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The internet of things

Imagine a world connected to the internet and shares data permanently ? imagine to set your washing machine on time and other home appliances remotely while mingling in the mall and do shopping ? Thats fun no ! We were ahead to set a new way of living immersed by technology and embedded devices , sensors , smart machines , appliances and all other stuff can be the next era for our lives . The world economy have changed a lot, since the advancement of technology & specially in the field of telecommunication and internet ,putting away a big players and giant companies to bankrupt for not keeping pace with the progress happening in the world of technologies .The evolution in the world of communication & mobile generation have put a lot of challenges for mobile operators in the market of data, over 60 percent of people nowadays are using mobile apps ” as a voice communication ” ,to perform their daily calls instead of a regular call performed by their mobiles,These things can be challenging for mobile operators due to the bad return on investment made in the development of their infrastructure in the arise of each mobile generation. The IOT is now on the way to make the difference ,by 2020 mobile companies will be witness a huge boost in their connected devices ,more than 21 billion device will be connected to the IOT which can be a big reason to boost the world by economy ,and offset the losses in investment for mobile operators, and contribute to in the revitalization of the world economy and each country economy ,Because IOT is not for a limited period of time solely , it is an integrated model to use for generations and to all industries.