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maxresdefault-12The first rule of any technology applied in business is that automation applied in an efficient way, that’s magnify the efficiency and reduce the energy consumption of your home , We all know the light dimmer when its first introduced in 1959 by Joel spira , An american inventor and entrepreneur who find a way to change the intensity of a light bulb, by changing its voltage waveform ,know as (priming voltage).Home automation exploit the same idea of dimming, but with further controls such as wireless, wired or powered line communication to control applications like ventilation , security as well as home automaton such as Washers ,Dryers ,Home entertainment etc…

in the main principal the diagram below shows the main device in the home automation system :
home automationHome automation comes in different models and features that depends on the number of peripherals named as (addresses) that you want to control.basically the main device is the controller which is the central part of your home automation system. a thermostat and wireless module to control your thermostat , dimming switches, a power line interface for adding new outlets with no additional wires. the system may include a computer software or a mobile application to control your peripherals with ease .

in terms of cost Home automation systems are available in many models depending on the type of control whether wired or wireless .mainly there are three types of Home automation.

1 -Power line Home automation or Communication PLC  ( A DIY and the most cost effective solution that utilize the existing home infrastructure )
2- Wired or Bus cable Home automation ( This is more expensive solution that require additional installation of hardwired system.
3- Wireless Home automation ( easy to install solution and cost friendly but require more security )

It is best known that homeowners who use smart and automated technology enjoy lower energy costs, time savings and boosted security without to forget the full control of your home while you are not there.

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