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Things i do


I can offer you a delightful web design and development services suited to fits all your needs,I am well skilled in different programming languages like
PHP,HTML,CSS,JS, ASP.NET , in addition I am well skilled in CMS Platform such as WordPress , Joomla and Drupal .


Professional capabilities: ( Web development )

  • Web design , web development  ( Custom design , CMS wordpress , Joomla, Drupal )
  • Social Media Making :Facebook Twitter Youtube channel
  • SEO optimization and site submission to major internet search Engine. ( Yahoo, Google and Bing )
  • Web forms and inquiry forms creation for corporate and individual usage
  • Corporate identity making and Logo design
  • Email Newsletters
  • SMS Marketing
  • Web Mastering and site Maintenance
  • Facebook and Google Adsense analysis and implementations (CPM,CPC CPL )

Technical skills & languages:

HTML ,CSS,PHP,MYSQL ,SQL,JS, VB VB.net ,Adobe Photoshop
illustrator, Dreamweaver and Flash Action script