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Ultragames store | 2017

Executive summary : ULTRAGAMES is a new gaming retailing center proposed to provide a unique experience for shopping your gaming needs across many divisions . it focuses on video games consoles selling and its peripherals from accessories to spare parts and other media available. Our store consist of five main divisions available to provide our customers the fun of choosing their favorites entertainment choice. our company has a strategy to make our outlets solely available in shopping malls and retail centers and shops in Lebanon covering the sector of gaming,entertainment and technological stuff for a wide spectrum of people from different ages with particular that video games has become a fun station for all family members and our unique brand name is our identity devoted to create unique name in the consumer minds . we are aiming to establish a significant and differentiated market for the gaming shopping experience and […]

HVAC systems

Back to 1902 when Willis carrier an american engineer who invented the first air condition,and behind his vision to solve a humidity problem found in a publishing company .carrier thought that in order to solve this humidity problem,the air inside the building must be treated by blowing it across chilled pipes.The air cooled as it passed across the cold pipes, and since cool air can’t carry as much moisture as warm air, the process reduced the humidity in the plant and stabilized the moisture content of the paper. Reducing the humidity also had the side benefit of lowering the air temperature .this was absolutely the born of a new technology by treating the air and make it cooler. with the passage of time air conditioning systems experienced a big progresses and changes with the concept and the ways the air is being treated and cooled using several engineering techniques adopted […]