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Intel gets $5.5 billion in German support for chip project

Germany is looking to give Intel Corporation public funding worth more than 5 billion euros ($5.5 billion) to build a massive semiconductor plant, as part of European Union plans to establish domestic production of chips, according to officials familiar with the negotiations. Intel is beginning work on a state-of-the-art semiconductor production site worth 17 billion euros ($18.7 billion) in Magdeburg, Germany, the company announced Tuesday. Germany and Intel have so far been negotiating the exact amount the company might receive, but officials familiar with the matter said the government plans to provide government aid worth more than 5 billion euros. The deal will need European Commission scrutiny and approval under aid rules for countries in the region. The office of the Economy Minister, Robert Habeck, said that the final amount of support would depend on talks with the Commission, adding that given the high investment that Intel would make, the […]

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Intel plans to set up a massive $19 billion chip factory in Germany.

Intel has pledged €17 billion ($18.7 billion) to build a state-of-the-art semiconductor production site in Germany, marking the start of Europe’s ambitious bid to lure global chip makers back into the region. The Santa Clara, California-based company has committed to spending 33 billion euros in a number of European countries, as part of a plan to allocate 80 billion euros to the region over the next decade. France will become home to a new center for chip research, and the company will expand its current production site in Ireland. Intel also announced that it is negotiating with Italy to open a new packaging site. This announcement is part of CEO Pat Gelsinger’s attempt to reverse losses by developing the latest technology. The plant in Magdeburg, Germany, will attempt to produce chips smaller than 2 nanometers, something the company has yet to achieve. The CEO’s focus on Europe comes at a […]

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$19 million fine for Meta for violating European data law.

A European watchdog has fined Meta Platforms 17 million euros ($19 million) for violating EU privacy rules, after it failed to prevent a series of data breaches on its Facebook platform in 2018. The Irish Data Protection Commission, the main EU privacy watchdog that monitors Meta, said it found Facebook “failed to take appropriate technical and organizational measures”. Facebook became the first major test of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation in 2018 after the Irish watchdog opened an investigation into a breach affecting up to 50 million accounts. The investigation began in December of that year, looking at 12 Facebook hack notifications, including those caused by a software bug that gave third-party developers access to the photos of millions of users. Advertisements

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Blank Check Companies Turn to Metaverse After Flooding in the Real World

After a year of outrageous returns associated with three of the real world sponsors of new blank check companies turn to the world of “Metaverse” in search of acquisition targets. The three companies include one led by a former Sony PlayStation executive, another from the video game leader behind the Tomb Raider franchise; Noting that the two managers have great experience and skills, in addition to a highly successful career track record. Nevertheless, for some observers, the new wave represents a model for companies chasing the “blank check” again, the latest futuristic trend, after the sector’s bets on green cars and crypto tokens failed. This week’s volatility in tech stocks and metaverses may have made the situation more difficult for sponsors of so-called special purpose acquisitions (SPACs), which are down more than 40 percent overall from their peak in February. That is the nature of the beast, says Matthew Tuttle, […]

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Apple’s partner Foxconn unveils its first electric vehicle.

Foxconn Technology Group has unveiled its first electric vehicles, a significant achievement that could bolster the Taiwanese electronics company’s credentials in the serious bidding process for a covert Apple Inc auto project. . Today, Monday, the company launched the first models of four-wheel drive and saloon vehicles that the manufacturing company plans to produce for consumers in the automotive sector, instead of selling them under its brand name. Executives, including Hong Liu, president of Hon Hai Precision Industry, the main unit of Foxconn, unveiled the vehicles at a Technology Day event in the Taiwanese capital, Taipei. Foxconn is the largest assembler of iPhone devices, which gives it the advantage of being a potential partner in the field of manufacturing Apple cars at a time when the American company is considering expanding its business into the field of cars. By the end of last September, Foxconn had approved $280 million in […]

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Foxconn is negotiating to build a $9 billion factory in Saudi Arabia.

Foxconn is in talks with Saudi Arabia about a partnership contract to build a factory for microchips, electric vehicles, and other electronic components and devices, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal, citing sources familiar with the matter. Saudi negotiations with “Foxconn” to manufacture electric cars in the Kingdom The newspaper noted that the Saudi government is reviewing an offer from the company, officially known as Hon Hai Precision Industries, to build a dual-line plant for surface-mount technology and wafer-making in NEOM, a technology-focused city that the kingdom is developing. One person said that Saudi Arabia is doing due diligence, comparing the company’s offer to similar projects worldwide. For its part, Foxconn is seeking significant incentives, including financing, tax breaks, and energy and water subsidies, in return for helping create a high-tech manufacturing sector in the kingdom, as Saudi Arabia aims to diversify its economy away from oil. […]

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Toshiba expects the chip crisis to continue for another year after the invasion of Ukraine.

Toshiba expects chip supply challenges to continue for another year as chronic shortages of these components persist, coinciding with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a major supplier of chip-making materials, which will also have an impact. “The sense of shortage has not changed at all,” said Hiroyuki Sato, Head of Hardware Unit at Toshiba. “We expect the limited supply for now to continue until March next year at the earliest. Ukraine is a major supplier of purified rare gases such as neon and krypton, both essential to making semiconductors, as it produces nearly 70 percent of the world’s total neon, according to data from research firm TrendForce. Although some chip makers have played down the impact of disruption from the war, it is clearly not a positive, according to Sato. Advertisements

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Amazon crash causes chaos in merchandise deliveries.

The Amazon Web outage has wreaked havoc on the e-commerce giant’s delivery process, preventing drivers from obtaining delivery information and cutting off communication between Amazon and the thousands of drivers it depends on, according to four sources familiar with the situation. Three delivery partners said the Inc app used to communicate with delivery drivers is down. Another source said that the trucks that were supposed to be on the way to deliver the packages stopped working without a call from the company. Another source added, “Amazon Flex” independent delivery drivers who carry packages in their own cars cannot log into the Amazon app to get assignments. Amazon and its cloud services division suffered widespread outages on Tuesday. DownDetector, which monitors Internet connectivity, detected more than 20,000 complaints from Amazon, and more than 11,000 from Amazon Web Services, at about 12:10 p.m. in New York. Several popular sites, including Coinbase, […]

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India’s CashFree invests $15 million in UAE payment platform Teller.

CashFree, a payments and banking solutions company, announced that it has invested $15 million in Teller, which provides electronic payment services in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. With this investment, CashFree, which specializes in payment solutions in India with a market share of more than 50%, has become a major investor in Teller, which was established in 2014 and is headquartered in Dubai. The two companies intend to launch joint services in the Middle East and North Africa, based on Teller’s knowledge of the region’s markets and payments infrastructure. They also aim to develop a unified payment platform to help merchants in India accept payments from customers in the region, and vice versa. The electronic payments market in India exceeds $20 billion annually. The Teller platform allows payments to be accepted in more than 120 currencies, and is available in more than 30 languages. Through a single linking […]

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STC invests $400 million in data center expansion.

