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Any project require times and dedication in which it can be critical to pursue the work from start to finish with ease and under the defined scope that outlines the highest rank that guaranteed the success of the project under a set of goals . The PMP certification considered as the top certification that qualifies project manager to handle and outcomes the highest results when executing any project. it is an internationally recognized and offered by the PMI ( project management institute ) The PMP certifications combines a fives essential domains mapped with ten project management knowledge area:  1-Initiating the project (13%) 2-Planning the project (24%) 3-Executing the project (31%) 4-Monitoring and controlling the project (25%) 5-Closing the project (7%) 1-Project Integration Management 2-Project Scope Management 3-Project Time Management 4-Project Cost Management 5-Project Quality Management 6-Project Human Resource Management 7-Project Communications Management 8-Project Risk Management 9-Project Procurement Management 10-Project Stakeholder […]