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It seems that Facebook CEO cannot tolerate “bullying” at all, as some of his employees have threatened to be fired. A new report stated that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg threatened to dismiss employees from his company last June because of “bullying” on their colleagues, after the company’s large-scale exit to protest content management policies. According to the report – which was published by Buzzfeed News, Zuckerberg said during a question-and-answer session inside the company: I was very concerned about the level of disrespect, and at times, the scathing criticism that many people in our inner community face toward each other as part of these discussions. “If you bully your colleagues in taking a stand on something, we will fire you,” he said. inner struggle The Buzzfeed report touches on Facebook’s internal struggle since the company decided not to oversee a post by US President Donald Trump who was accused of […]