Saudi Telecom Company, the largest telecom company in the Middle East, has allocated 1.5 billion riyals ($400 million) to complete the largest cloud data center in the region, as the oil-rich kingdom seeks to become a hub for digitization, according to a company spokesman. The Saudi Telecom Company, known as stc, is implementing the third phase of the data center program on an area of ​​more than 180,000 square meters, according to a statement from the company. The Riyadh-based telecom operator completed the first phase of the project in 2019, and the second phase has already reached its final operational stage. The statement said that STC’s data center program consists of 16 data centers in six cities. Haitham Al-Faraj, chief technology officer of the Saudi company, said: “We have plans for data centers that will implement the infrastructure in the region, and stc seeks to be the leading data platform […]

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“Netflix” competes with “Tik Tok” by introducing a new service for children

Netflix has rolled out a TikTok-like feature aimed at kids, in its latest attempt to lure younger viewers to its platform and help them discover programming. The Kids Clips feature, which appears on the Netflix iOS app, will display short videos from the company’s existing library of children’s shows and movies. Netflix plans to add new clips daily based on its current and future shows. The move, which Netflix referred to as a test, builds on an earlier feature called “Fast Laughs” that highlights comedy clips and began rolling out earlier this year. Netflix has created ratings for its most popular titles, giving users an additional way to find shows they’re looking to watch. The kids-oriented service will be similar to Fast Loves, but it will display videos horizontally, not vertically, and take up the entire screen. Children will only be able to watch 10 to 20 clips at a […]

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Abu Dhabi Investment Authority participates in the acquisition of “McAfee” for 14 billion dollars.

An investment group co-led by Advent International and Bemera Advisors has agreed to acquire McAfee for $14 billion in cash (including debt), and privatize the global cybersecurity company. The group, which includes Cross Point Capital Partners, the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, GIC Private Limited and a wholly owned subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, will pay $26 in cash per share of McAfee common stock. The purchase price represents a 22.6% premium over McAfee’s closing price on November 4, before Bloomberg reported on the potential transaction. McAfee has about $4 billion in debt, according to Bloomberg data. The transaction is expected to close in the first half of 2022, subject to customary closing conditions, including approval by McAfee shareholders, regulatory approvals, and approvals by the US Committee on Foreign Investment. Under the transaction, the company’s board of directors and its advisors may solicit or consider alternative acquisition proposals […]

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Qatar partners with Rolls-Royce to invest in British unicorns.

Qatar plans to launch a fund to invest billions of pounds in new “Green engineering” projects in UK, such as carbon capture and storage, in partnership with Rolls-Royce, according to a report in The Sunday Times. The fund aims to create 5 unicorns, i.e. start-ups worth $1 billion, by 2030, and reach 20 companies by 2040. The report also said Qatar plans to build a science and engineering campus in northern England to host emerging green technology companies. Noting that Newcastle is the most likely to host the project, but the location has not yet been determined, as the feasibility studies will be completed by mid-2022, as the newspaper quoted a person close to the project. Rolls-Royce’s role in this joint initiative is focused on making its factories and laboratories available to start-up companies, as well as investing in some projects and companies emerging from the fund, which it is […]

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A start-up for cloud kitchens enters the billionaire club and becomes the third in a week.

Rebel Foods Pvt became at least the third Indian startup to achieve a $1 billion valuation (Unicon) this week, after it secured $175 million in a funding round led by the Qatar Investment Authority (QIA). Existing investors Coatue Management and Evolvence Group have participated in a $1.4 billion funding round for the Mumbai-based company, which operates “cloud kitchens” and calls itself the world’s largest online restaurant company. The startup said on Thursday that it was considering completing the IPO within the next two years. The company intends to focus on increasing its presence internationally, enhancing its ordering and delivery technology, and buying more restaurant brands Advertisements

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“Apple” develops technology that allows “iPhone” to control the Air conditioning and car seats

Apple, whose CarPlay interface is used by millions of motorists to control music, get directions and make phone calls, is looking to expand its control in cars.The company is working on technology that would access functions such as the climate control system, the speedometer, the radio and the seats, according to people familiar with the effort.The initiative, known internally as Iron Heart, is still in its early stages and will require cooperation from the automakers.These efforts underscore the idea that cars can be a huge profit for the tech giant even without selling the cars themselves. While Apple’s car-making plans have run into hurdles, including a defection from top executives this year, the company has continued to make progress with CarPlay, which allows customers to connect their iPhones to the car to engage with so-called infotainment features. Seven years after its release, it is currently used by most major automakers. […]

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Foxconn Iphone manufacturer will be ready to launch EV cars in 2021.

Foxconn Technology Group, which assembles iPhones for Apple, announced that its new platform for the manufacture of electric cars will contribute to the start of the launch of its first production of cars later this year, in reference to the achievement of Taiwanese electronics giant made great progress in the field of automobile industry. According to Yong Liu, head of Foxconn’s Hon Hai Precision Industry, to reporters at the company’s headquarters in Taipei, the company will unveil two new cars in the fourth quarter of this year, using the “Foxconn” platform. The company may launch an electric bus at the same time. Foxconn is seeking to enhance its capabilities in the automotive industry, at a time when technology companies, led by Apple, are looking to expand in that field. Last October, Foxconn revealed the launch of an open software platform aimed at helping electric car makers bring models to market […]

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The European Union is pushing to standardize chargers, which may require a redesign of the iPhone.

Apple may have to redesign the iPhone to be compatible with a USB-C charging socket as a result of proposed European Union requirements aimed at curbing waste and making it easier for consumers with multiple devices. The European Commission said Thursday it would like a single charging socket for all smartphones and tablets, as well as devices such as cameras, some earphones, portable speakers and some screens. Apple objects to the idea of a universal charger, arguing that it limits creativity and the potential for more energy-efficient devices. The draft project adds to pressure from the European Union in recent years with competition investigations into its app store and payments system, and adds to a legal battle over a massive tax refund order. Advertisements

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Twitter adds a new feature that makes money for content creators through “Bitcoin”

Twitter will allow users to send and receive “tips” using bitcoin as part of a broader campaign to help users make money from the service. Twitter said Thursday that it is looking into authenticating users’ non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are digital goods ranging from high-quality artwork to images of “digital monkeys.” Some users already display non-fungible tokens in their profiles. But there is no easy way to believe if the person viewing the photo actually owns it. Esther Crawford, executive director of products that build features for creators at Twitter, said, “Creators have a growing interest in using apps that run on the blockchain. We want to help them share in the promise of an evolving, decentralized internet directly on Twitter.” In addition, the updates are part of Twitter’s strategy to attract creators by giving them more ways to share their work through the service, and more ways to earn […]

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500 billionaires lose 135 billion dollars.

A global turmoil erupted in stock markets around the world, as concerns about the Chinese company Evergrande Group negatively affected the world’s largest fortunes on Monday, as the world’s 500 richest people lost a total of $135 billion. American billionaire Elon Musk topped the list of losers, as his net worth fell by $7.2 billion to $198 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. As for Jeff Bezos, founder of “”, which is headquartered in Seattle, and the second place in the ranking of the largest fortunes in the index, he lost $ 5.6 billion, reducing his fortune to $ 194.2 billion. Advertisements

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Google faces allegations of monopolistic practices in India.

India’s Competition and Anti-Monopoly Protection Authority has revealed that Google is benefiting from its dominance of the Android mobile operating system and related markets by conducting restricted and anti-competitive business activities, the Times of India reported, citing the authority’s report. The newspaper said the investigation unit of the Competition Authority of India submitted the report after two years of investigation. The results are set to be evaluated by the Competition and Antitrust Authority, and if Alphabet’s Google subsidiary is found guilty, it could face penalties or be required to refrain from practices seen as distorting competition, according to the report. “Android has enabled millions of Indians to get online by making mobile devices more accessible to everyone,” a Google spokesperson said in response to an email from Bloomberg seeking comment. “We look forward to working with the Competition Commission of India to show how the system has performed Android is […]

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China pursues disguised crypto-mining centers.

