Domain & HostingHotspot system

Introduction :

Internet sharing has become an essential thing for many businesses which provided internet access for its customers ,when speaking about internet sharing, Hotspot systems would comes to our mind .because its the ideal solution for all internet cafes, Hotels ,shopping Malls ,Residential apartments that wants to have a secure ,reliable and continuous internet connection with an extended functionality. Hotspot systems usually comes with a built in software and embedded WYSIWYG editor which allows you to customize your landing page in order to fits with your business design also it comes with a billing interface which can be used to bills your users online or throughout an internet unique voucher code with a predefined time or data usage or via SMS customers would be able to request connection through a text message sent from their mobile phones.
Hotspot technology has been improved and reached internet cloud ,Hotspot users are know be able to manage and control many hotspot account from any locations in real time

What is a Hotspot ?

A hotspot system is a WIFI access point that is made for public access to the internet.It has a captive portal which authenticates the hotspot users and grant access to the internet if the hotspot access policy conditions are met.

How does it work ?

The WIFI user connects to the hotspot WIFI network with a computer, PDA or any other WIFI device with a web browser.Then any connection attempt to a website will be automatically redirected to the hotspot website (this is called a portal).

Hotspot System Diagram :