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Ultragames store | 2017

Executive summary : ULTRAGAMES is a new gaming retailing center proposed to provide a unique experience for shopping your gaming needs across many divisions . it focuses on video games consoles selling and its peripherals from accessories to spare parts and other media available. Our store consist of five main divisions available to provide our customers the fun of choosing their favorites entertainment choice. our company has a strategy to make our outlets solely available in shopping malls and retail centers and shops in Lebanon covering the sector of gaming,entertainment and technological stuff for a wide spectrum of people from different ages with particular that video games has become a fun station for all family members and our unique brand name is our identity devoted to create unique name in the consumer minds . we are aiming to establish a significant and differentiated market for the gaming shopping experience and […]

HVAC systems

Back to 1902 when Willis carrier an american engineer who invented the first air condition,and behind his vision to solve a humidity problem found in a publishing company .carrier thought that in order to solve this humidity problem,the air inside the building must be treated by blowing it across chilled pipes.The air cooled as it passed across the cold pipes, and since cool air can’t carry as much moisture as warm air, the process reduced the humidity in the plant and stabilized the moisture content of the paper. Reducing the humidity also had the side benefit of lowering the air temperature .this was absolutely the born of a new technology by treating the air and make it cooler. with the passage of time air conditioning systems experienced a big progresses and changes with the concept and the ways the air is being treated and cooled using several engineering techniques adopted […]

Project management professional known as | PMP

Any project require times and dedication in which it can be critical to pursue the work from start to finish with ease and under the defined scope that outlines the highest rank that guaranteed the success of the project under a set of goals . The PMP certification considered as the top certification that qualifies project manager to handle and outcomes the highest results when executing any project. it is an internationally recognized and offered by the PMI ( project management institute ) The PMP certifications combines a fives essential domains mapped with ten project management knowledge area:  1-Initiating the project (13%) 2-Planning the project (24%) 3-Executing the project (31%) 4-Monitoring and controlling the project (25%) 5-Closing the project (7%) 1-Project Integration Management 2-Project Scope Management 3-Project Time Management 4-Project Cost Management 5-Project Quality Management 6-Project Human Resource Management 7-Project Communications Management 8-Project Risk Management 9-Project Procurement Management 10-Project Stakeholder […]

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Mechatronics technologies | an MEP company located in saudia arabia and provides engineering services & MEP works,for public and private sectors . The company main specialties is TAB ( testing adjusting & balancing ) for the environmental and HVAC systems. Also a major supplier of international mechanical pumps such as WILO. It’s only fair to share…

TAB ( Testing adjusting & balancing ) and its procedure

Today modern environmental system require a proper procedure in order to maintain a proper functionality of an HVAC systems. whether cooling is performed by air or water ( Hydronic ), TAB is necessary in order to maximize the efficiency of an HVAC systems and to maintain its stability. the TAB procedure are usually performed via a certified contractors or a third party provider who has the expertise to perform the test and using the equipment’s. some HVAC contractors would have their own in house team and that depends on company policy and size . A certified tab technician or Engineers are those who are certified and accredited to perform this kind of test and they are particularily certified from two major company standards ,the NEBB ( national environmental balancing bureau ) USA & CSA  ( Commissioning specialist association ) UK ,which are the two major international standards available to train […]

Guide to Microchip Microcontroller PIC Programming
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In order to program a Microcontroller chip here is  short explanation of the development process. First we will write our code in MPLAB Development Environment,The wiritng code can be in C or Assembly language than we compile and build our code and get a HEX order to transfer the hex file to the Microcontroller we will use a PIC programmer, a simple electronic circuit that can get the code from our PC using the serial or USB port depending on the programmer model after that the program will be transferred to the PIC program Flash memory. Programming a PIC using MPLAB ICD2 : A pic can be programmed using the ICD2 programmer in circuit debugger KIT available at Microchip this kind pf programmer support both RS232 and USB interface many third party ICD programmers are available in the market and provide the same functionality as for the original ICD2 Programmer provided by Microchip ,Also programmers […]