China’s crackdown on the crypto industry is targeting mining companies that have tried to masquerade as research centers and storage facilities to keep their businesses going, according to people familiar with the matter. Inspections escalated this month in several Chinese provinces, targeting illegal mining activities in colleges, research institutions and data centers, said the people, who requested anonymity, citing concerns about the country’s energy supply in the upcoming winter season as one of the reasons for the intensification of the search. A new round of scrutiny could reduce the amount of cryptocurrency mining from China, after years of control. As recently as April, the mining operation had 46% of the global margin rate, a measure of the computing power used in mining and processing, according to the Cambridge Bitcoin Index for electricity consumption. Advertisements

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“Apple” will exempt some applications from the 30% fee after a global scrutiny

Apple will allow developers of some apps like Netflix to link them to third-party payment sites for their customers, responding to a long-running complaint about the App Store, settling an investigation by Japan’s Fair Trade Commission. The Cupertino, California-based tech giant said the change will take effect globally early next year for so-called reader apps that cover content such as magazines, newspapers, books, podcasts, music and video. So far, Apple has forced such apps to use the in-app purchase system, which gives Apple a 30% commission on downloads and subscriptions via the app. This rule will still apply to games, the most profitable category of mobile apps, as well as in-app purchases Advertisements

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Apple releases a new iPhone with an update that may be the weakest ever

For more than a billion iPhone fans around the world, Apple’s unveiling of its latest lineup of smartphones is the most anticipated annual event, and the focus of everyone’s attention. But this time there may be an exception. The Cupertino, California-based company on Tuesday introduced four iPhone 13 models with some minor improvements, including a faster processor, better camera, longer battery life, and nicer screens. They are similar in design to the 2020 phones, other than the smaller notch for the front camera at the top of the screen, and they start at the same price. The new Professional Editions of the two new phones will also feature higher-quality video recording, a smoother, frequently updated screen scrolling, and the ability to expand storage to 1 TB, twice the capacity of last year’s largest option. Advertisements

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UAE’s Mubadala invests $690 million in British “City Fiber”

The UAE is investing 500 million pounds ($690 million) in British company CityFibre to provide high-speed broadband optical fibers, according to a British government statement, as the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi visits London. The statement issued by the office of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated that the investment in the group specialized in digital infrastructure is part of a plan to increase its capital. During the visit of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Mubadala Investment Company, one of Abu Dhabi’s sovereign funds, intends to expand the investment partnership that was agreed upon earlier this year. DP World is also investing about 300 million pounds in the fourth berth in the port of “London Gateway”. This month, the UAE announced that it was seeking comprehensive economic agreements with countries with high growth potential, including Britain after its exit from the European Union. Johnson’s office statement revealed that the […]

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Minister of Artificial Intelligence: 3 thousand companies in the field of digital economy in the UAE

Omar Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications in the UAE, said that his country currently has 3,000 companies working in the field of the digital economy, adding, “This number is the largest in the Middle East, and we aspire to double it through this initiative.” For more than 5,000 companies over the coming years. Today, Sunday, Dr. Sultan Al Jaber, UAE Minister of Industry and Technology, announced plans to invest more than 5 billion dirhams in the field of digital economy, advanced technology and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In statements to Al Sharq News Channel, the scholars indicated that the UAE seeks to advance the digital economy as one of the most important pillars of the country’s economy, so today important projects were announced to develop the digital economy, adding, “The UAE is a silicon valley for the region, and our […]

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The first European fine against “WhatsApp” amounting to 266 million dollars.

Facebook Inc’s WhatsApp has been ordered to pay a fine of 225 million euros ($266 million) for failing to be transparent about how it handles personal information, and this is the first fine imposed against the app under the enhanced data protection law. in the European Union. The Irish Data Protection Commission – the main privacy watchdog in Europe’s Silicon Valley – said it had found violations in the way WhatsApp explained how it handles user and non-user data, as well as how it shares data with other Facebook companies. The fine comes weeks after Amazon was fined €746m in Luxembourg, where it has its European base, for processing personal data in violation of EU General Data Protection regulations. Advertisements

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Facebook again faces a monopoly case over its acquisition of Instagram and WhatsApp.

On Thursday, the Federal Trade Commission filed a new complaint in a Washington-based federal court, alleging that Facebook violated antitrust laws by buying Instagram and WhatsApp to eliminate them as competitors. As the earlier lawsuit implied, the FTC asked the court to dissolve the takeovers. In a statement to the agency, Holly Vidova, acting director of the Competition Bureau, said: “[Facebook] illegally bought or buried the new innovators, after it failed as a company to compete with them and their popularity threatened its very existence. Such anti-competitive behavior is no less than if it introduced ( Facebook) bribed its emerging competitors to stop their competition. Facebook said on Twitter that it was reviewing the complaint. Facebook’s stock reduced its previous gains and changed slightly at the level of $355.32 at 12:09 pm New York time. But the stock is up about 30% this year. The agency is trying to revive […]

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Tesla plans to build a humanoid robot next year.

Elon Musk announced that his company, “Tesla”, will build a humanoid robot next year.Musk indicated, in statements carried by CNBC, on the sidelines of a symposium held by Tesla in California for artificial intelligence, that it is possible that the company will have a prototype of the Tesla robot next year, noting To the company’s supremacy in the manufacture of batteries and sensors.Musk’s announcement came after a demonstration model of a suit similar to what the robot would wear. Advertisements

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Samsung maintains to lead the global smartphone market, and “Xiaomi” surpassing“Apple”.

The global smartphone market grew by 19% on an annual basis during the second quarter of 2021 to 329 million units, but it is down 19% compared to the previous quarter, due to the continuing crisis of component shortages, and the return of the outbreak of the Corona virus in Asia and Europe. Samsung maintained the lead in the global smartphone market in the second quarter, despite the decline in its market share on a quarterly basis in light of the decline in shipments. According to a report by “Counterpoint Research”, the Korean company’s market share reached 18%, after it shipped 58 million smartphones during the period from April to June. For the first time, the Chinese “Xiaomi” became the second largest seller of smart phones in the world, with a market share of 16% during the second quarter, after it shipped 53 million phones, an increase of 98% on […]

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Nokia wins first 5G contract in China

Nokia has won its first 5G wireless network contract in China, securing a stake in one of China Mobile’s three new contracts.Chinese companies led by Huawei won the lion’s share of the deal, according to a document published by China Mobile. China is ahead of all other countries in the use of 5G networks, making it one of the largest markets for telecom infrastructure companies. Nokia won a 10% stake in one of the three contracts, while rival Ericsson got 9.6% of another contract. The total value of the bid amounted to about $6 billion distributed among the three contracts, and Nokia received 4% of the total bid. Advertisements

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The Saudi-backed “Lucid” electric car will soon storm the market.

Lucid Motors, the Saudi-backed start-up electric car company that is expected to go public through a blank check, will meet the deadline for the start of production and delivery of its first electric car this year. The company has finished preparing for production after a series of delays, executives confirmed Tuesday in a conference call with investors, days before shareholders voted to list it. Shares of Churchill Capital, the special purpose buyout company that merged with Lucid Motors, rose as much as 2.3% in after-hours trading, before later paring gains. Lucid Motors, the Saudi-backed start-up electric car company that is expected to go public through a blank check, will meet the deadline for the start of production and delivery of its first electric car this year. The company has finished preparing for production after a series of delays, executives confirmed Tuesday in a conference call with investors, days before shareholders […]

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Huawei and Verizon Agree to Settle Patent Infringement Claims.

