use an analog video signal that is transmitted over coaxial UTP cable back […]

Projects across jeddah / mecca & western region in Saudia Arabia
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With projects crossing many region in Saudia Arabia to provide HVAC and engineering services and consultancy works as a third party provider to many major projects across the country,coming from hospitals, malls, airports, schools etc.. our registered CSA certified air balancing company ( UK ) has been one of the top qualified and approved certified engineering firms and third party provider, for many major contracting and consultancy firms in Saudia Arabia .As a business development executive and senior manager responsible to develop business relationships and signing up MOU’s in addition to identifying new sales leads to sell and represent the company products and services.Also representing the company in all forums and important construction exhibitions. Duties & responsibility: Prospect for potential new projects and turn this into increased business. Identify the decision makers within the client organization. Set up meetings between client decision makers to discuss projects scope and cooperation’s opportunity. Organizing […]

Expansion of the Holy mosque in Mecca city Saudia arabia

Appointed as project coordinator for the fourth and biggest expansion of the Holy Haram in mecca which is planned to increase the mosque capacity to two millions.The role in this project has involved the integration of the low current systems scope located in the mataf area, starting from the mezzanine up to the 3rd floor and have comprised the coordination with contractors ,consultant and suppliers to follow up the entire works assigned in the scope in accordance with the given task set by the project manager. Duties & responsibility : Project Survey of the entire Low voltage Systems such as Fire alarm sys, Public Address system, CCTV sys and Access control sys.    Preparing and reviewing Shop drawings and as Built drawings of the designed systems. Visiting site before project beginning to arrange work progress schedule. Supervising site engineers work through daily progress reports,etc… Performing and reviewing IR submittals of the […]