CCTV and surveillance systems

What is CCTV cameras ? security systems or CCTV ( closed circuit television )  has become as essential as other thing in our lives. our property and premises are prone to be attacked if no proper security systems are well adopted in order to keep on surveillance on a continuous range. cctv systems are now available in different models and shapes, applications purposes and ready to keep on surveying during day and nights no matter what the weather condition is.  1- The 8 different types of cctv cameras available in the market .   2- Difference between analogue and digital CCTV : Many of us do not know the difference between analogue and digital cameras where both are behind the purpose of surveillance and providing security to our property. the main difference is that analogue CCTV cameras which use an analog video signal that is transmitted over coaxial UTP cable back […]

Projects across jeddah / mecca & western region in Saudia Arabia
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With projects crossing many region in Saudia Arabia to provide HVAC and engineering services and consultancy works as a third party provider to many major projects across the country,coming from hospitals, malls, airports, schools etc.. our registered CSA certified air balancing company ( UK ) has been one of the top qualified and approved certified engineering firms and third party provider, for many major contracting and consultancy firms in Saudia Arabia .As a business development executive and senior manager responsible to develop business relationships and signing up MOU’s in addition to identifying new sales leads to sell and represent the company products and services.Also representing the company in all forums and important construction exhibitions. Duties & responsibility: Prospect for potential new projects and turn this into increased business. Identify the decision makers within the client organization. Set up meetings between client decision makers to discuss projects scope and cooperation’s opportunity. Organizing […]

Expansion of the Holy mosque in Mecca city Saudia arabia

Appointed as project coordinator for the fourth and biggest expansion of the Holy Haram in mecca which is planned to increase the mosque capacity to two millions.The role in this project has involved the integration of the low current systems scope located in the mataf area, starting from the mezzanine up to the 3rd floor and have comprised the coordination with contractors ,consultant and suppliers to follow up the entire works assigned in the scope in accordance with the given task set by the project manager. Duties & responsibility : Project Survey of the entire Low voltage Systems such as Fire alarm sys, Public Address system, CCTV sys and Access control sys.    Preparing and reviewing Shop drawings and as Built drawings of the designed systems. Visiting site before project beginning to arrange work progress schedule. Supervising site engineers work through daily progress reports,etc… Performing and reviewing IR submittals of the […]

Home Automation
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The first rule of any technology applied in business is that automation applied in an efficient way, that’s magnify the efficiency and reduce the energy consumption of your home , We all know the light dimmer when its first introduced in 1959 by Joel spira , An american inventor and entrepreneur who find a way to change the intensity of a light bulb, by changing its voltage waveform ,know as (priming voltage).Home automation exploit the same idea of dimming, but with further controls such as wireless, wired or powered line communication to control applications like ventilation , security as well as home automaton such as Washers ,Dryers ,Home entertainment etc… in the main principal the diagram below shows the main device in the home automation system : Home automation comes in different models and features that depends on the number of peripherals named as (addresses) that you want to control.basically […]

IOT & the future of economy

Imagine a world connected to the internet and shares data permanently ? imagine to set your washing machine on time and other home appliances remotely while mingling in the mall and do shopping ? Thats fun no ! We were ahead to set a new way of living immersed by technology and embedded devices , sensors , smart machines , appliances and all other stuff can be the next era for our lives . The world economy have changed a lot, since the advancement of technology & specially in the field of telecommunication and internet ,putting away a big players and giant companies to bankrupt for not keeping pace with the progress happening in the world of technologies .The evolution in the world of communication & mobile generation have put a lot of challenges for mobile operators in the market of data, over 60 percent of people nowadays are using […]

The new PS4 Pro
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Sony has just declared the new playstation 4 .The ps4 slim and the ps4 pro coming up to put again the giant of gaming in the forefront of electronic games development, over twenty years. . The ps4 is the most powerful console in the market today but after two and half years and due to the technology advances and the big competition existing in the gaming market specially from pc gaming,the company was eager to offer an advanced version of the system that offers a bit more processing power and speed to enable a better gaming and looking experience . The biggest difference between the PS4 and PS4 Slim isn’t the specs. The Slim will launch with the same internal specs as the original PS4, just with some design tweaks.Both the PS4 and PS4 Slim now also support HDR for gaming thanks to Update 4.00, so if you’ve got a […]