Huawei Technologies and Verizon Communications have agreed to end two communications technology patent infringement cases amid trial proceedings before a federal jury in Texas. Representatives of the two companies expressed their happiness with the settlement, which they described as confidential details. US District Judge Rodney Gilstrap on Monday approved the two companies’ joint motion Sunday to withdraw the cases against each other. Verizon shares rose 19 cents to $56.26 at 12:11 p.m. New York time The trial began last week in Marshall, Texas, after Huawei filed a case against Verizon accusing it of using network technology that Huawei patented without a license. This was the first of two trials due to be investigated this year in the lawsuits that Huawei brought last year against Verizon, the largest mobile phone operator in the United States. The agreement settles a long battle in which Huawei has demanded that Verizon pay for a […]

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Facebook Allows Live Audio Streaming Through Messenger Rooms.

Social networking Tech Giant “Facebook” will provide “messenger” rooms with a live audio broadcasting experience. The site stated that the new feature will be a competition to the “Club House” voice chat application. “Facebook” is working on its own version of the voice-only chat application for “iOS”, and voice chat applications have grown in popularity dramatically in recent months. The “Clubhouse” application has gained global momentum and widespread over the past weeks. It is estimated that the number of “Clubhouse” users has reached 25 million, after the number of times the application was downloaded until the first of last February only 3.5 million times, then it reached 8.1 million times on February 16, according to a report published by the “App-Any” consulting company. Advertisements

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China is preventing mobile apps from requesting unnecessary personal information.

China has banned mobile application operators from refusing to provide basic services to users who refuse to provide “unnecessary” personal information, according to what the China Cyberspace Administration announced in new rules in this regard. The rules identified “essential” personal information for 39 types of mobile phone applications, which include maps, car recall, online payments and shopping. The rules will go into effect on May 1, and the amendments come after information leaked through mobile phone applications has become a source of concern in China. Advertisements

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Microsoft is willing to pay $ 10 billion for “Discord”

Tech giant Microsoft Corporation is currently in talks to acquire Discord Inc, the worlds biggest gaming communities, for more than $ 10 billion, according to sources familiar with the matter. The sources, who asked not to be identified for the confidentiality of the talks, said that the “Discord” company was talking to potential buyers, and that the competition was entered by “Microsoft”, the software giant, but that no deal was imminent. One person stated that Discord was more likely to be listed on the stock exchange than to sell itself. Representatives of “Microsoft” and “Discord” declined to comment. The San Francisco-based Discord is known for its free services that allow players to communicate by video, voice and text, and people stuck at home during the Corona epidemic have increasingly used its technology for study groups, dance classes, book clubs and other virtual gatherings. Discord contacted Microsoft to determine the extent […]

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Facebook shuts down 1.3 billion fake accounts

Facebook closed 1.3 billion fake accounts between October and December of last year, and the company also removed more than 12 million pieces of content about “COVID-19” and vaccines that global health experts described as information. Wrong, as she said in a blog post, according to Reuters. In early 2020, Facebook administration announced the removal of 5.5 billion fake accounts compared to the number of fake accounts in 2019, which increased about 2 billion accounts. The Facebook administration said, “We have strengthened our ability to monitor attempts to create fake accounts and prevent them, according to our estimates. Every day, our monitoring systems prevent millions of attempts to create fake accounts. “ Advertisements

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Twitter is testing YouTube clips directly from the tweet.

Twitter announced that it began testing a better way to display images through its application, it is now doing the same for watching YouTube clips. According to a new tweet via the “Twitter” support account, the platform said: It is starting to test a way to watch “YouTube” videos directly from the timeline within the “Twitter iOS” application. This means that you will be able to click and play a video without having to leave the conversation you are currently watching. This takes you out of the conversation to another screen where you can play the video or, if you prefer, click again to open the “YouTube iOS” app. You can scroll and watch videos without losing your place in the Twitter timeline. Advertisements

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LG tends to closing down its smartphone business.

LG Electronics is likely to close its mobile phone business instead of selling it, according to a report by the Korean newspaper Dong-A Ilbo, citing an informed source in the electronics industry. It appears that negotiations with the German company Volkswagen and the Vietnamese company Vingroup JSC regarding the potential sale of the smartphone business have failed, according to the report. And the CEO of “LG” announced last January that all options are on the table with regard to the loss-making unit, that is, mobile phones. While there was information that the company stopped last month the development of phones with a foldable screen. Dong A newspaper reported on Sunday, that “LG” has suspended the production and distribution of all new smartphones that were to be launched in the first half of the year. The Korean newspaper report stated that “LG” may share its decision on the fate of the […]

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Alibaba responds to the antitrust campaign by opening its app for deals outside of its platform

“Alibaba” group, the largest e-commerce platform operator in China, is planning to introduce its application for a fast-growing bargaining service on the WeChat messaging platform of Tencent Holdings, in great acquiescence to the regulators seeking to suppress monopolies in Internet domain. Alibaba and Tencent have long excluded each other’s services from their platforms, leading to the creation of so-called walled gardens within their systems of operation. Now, Alibaba has begun planning to install Taobao Deals Lite on Tencent’s WeChat platform, and has already invited some merchants to participate, according to the sources, who requested anonymity. The sources added that selling through the huge WeChat application means that merchants will now be able to accept payments made through WeChat Pay, a payment service that has been banned in Alibaba’s marketplaces. Tencent will have to agree to a list of any platforms within the app – commonly known as mini programs (inside […]

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Instant Coach … a new PowerPoint feature to improve your presentation skills

”Microsoft” announced the PowerPoint Presenter Coach feature – which helps you practice presentations – is now available across all platforms. The feature was first introduced through the web version of PowerPoint and has been used by both students and professionals to make more confident presentations. You can now use this feature across all platforms, including the web, Windows, Mac, Android and iOS whenever and wherever you need it, on the go, or at home. Presenter Coach uses artificial intelligence to help anyone improve their presentations. Nowadays Presentation skills are more important than ever before, especially in the hybrid learning and work environment. Presenter Coach monitors your presentation and analyzes what you say. It can warn you if you speak too fast or slow or use filler words, along with weak grammar and use of sensitive phrases, noting that this is currently only applicable when using the English language. . At […]

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Nokia is trying to comeback … to strengthen its capabilities to compete in the field of fifth generation networks.

“Nokia” announced that it needs to accelerate its growth in order to improve its profitability and restore its competitiveness in the fifth generation networks ( 5G )to face the competing companies. It said it expects to achieve an operating profit margin of between 10 and 13% during 2023, while it expects the profit margin during 2021 to range between 7 and 10%. And “Nokia” expects the growth of its cash dividends in the long term. Whereas, the company stopped paying dividends in late 2019. It is expected that the board of directors will determine in early 2022 whether or not to disburse cash dividends from the results of 2021. Nokia has cut 10,000 jobs during the past two years and intends to invest 600 million euros from the proceeds of the cost-cutting measures in the areas of research and development, as well as attracting more talented, high-wage employees. Advertisements

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Microsoft could reap more than $150 million in new U.S. cybersecurity spending.

