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it can be right or wrong for you whether to conduct a certain kind of work and being productive the art of making things differs on the ways each person think.In the outset each activity have a set of goals and targets where it should be defined before any start. i am sharing a couple of articles that i have been using in various areas.It helped me alot to accomplish a lot of businesses and understand the principles of several things in the administration,terms,and time management.


1-Bidding & Terms

bidding & Terms

There are some terms that must be understood before starting any tendering for work or to provide certain services for the public and private sectors. This process terms will give you the responsibility to understand the role of both the supplier and buyer in the bidding process.

At the outset, let me introduce you to the buyer and the supplier and the role of each and every one .

The buyer : A buyer represent a single individual who represent a company or buying organization who directs the tendering process and makes the final recommendation to the company decision makers .
The supplier : Service providers are the authorized persons in the supply of goods or services,selected and Pre-qualified by the buyer and deemed to be suitable and capable for relevant future contracts.i am going to lists a certain terms that are very useful for your next assignment.

EOI : ( Expression of interest ) Often the first in the bidding process.when buyers ask suppliers about their interest in obtaining further information about a particular opportunity.

ITT:  ( Invitation to tender ) also known as RFP ( request for proposal ) ITT is a formal document issued by a buyer that sets out the requirements for an opportunity. contains instructions to potential bidders.

PQQ: Pre-qualification questionnaire ) A questionnaire issued by the buyer asking for information on finances and experience in the main. allows a shortlist of suitable suppliers to be drawn.

RFI : (Request for information ) it is a similar terms than PQQ but focus on details about the suppliers proposed solution .

RFP : (Request for proposal ) A term interchangeable with ITT .

RFQ: (Request for quote ) similar to RFP and ITT but focus towards the cost element.

Win rate : The number of wins versus number of competitions entered .Normally expressed as a percentage or as a ratio of wins and bids submitted.

2-Dealing with unrealistic deadlines

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAfMAAAAJDUxNGNiNmRlLTBhODYtNDRiYy1hY2U5LTU4ODdlYjExZjg0NAsometimes you are subject for tasks that you may find difficult to achieves and the best way to counteract this kind of scenario is to find out if the given task is feasible or not. You might probably encountered for such similar case during your work history ,and availed you to overcome this situation through a certain steps that i am going to outline. First you have to show that you have thought through the timescale rather than simply rejecting the given task or proposal out of hand.Second Adopt a positive problem solving attitude and set out the stages that will need to be met in order to deliver on time by exploring if there are any ways through the difficulty such as additional resources which will help you to achieve the required task or if its possible for the deadline to be reconsidered.Third Adopt a tactic with the person setting the deadline whether it takes priority to other deadlines and remember that some of the least realistic deadlines are the ones we set by ourselves. and remember that in some circumstances there might be deadlines that are unrealistic but not subject to influence and it may arise from the requirements of clients or vendors ,and if you are affected ,the only solution is to address the other demands just to free some space that will allow your deadline to be met. Finally Make sure you are completely clear about what is required from you, and what resources you have and what additional support you may need if necessary and remember that failure to deal with these issues is a cause of missed deadlines! .

3-Results oriented

Results oriented

Results oriented

You may be wonder to imagine how it can be strict to achieve any task or objective it may be assigned for you in whatever situation . But don’t forget that these objectives should be described in terms of results delivered rather than activities as a part of a drive and in order to become more organized you will determine that you will arrive for example at work an hour earlier in the morning this act simply describes the activity having a coffee brake for example and you still meet the objective a far better objective would include identification of things your propose to achieve in an hour .sometimes you will face that a certain task completion require more concentration and can be prescribed as an uninterrupted concentration and therefore its much difficult to accomplish in a distracted way .

4-Social media and definitions

Social media & definitions

Nowadays everyone is talking about social media but lets define it first .social media has started with the internet and it is your highway to websites that allow people to talk to one another in different ways through text ( similar to sending email message) through audio and visuals ( taking digital photos , videos , music files and graphical info’s , or other set of static or moving digital material that can be uploaded online ) or through links that take a potential recipient to news stories , personal writings etc…
Social media is anything you see online that allows you to talk , share or show , when people talk about social media in the world of business they are likely to mention brand names like Facebook ,Twitter , and linkedin .Those social media site are the leaders of sharing your aspirations. like everything else on the internet ,things have changed and better mousetraps can take hold in a period of days, weeks or months .

5-Planning & tracking your time

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAPAAAAAJDhlZjAyYjBlLWEyNTctNDUyMi04NTc1LWYyMmY4MmNmNDlkNwBefore starting any work planning is a must in order to complete your tasks in a way that will not affects your time spent in order to complete the task in full . the steps is to adopt a workable system for planning and tracking your time through the days ,weeks and month ahead for this you need to set a planning scheme to get things done and within the specified period of time

In order to plan well you need to at first :

1- Determine your objectives
2-Identify the steps needed to achieve your objectives
3-Break projects and assignment down into their component tasks
4-Decide your expectation for the task to get completed
5-Decide when you will need to complete tasks over the the upcoming days
6-Identify what you will need from the others (Friends Colleagues at work ) in order that you can complete your own tasks and get things done on time