Attendance App

Because attendance is no longer a concern for teachers. Because your class is your priority whether your students are in or out. Hand out your class sessions upon your calendar. Your attendance app is your saving application for all moments. Featuring : • Taking attendance online • Professional user interface • Swipe functionalities for easy access • Custom calendar to view your attendees • Easy to check student attendance with one click • Keep engaging your students with a comment screen  Available for Android 2.3 to 4.4 and soon on IOS It’s only fair to share…

Hotspot Systems

Introduction : Internet sharing has become an essential thing for many businesses which provided internet access for its customers ,when speaking about internet sharing, Hotspot systems would comes to our mind .because its the ideal solution for all internet cafes, Hotels ,shopping Malls ,Residential apartments that wants to have a secure ,reliable and continuous internet connection with an extended functionality. Hotspot systems usually comes with a built in software and embedded WYSIWYG editor which allows you to customize your landing page in order to fits with your business design also it comes with a billing interface which can be used to bills your users online or throughout an internet unique voucher code with a predefined time or data usage or via SMS customers would be able to request connection through a text message sent from their mobile phones. Hotspot technology has been improved and reached internet cloud ,Hotspot users are know […]

How Lebanon Receives Internet ?

In this article i am pointing on the Lebanese internet and how the bandwidth are taken and distributed Between Lebanon , Cyprus , Syria and Egypt ,in 2011 and Before installing the IMEWE Cable internet in Lebanon was suffering from a lots of speed problems but know things have changed after the installation of the submarine international cable IMEWE which have boosted the internet speed and reduced the internet prices tarrif, However before 2011 internet sources was distributed as follow , Lebanon ( Beirut) and Cyprus are linked together through 230 Km , 622 Mbs submarine cable called Cadmos, This cable started its operations since 1995 but in 2010 the Lebanese Ministry of Telecommunication has signed an agreement with Cyprus and boosted its capacity to 40 Gb ,Tartus ( Syria ) receives internet from two sources Ugarit 633 Mbs from Cyprus and Aletar from Egypt a 5 Gbs cable which is connected […]

Useful Links for web masters

1-Domain name checking tool Domain name research, including comprehensive Whois Lookup, Reverse Whois Lookup and Whois History. Domain name monitoring tools and buyer/seller 2-Geo IP Tool Checking your IP information with GEOIPTOOL 3-Checking IP Adresses IP address lookup, location, proxy detection, email tracing, IP hiding tips, blacklist check, speed test, and forums. Find, get, and show my IP address. 4-Website checking tool Checking web site info including : web site background , technology used,server side programming language,client side programming language and others … 5-Email checking tool Email address info: check if valid, photos, web search, blog entries, geo location info and more. 6-SSL checker This SSL Checker will help you diagnose problems with your SSL certificate installation. You can verify the SSL certificate on your web server to make sure it is correctly installed, valid, trusted and doesn’t give any errors to any of your users. To use the SSL […]

Facebook Fanpages

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Web Site Backlinks Useful Tips
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Here is few Backlinks tips you can follow in order to increase your page ranking for your Blog :Click here to Download The File  It’s only fair to share…

How To create a New project in Dreamweaver CS4.

This video will give you a live example about making a new project in DW CS4. It’s only fair to share…

Whats the difference between Fixed,Liquid and Fluid Layout
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This video will show you a live example about the difference between Fixed and Liquid Layout . It’s only fair to share…

Creating a Full page header in Dreamweaver CS4.
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This video will show you how to create a Full page header web page using Dreamweaver CS4. It’s only fair to share…

How to transfer File to your Host through FileZilla
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This video will show you an example on how you can connect and transfer files from your site to your Hosting account. It’s only fair to share…

How To Design PCB Single & Double Layer using ISIS
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In this Video you will learn how to Draw your Electronic circuits and make Single & Double PCB Layer design for prototyping using IRIS Electronics Design Software. It’s only fair to share…

How To install Free and Self Hosted WordPress Blog

This video will show you a Live Example on How you can setup a Free and Self Hosted WordPress Blog .     It’s only fair to share…

How To define CSS
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What is Cascading Style Sheet ? CSS tends for cascading style sheets a Markup language usually used along with HTML in order to control the design (Colors,Fonts Tables ) and layout appearances of your web site. when working with CSS many aspect should be taken into considerations like Margin , Padding and Content the unit measured behind CSS box modeling are pixels as illustrated in the below photo . It’s only fair to share…

The importance of Social Media
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=============================== How Social Media used to turn communication into interactive dialogue between organizations. It’s only fair to share…

Why does paypal is still banned in Lebanon ?