“Microsoft” is preparing to receive nearly a quarter of the Covid relief funds destined to US cybersecurity defenders, angering some lawmakers who do not want to increase funding for a company whose program has recently been at the heart of two major hacks. . “Reuters” said that Congress appropriated the money in dispute in the “COVID” relief bill after two massive cyber attacks that took advantage of weaknesses in “Microsoft” products to access computer networks in federal and local agencies and tens of thousands of companies. The hack, attributed to Russia in December, targeted emails from the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Commerce and the Treasury. The hacks pose a major threat to national security, frustrating lawmakers who say flawed Microsoft software is making it more profitable. Advertisements

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PUBG Mobile Bans Over One Million Accounts For Cheating

“PUBG Mobile” PUBGM revealed that it has permanently banned more than a million accounts, as the company revealed this matter through its official account on the “Twitter” network, and took this step on accounts that cheat in the game. The company said in its tweet: “As part of a strict campaign,“ PUBG Mobile ”suspended more than a million accounts to stop piracy and cheating in the game, and the company confirmed that 1,110,842 accounts were permanently banned from accessing the game, and after this new ban, these accounts will not be revived. Banned as it was kicked out of the game completely. The company also revealed that the majority of the reasons for the ban include “Auto-Aim Hacks”, “Speed ​​Hacks” and “X-Ray Vision,” and recently, PUBG Mobile also shared some stats in its latest anti-fraud report. According to the report, 34% of the accounts belong to the bronze category, while […]

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WhatsApp “warns its users of interruption of service.

WhatsApp users have begun to receive notifications of the terms of use and the new privacy policy, which warns that the new rules for using the application must be accepted by May 15. The notice states that if the user refuses to accept the new terms, the user’s account will be remained but with no full functionality. The message states: “You will be able to receive calls and notifications, for a short period, but you will not be able to read and send messages.” In order to continue using WhatsApp, you are required to agree to the updates provided. Advertisements

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Omani authorities bans “Clubhouse” app

On march 14 – 2021 A Omani press reports revealed that the Omani Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has banned the social media Audio chat application “Clubhouse”for not being licensed to operate. The Omani Telecommunications regulator Authority (TRA) told The Associated Press that the state has forbidden the app because it was operating without the proper license, and till now It is unclear whether the the ban is permanent or no. Omani users had trouble accessing Clubhouse in recent days and used virtual private networks to do so. Advertisements

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Facebook launches Instagram Lite in 170 more countries with poor internet connections.

“Facebook” announced the launch of the “Instagram Lite” application, which is a miniature version of the Instagram application, to be launched in 170 countries, in which users face problems with poor Internet connection. The application will be available for phones running the “Android” operating system, and need less bandwidth than the traditional version, as this miniature version only needs 2 MB, compared to 35 MB the original application needed, according to Forbes magazine. . The new application can run on slower 2G networks, enabling this service to customers in parts of India, Africa, Asia and Latin America, where the Internet’s infrastructure is obsolete. Advertisements

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What are Apple’s options to enter the auto industry?

The tech giant plans to move into the auto market, it may adopt a similar strategy – working with a lesser-known manufacturer – after talks with some of the brand name automakers stalled. Apple has 3 basic options . To build a car, Apple has three basic options. It can partner with an auto maker, build its own manufacturing facilities, or Team up with a contracted manufacturer like Foxconn or Magna Steyr. The company reached out to automakers, including the Hyundai Motor Group, but the discussions did not go well. In this scenario, the company would develop a autonomous vehicle system, interior and exterior design, and embedded technology, leaving the final production to the automaker. Essentially, such a deal would require an incumbent automobile company to relinquish its trademark and become a contract assembly company for a new competitor. A longtime manager at both Apple and Tesla said this would […]

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TikTok to warn users before posting ‘inappropriate or unkind’ comments

“ByteDance”, the developer of the video sharing social networking services has launched a new feature to warn users of the “TikTok” application before they publish a comment with inappropriate content. According to a report, a pop-up window appears for the user before publishing the comment containing the question “Do you want to reconsider publishing that?”, And a message below stating that the comment violates the application’s guiding rules, with two options available,the first is to amend the comment and the second to publish it as it is. . . Advertisements

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Hackers breach security company Verkada.

Hackers breach security company “Verkada”, a company that develops surveillance and facial recognition technologies, and gained access to live video of thousands of cameras around the world. The breakthrough shows the astonishing reach of cameras that support facial recognition technology in ordinary workplaces, bars, parking lots, schools, stores and more. One person involved in the hack told Reuters that a small group of hackers had seen live and archived surveillance footage from hundreds of companies, including Tesla, by accessing the system administrator’s accounts at the camera maker Verkada during the last two days . Vercada says on its website that it has more than 5,200 clients, including cities, colleges and hotels. This spread of its cameras is due to its association with a program to search for specific people or items, and users can access the feeds of these cameras remotely via cloud technologies. Advertisements

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Canada plans to invest 2.75 billion pounds in Electric buses.

Canada is working to take many measures to be environmentally friendly, especially when the Covid-19 crisis ends, as officials said that the Canadian government plans to invest 2.75 billion Canadian dollars (about 2.17 billion US dollars) in mass transit electricity across the country over a period of five years, and this will include Purchase of more zero-emission buses, among other initiatives. This effort is part of a larger public transport upgrade package worth 14.9 billion Canadian dollars (11.77 billion US dollars). According to the Engadget report, the current programs have already supported the purchase of 300 environmentally friendly buses, but this will help the government reach its goal of publicizing 5,000 buses over a five-year period. According to the report, it is not surprising that the government took this environmental step to also create jobs for Canadian bus makers such as “Nova Bus”, “GreenPower” and “New Flyer”. Advertisements

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Chinese tech index drops by 21% in two weeks.

Chinese shares continued to decline at the end of today’s trading, as the “Shanghai Composite” fell at the largest pace since July, amid a decline in technology sector shares. The Chinese technology index, known as the “Hang Seng”, recorded a decline of 21% over the past two weeks, as rising borrowing costs deepened concerns related to stock valuation. The performance of Chinese stocks declined despite the positive economic data that indicated that exports in China rose at the highest rate ever, by 154.9% in February on an annual basis. Advertisements

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Aston Martin to build electric cars in UK from 2025.

Aston Martin will manufacture its new electric cars in Britain from 2025.The company biggest shareholder, Lawrence Stroll, announced that the “Aston Martin” sports car and the battery-powered SUV will be produced at factories in England and Wales, respectively. The Canadian billionaire led the company bailout worth 535 million pounds ($ 740 million) in 2020 and owns 22% of the shares, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Stroll added that the “Mercedes Benz” company, a subsidiary of “Daimler”, may be the closest to providing batteries for “Aston Martin” cars, although the British brand is looking into all options. Advertisements

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Global spending on apps to increase to $ 270 billion by 2025

Global consumer spending on premium apps, in-app purchases, and subscriptions through the App Store and Google will reach $ 270 billion annually by 2025, nearly 2.5 times what consumers spent in 2020 as hardware trends accelerate Portable for “Covid-19”. According to data provided by the application analytics company, “Sensor Tower”, “Covid-19” increased global consumer spending in mobile applications during the year 2020, which rose by 30% on an annual basis to $ 111 billion, while the annual growth In spending that will return to pre-pandemic levels over the next five years, total revenue in both app stores will continue to rise each year at a compound annual growth rate of 19.5%, reaching $ 270 billion in 2025. Advertisements

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Facebook removes hundreds of fake Instagram accounts in Russia.

Facebook has removed hundreds of fake Instagram accounts in Russia that were trying to interfere in the protests in the country. The company says it found a network of 530 accounts that “targeted local audiences during recent protests in support of Alexei Navalny,” the leader. Recently imprisoned Russian opposition. Facebook says that the people behind the network have likely purchased the accounts in an attempt to bypass the social network’s automatic detection systems. The accounts in question used tactics described by Facebook as “hashtag poisoning” and “website poisoning,” which means that they mainly sent tags. Labels and website tags that protest organizers were using indiscriminately. Advertisements

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A study predicts that the Internet of Things cellular connections will reach 3.5 billion connections by 2030.

