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Nokia is leading a group of companies and universities in the European Union-funded wireless project called “Hexa-X” to help launch the new generation of mobile communications networks called “6G”. The group includes companies such as “Intel”, “Siemens”, “Ericsson”, “Orange” and “Telefonica SA”, as well as the University of Oulu and University of Pisa, according to the membership list. Preparations for the development of “6G” began in several regions around the world, although the deployment of 5G networks is still in its infancy, and 100 telecommunications companies around the world provide service in some limited areas. In addition to “Hexa-X” led by “Nokia” in Europe, there is “Next G Alliance” and “O-RAN Alliance” in the United States, and the Chinese government is also funding a group to develop “6G” technologies. Starting in 2030, 6G technology is expected to use terahertz ultra-high-frequency waves, while providing advanced communication that can link technology with […]