This topic would interest people involved with E-commerce and online payment, everyone know that Paypal is a online gate which allow you to make online payments and transferring money through the internet ,through many years a lots of people was wondering why Paypal is not active in Lebanon , there are several of common reason behind this which describe Paypal as a Jewish organization and it is banned to operate in Lebanon other reason is that because Lebanon doesn’t take a legitimate Electronic signature from Paypal inc which would make the system available in Lebanon and the parliament haven’t looked at the presented draft submitted in 1996.Another reason include insufficient regulation and security in a country’s banking system Hence, and in march 2013 Paypal has started to operates in many countries like Egypt Jordan. Yemen, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria excluding Lebanon but it should be available soon according to some resources , However […]

Web Banners Dimensions

For your convenience i have listed below a variety of web banners that can be used depending on your needs . Size Style 468×60 Full Banner 728×90 Leader Board 336×280 Square 300×250 Square 2 160×600 Sky Scraper 120×240 Small Sky Scraper 240×400 Fat Scraper 234×60 Half Banner 180×150 Rectangle 125×125 Square Button 120X90 Button 120×60 Button2 88×31 Button3 Click this link to see a live Example : Web Banners Dimensions Not Standard Banner Size . Size Style 10×30 Button 230×33 Small Banner 728×210 Large Leaderboard 720×300 Large Leaderboard2 500×350 Popup 550×480 Popup2 300×600 Half Page Banner 94×15 Blog Button Click this link to see a live Example: Not standard Banner Sizer It’s only fair to share…

Difference Between HTML & XHTML

When choosing between HTML and XHTML both are Markup languages and used to change the way on how your CSS box modeling appearances, the main difference between them is that XHTML has less attribute than HTML for example in XHTML you can use <br/>instead of <br></br> used by HTML which require an end tag for every start tag , choosing between HTML and XHTML depends of your browser technologies and devices used whether it is a mobile phones or other small devices which can be impacted by a bad markup language therefore by combining HTML and XML , XHTML ( Extensible Markup Language )was been developed ! The main difference between both Markup languages : DOCUMENT STRUCTURE XHTML DOCTYPE is mandatory The XML namespace attribute in <html> is mandatory <html>, <head>, <title>, and <body> is mandatory EG: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN” “”> <html xmlns=””> <head> <title>Title of […]

Whats the difference between Liquid ,Elastic Fluid and Fixed layout

When designing  a new web site  you should take into consideration the layout size of your page which can define your appearance on different browser size, in this post i am going to describe you the main difference between all layouts Fixed Layout : A fixed layout in web design is one that uses a unit of measurement that does not depend on other factors, such as the size of the font or the dimensions of the browser window, to determine the width of a web page. To put it another way, the website appears with a constant size no matter how big the browser window is, or what sort of font is chosen for the page. Liquid layout : A relative layout in web design is one that uses a relative unit of measurement to specify the width of the page,The content of the page resizes to adapt to the size of the […]

Top Content Management System for web site Building
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Here is a list of the most used CMS content management system , CMS is widely used know for many developers for its flexibility and usability and less coding ability that can make your web presence development much easier , in addition CMS allows you to track each and every single piece of your web site content easily like modifying the  content text, photos videos further to this CMS allows you changing your web content design such as colors layouts and other features ,Although many other free CMS available some of them are easy to use and others are a bit hard and require a greater Technical knowledge , in this article i am going to spot on the most used CMS platforms for the Web : 1- WordPress : WP is a CMS platform that you can use to create a beautiful web site or Blog, it is available for free for download […]