A recent study revealed that 2020 witnessed a slower than expected growth in the volume of “Internet of Things” (IoT) communications due to the emerging “Corona” virus (Covid-19), and it is expected that the year 2021 will witness similar growth rates, with an overall minor increase. The study was prepared by Strategy Analytics, titled “Cellular Communications for the Internet of Things,” said that the fifth generation wireless communications networks (5G) represented less than 1% of the “Internet of Things” connections in 2020. That percentage will rise to 40% to a total of 3.5 billion cellular connections to the Internet of Things by 2030. It added that most of the communications of the fifth generation networks will not be important until 2026, as the fourth generation networks (4G) will remain the dominant technology during that period. Advertisements

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A new computing model that allows artificial intelligence systems to make better decisions.

A team of researchers in the United States has developed a new computing model that allows artificial intelligence systems to make better decisions by enhancing their ability to deal with ambiguities. This model allows artificial intelligence systems to make better choices, which enhances their ability in certain areas that require making critical decisions and during limited periods of time, such as self-driving car steering systems. Artificial intelligence systems are forced to deal with many factors and ambiguous circumstances for them, which often result from human behaviors, and in order to reduce these ambiguous elements, artificial intelligence systems use intensive mathematical operations to analyze the different situations and the results related to them, then they turn towards The best options. They added that the new technology reached by a research team from the University of California and Austin in the USA brings many improvements to the decision-making mechanisms of smart systems, […]

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Shortage of semiconductor chips may affect iPhone and PlayStation prices.

A number of experts have warned that the prices of PlayStation and iPhone devices may rise this year due to a shortage of semiconductors caused by a combination of factors including the booming demand for electronics, the confusion that afflicted the supply chains due to the Corona pandemic and the trade war. The lockdown measures taken due to the pandemic caused consumers to turn to computers, tablets or game consoles powered by chips. Meanwhile, the technology giant Huawei, in light of the worsening trade war between China and the United States, has stockpiled semiconductors last year, adding pressure on the amount available for supply. These market tensions jumped to the fore as the automaker sought more semiconductors, realizing that chip manufacturers were prioritizing consumer electronics. The car industry is still the most prominent victim of the chip shortage, as giant companies including Ford and Volkswagen were forced to cut production, […]

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Reddit raises $ 368 million in financing.

”Reddit” the social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website has continued to raise funds that it intends to use to grow its business and expand globally, capitalizing on this last month’s GameStop share boom. The American company said it raised $ 368 million from the sale of preferred shares, and that the total amount it aims to raise is $ 500 million. Currently, the total market value of Reddit is over $ 6 billion. Founded in 2005, Reddit allows users to submit posts or links to articles and asks the community to vote on each. Having slowly entered the mainstream, Reddit is now one of the most visited sites in the U.S. Advertisements

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”RISE” The first Lebanese-made Electric car

The director of the EV Electra company, the Lebanese-Palestinian businessman Jihad Al-Mohammed, decided to launch his project from within Lebanon to the world in the electric car industry, competing with leading international companies in this field and in light of talk about the conquest of electric cars around the world starting in the year 2030. The idea of the RISE car started after the Beirut port explosion and the destruction that befell the city on the fateful August 4, and the company’s first plant in Lebanon and the Middle East for the electric car industry will be opened on 21-2-2021. The price of the car is $ 30,000, which is low for imported cars that have the same specifications in speed and other features. In an interview with the director of the administration office, Ahmed Al-Yaseer, he says that the idea of the EV Electra company started 3 years ago […]

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Uber Shuts Down App That Told Drivers If Uber Underpaid .

Uber has forced Google to remove a tool that helped drivers figure out if Uber underpaid them. The developer of the chrome extension “UberCheats” , Armin Samii, said that the application is no longer available on the “Google Play” store. He explained that the deletion of the application came after the company “Uber” claimed that the application violates the protection of its trademark. He added, “Uber filed a trademark counterfeiting lawsuit against ”UberCheats”, so the app was removed from the store,” stressing that customers might be confused about the original Uber products. ”UberCheats”simply calculates the actual distances that an Uber driver travels in the trip, while Uber estimates the distance using a straight line between the starting point and the end point, which can be less than the driver’s actual distance. This can lead to the driver getting less than they are actually entitled to. Sami said Uber Technologies had […]

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Social audio app Clubhouse has topped 8 million downloads worldwide.

Clubhouse” audio app downloads has exceeded 8 million worldwide, despite the necessity for new customers to receive an invitation from one of the app’s users already in order to open an account. According to new data released today by mobile data and analytics firm App Annie, and per its estimates .Clubhouse showed that the number of downloads grew from more than 3.5 million worldwide as of February 1, to reach 8.1 million on the 16th of the same month. The reason behind the huge growth in the number of times the application is downloaded is due to the emergence of prominent personalities using the application, such as “Elon Musk”, CEO of “Tesla”. Advertisements

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vivo patents a flip phone with an outward folding screen.

Foldable phones represent a field in which companies that produce mobile devices compete, including the Chinese company “Vivo”. “GSM Arena” revealed that “Vivo” has developed a patent for a foldable phone, which comes with a strange design, and supports a screen that extends to the back of the device. “vivo” submitted its patent to the Chinese National Property Administration, along with drawings that show the design of the new smartphone from various aspects. The patent indicates the intention of “Vivo” to add 5 cameras on the back of its foldable phone, in addition to the “LED” flash. Advertisements

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Telegram had some major security vulnerabilities.

The Telegram chat app has benefited from the increase in the number of new users leaving WhatsApp, but those who were hoping that their audio and video recordings would be safe with Telegram might want to reconsider using the app. According to experts, the “Telegram” platform is considered slightly less secure than it was originally thought, due to a bug that allows access to self-destructing audio and video messages long after the sender and recipient believed that these messages had been permanently deleted. The error, which affected the “macOS” version of the messaging service, comes a few weeks after millions of new users joined Telegram, following the announcement of a new privacy policy for the “WhatsApp” application, owned by “Facebook.” Security researcher Dheeraj Mishra discovered the latest privacy-threatening vulnerability in the Telegram app. This vulnerability is in macOS version 7.3. Telegram was notified of the problem on December 26, 2020. […]

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YouTube is working on providing several features this year and adding new ways to generate income.

YouTube is preparing to add more features to the platform this year, according to the company’s product manager, Neil Mohan. It aims to launch the “Shorts” mini-video feature to new markets, and aims to provide new ways to generate income for content creators. After launching the “Shorts” feature that mimics the TikTok application in India last December, in conjunction with the ban on the Chinese application in India, YouTube seeks to introduce the feature to other markets in March, beginning with the United States, after its success in achieving Over 3.5 billion views in India in a short period. The platform also aims to provide the chapters feature to more users, a feature it launched last year with the aim of facilitating the navigation between parts of long video clips so that users can easily access the desired part. Most importantly for content creators, YouTube is working to launch new […]

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Smart Glove to Strengthen Hand Muscles for Elderly and Sick People.

Scottish company Bio Liberty has created a robotic, artificial intelligence glove that helps people restore strength in their hand muscles. The company designed the smart glove for people who suffer from weakness in the hand, due to aging or diseases such as motor nerve disease and carpal tunnel syndrome. The glove works by detecting the user’s intention to grasp an object, using electromyography (EMT) to measure the electrical activity produced by nerve stimulation to a muscle. Then an algorithm converts the intent into action to help the wearer strengthen his grip. Gloves can assist users with a wide range of daily tasks, from driving a car to opening the lids of stubborn jars. Bio Liberty co-founder Ross Hanlon said the idea came to him when his aunt, who suffered from multiple sclerosis, began having difficulties with simple tasks such as drinking water. He added, “As an engineer, I decided to […]

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Facebook … a smart watch with healthy features

Facebook” company is currently developing a smartwatch that allows users to send messages and includes health and fitness-related features. “The Information” said that “Facebook” plans to start selling the new watch next year, in a move that enters into a market currently dominated by “Apple” and “Huawei”. The new “Facebook” smart watch will be connected to cellular networks, which will allow its users to send messages and connect to the services or devices of health and fitness companies. To note “Facebook” entered the device production sector in recent years and introduced products, including the virtual reality device Oculus and the video chatting device Portal. Advertisements

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Google Adds New Video Editing Features to Google Photos …

Google has launched a new update for the “Photos” application, which includes many advanced video editing functions, and photo editing capabilities for those with paid subscriptions. The American company pointed to the launch of the new update for “Android” phones within a few days, while the version dedicated to “Apple” mobile devices will be launched within a few months. Google stated that it had updated the “Video Editor”. The app offers new capabilities for cutting video, changing perspective, adding filters, adjusting brightness, contrast ratio, color saturation and white balance. The new version of the “Google Photos” application includes many new photo-editing functions; The “Portrait Blur” and “Portrait Light” functions are also available for images that do not contain depth information, so that the effect of bokeh and studio light can be simulated, even with photos that were not captured in Portrait mode. “Google” added that the “Photos” application provides many […]

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Warning to “Android” users … a popular app that affected 10 million devices!

Cybersecurity experts have warned Android users about an application on Google Play Store, which has reportedly affected 10 million devices. At the end of last year, cybersecurity experts at MalwareBytes began receiving reports about the Barcode Scanner app from LAVABIRD LTD, which has been downloaded more than 10 million times. And users who downloaded the app reported that ads were suddenly opening from the default browser on their Android device. MalwareBytes received a notification that the offending perpetrator was the “Barcode Scanner Android” app. The application was removed from the Google Play Store, after MalwareBytes notified LAVABIRD LTD. It was discovered that the application, which appeared to be harmless for years, had turned into another “full of malware” after the update. MalwareBytes experts revealed the threat in an online post: “In the case of Barcode Scanner, malicious code was added that was not present in previous versions of the app. […]

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Amazon expands the surveillance empire,cameras on delivery buses …

Amazon has begun installing AI-enabled cameras in some of its partners’ delivery cars to monitor drivers as they work, which a prominent digital rights advocate described as “the largest expansion of corporate surveillance in human history,” a move that increases broader concerns about privacy and company power. The cameras are made by Netradyne, a San Diego-based startup, and log 100% of the time while the trucks are running. These cameras record the drivers as well as the road and what is happening around the vehicles. Driver’s cameras feature artificial intelligence software that detects up to 16 different safety issues, and tracks everything from drivers’ eye movements to speed and braking. And when errors occur, automatic audio alerts are triggered. “Safety is our top priority at Amazon, and we hope this new system will give drivers and delivery partners peace of mind while delivering smiles to our customers,” said Carolina Manager […]

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Apple is negotiating with Hyundai and Kia to manufacture its new car.

Apple is close to concluding a deal with the Korean company Hyundai-Kia to manufacture an electric autonomous car bearing the Apple brand, after years of speculation that it will eventually enter the auto industry with its own car. The car dubbed the Apple Car, which is being developed by a team at Apple and will be assembled at Kia’s assembly plant in Georgia, is tentatively slated to start in 2024, although people familiar with the talks between Apple and Hyundai -Kia “They say its final offering may be postponed. Sources told CNBC that no agreement had been reached between the two companies, and confirmed that Apple might eventually decide to launch a partnership with another car maker separately or in addition to working with Hyundai. “I doubt Hyundai-Kia is the only car maker they can do a deal with, and there might be another party,” says one of the sources […]

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Zoom adds a virtual remote receptionist feature.

“Zoom” communication that provides video chatting services which has been very popular since the beginning of the “Corona” epidemic crisis launched a new feature .The Kiosk Mode which is part of the Zoom Rooms program for virtual conference rooms, which allows visitors to check in with a virtual receptionist over the Internet. Other new “Zoom Room” features include air quality monitoring, pairing with iPhones and Android devices, and the ability to calculate the number of people in the room in real time. To interact with the “kiosk” mode, visitors click the “start” button on the touch screen to initiate a call with the receptionist, who can remotely open the door and notify the meeting participants. “Receptionists don’t need to be in the office, they can be at home, they can be anywhere else, and they could actually be in a different country,” said Zoom’s chief information officer, Harry Mosley. Using […]

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For electric car owners … Google will help you plan your trips.

Google announced a new feature for electric vehicle owners that uses artificial intelligence to sort thousands of public charging stations while finding the best route. The level of technology needed to make this type of planning effective is indicative of the electric vehicle charging mess in America. Google acknowledged in a blog post that route planning for an electric vehicle can be a problem. An electric vehicle owner needs to find the right charging station within the appropriate range, and it must also include the specific type of component his vehicle needs. The new feature works with EVs, which include Google’s original Android Automotive system as the primary operating system. At the moment, the only two Android Automotive models are the Polestar 2 and the Volvo XC40 Recharge, but Google says more is on the way. Advertisements

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Apple and Facebook profits thriving in lockdown.

Apple and Facebook announced significant profits during the last quarter, in the latest sign of the strengthening of the sites of major technology companies globally during the Covid-19 epidemic crisis. The Silicon Valley Giants’ announcement highlights the growing reliance of consumers on social media, digital services and technological innovations during the lockdown and the global health crisis. Apple announced that its profits during the holidays rose by 29 percent compared to the same period a year ago, to reach 28.7 billion dollars, while its revenues rose 21 percent to reach $ 111.4 billion, and global sales accounted for about two-thirds of its total sales. Apple’s sales revenue exceeded $ 100 billion for the first time with its proposal for new devices and services to consumers, and the company announced an increase in sales of its iPhone phones and digital contents. The company reported profits of $ 11.2 billion on revenue […]

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A new procedure from “WhatsApp” to protect your privacy.

The popular Facebook-owned messaging app, which has more than 2 billion users, has received a lot of attention and lost users in recent weeks after announcing changes in how it uses your data.But now the platform added a new biometrics feature to bring a new authentication layer for those who use the web and desktop versions. The platform allows adding a fingerprint, face or iris in order to use the desktop or web application after linking it to the mobile application, with the current authentication of the QR code. The company said,The aim of the new system is to ensure that if someone else accesses your phone, he will not be able to link your account to his web browser, which allows him to see any messages you send or receive.” The new system is enabled by default on any iPhones running iOS 14 with Touch ID or Face ID, […]

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Tik Tok rival Getting ready for the biggest tech company IPO.

“Kuaishou” Tik Tok’s rival in china is set to raise $ 6.3 billion from its initial public offering on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. It is estimated that the initial public offering (IPO) will value the company at $ 61.7 billion and may be the largest initial public offering for a technology company since Uber Technologies launched in 2019. The share price of the company backed by “Tencent” is expected to range between $ 13.55 to $ 14.84. Advertisements

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After a “suspicious” update … these are WhatsApp losses in weeks.

“The Guardian” revealed that “WhatsApp” messaging application had lost millions of users in recent weeks, after announcing the launch of a controversial update that shared their data with its parent company, Facebook. Although “WhatsApp” postponed the launch of this update, which was scheduled to start on February 8th, the application witnessed a “mass migration” to alternative services that users see as safer and more private, such as “Signal” and “Telegram”. During the first three weeks of January, 25 million people worldwide downloaded the Telegram application on their phones, while Signal gained 7.5 million new users, according to figures published by the Home Affairs Committee of the British Parliament. Data suggests that these numbers tended to “abandon” WhatsApp, in an unprecedented decline in the number of application users. In the United Kingdom, for example, WhatsApp fell in the list of the most downloaded applications at the beginning of January, from the […]

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Google suddenly stopped work on the “Loon” project.

Alphabet INC which is the parent company of Google, decided shutting down “Loon” project, whose goal was to establish a wireless communications network for the Internet with the help of balloons in the “stratosphere”. The executive director of the “Loon” project, Alastair Westgart, explained this decision by saying that the company “failed to find a sufficient number of companies and investors to contribute to the implementation of this project. In addition, we were not able to reduce costs to the level required for a long-term, stable business.” “The innovation of radical technologies in itself is risky,” he said. It should be noted that the company successfully tested the “Loon” project last year, and it had launched 35 balloons in Kenya, where it worked in mobile phone networks. Each balloon covered an area of ​​80 square kilometers. Advertisements

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Elon Musk announces a $ 100 million prize!

Tesla Inc chief and billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk has announced that he will award a prize of $ 100 million to whoever provides the best technology for capturing carbon dioxide emissions. “I donate $ 100 million as a prize for the best carbon capture technology,” Musk, CEO of Tesla, wrote on his official Twitter account, and continued in another tweet, “Details next week.” Advertisements

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Apple designs a headset specializing in virtual reality.

“Apple” has begun designing a headphone that supports specialized glasses for use in virtual reality, and it is expected that it will take a longer time to develop, as it plans to release it in 2022. The device faces many obstacles related to development, and the company expects limited sales, which he attributes to the difficulty of providing this nascent technology to the masses. “Apple” intends to give device users a three-dimensional digital environment, including games, video viewing and communication, which angered Sony Corp. and HTC Corp. for the iPhone maker’s attempt to produce similar devices for their devices, according to people. People familiar with the matter are Bloomberg Agency. The company plans to raise the price of its new product higher than the levels of its competitors from other companies, and its price is expected to range between 300-900 dollars, and some believe that it may sell only one […]

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Total invests $ 2.5 billion in solar power in India.

Total paid about $ 2.5 billion in exchange for a share in the Indian renewable energy ”AGEL” Adani Green Energy Limited and its solar power assets, This comes as part of the French company efforts to reduce its dependence on oil. Total said that this deal would get 20% stake in AGEL and a seat on its board of directors, in addition to 50% of the Indian company’s portfolio of solar power assets. Adani Group controls Adani Green, whose market value is about 1.483 trillion Indian rupees, or 20.25 billion dollars. Total is embarking on a strategy to switch to electric and renewable energy. It seeks to increase the total renewable energy production capacity to 35 gigawatts by 2025 from about 9 gigawatts currently. Advertisements

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China unveils a “Bullet” train that can operate at 40 ° C

China revealed a new “bullet” train called “CR400AF” that can be operated in difficult climatic conditions, according to what was reported by “CNN”. The train, developed by the government-run China State Railways, runs 350 kilometers per hour and can operate even when the temperature drops to minus 40 degrees. The “Fuxing” electric train is a high-speed electric train, and is scheduled to run on a new high-speed line linking the Chinese capital, Beijing, with northern and eastern destinations, including the cities of Shenyang and Harbin, which are marked by their annual ice festival. The “China State Railways Beijing” group of “China State Railways” announced that the train contains many elements that help withstand the low temperature, such as nails made of chrome and silicone strips that prevent ice from entering the train, and the brake control devices are heat resistant. . The body of the train is of streamlined design […]

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In just two days … a small company makes huge profits because of the tweet of ” Elon Musk ”

A small American company was able to achieve huge profits of up to 660 million dollars in just two days, thanks to a tweet posted by the American businessman and owner of Tesla electric car company Elon Musk, in which he called for the use of the Signal ” application instead of the application of WhatsApp ” . In the details, Elon Musk, who was on the throne of the richest man in the world, had published two days ago a tweet on his Twitter account that contained two words “Use Signal”, meaning “Use Signal” and did not explain his words. And the signal intended in the tweet is a communication application similar to WhatsApp, but it is much better than it in terms of security and privacy. After Musk’s tweet, many of his followers used the Signal application, but other people decided to invest in it by entering the […]

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Tesla’s market value exceeds Facebook for the first time ever

Tesla’s market capitalization surpassed its Facebook counterpart for the first time ever, becoming the fifth largest company in the S&P 500 by market cap. At the end of Thursday’s trading, Tesla’s share rose by 7.9% to $ 816.04, the first time the stock closed above $ 800. As for the market value of the electric vehicle manufacturer, it reached 773.52 billion dollars, surpassing the market value of Facebook, which amounted to 765.44 billion dollars. Advertisements

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Amazon will spend two billion dollars to create affordable housing in the vicinity of its second headquarters

“Amazon” announced that it has pledged two billion dollars to help create more affordable housing in the area surrounding its second headquarters near the US capital and other centers of the company. The new “Housing Equity Fund” will provide grants and less-than-market loans to housing partners, public agencies and minority-led organizations, after it faced criticism over the impact of its new headquarters on housing. The company explained that the first payment of $ 567 million will help establish 1,300 affordable apartments near the new “Amazon” headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, and up to 1,000 units near its headquarters in the Seattle area of ​​Washington. And “Amazon” expects to employ about 25 thousand employees at its center in Virginia, on the side of the Potomac River in Washington. They were chosen after a stormy search process where the communities discussed their impact on the local economy and other factors. Some of the […]

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A Japanese company launches a system to recognize faces when wearing face masks

“NEC” launched a facial recognition system that identifies people even when they wear masks, and adapts to the new natural situation, as face coverings have become a main form of protection against the spread of the “Corona” virus. The tech company was already working on a system to cater to allergy sufferers who wear masks – a common practice in Japan – when the “COVID-19” pandemic prompted it to speed things up. Assistant Director of Digital Platforms Division at NEC, Shinya Takashima, said: “The needs have grown further due to the Coronavirus case, as the state of emergency lasted (last year) for a long time, so we have introduced this technology to the market.” The system determines whether a person wears a mask and polishes parts that are not covered, such as the eyes and surrounding areas, to verify the person’s identity. NEC says verification takes less than one second […]

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Apple will temporarily closing all of its remaining stores in the UK

Apple will temporarily close all of its retail stores in the United Kingdom, with the continuing spread of the “Corona” pandemic, and it had begun to close its stores since December 20, and it also temporarily closed every location in California, Mexico and Brazil. , With England and Scotland entering lockdowns as well. This means that the number of closed stores in the Kingdom has reached about 18 additional stores, including several in Scotland and one in Belfast in Ireland – although it appears that the Belfast store has already closed. All 18 “Apple Store” stores in the UK that are open today will be closed, effective January 5, including every location in Scotland. Advertisements

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Why does PlayStation 5 disappear in an instant and sell for 3 times its price?

“Sony” continues to suffer greatly in the supply chains related to its new electronic game platform “PlayStation 5”, which was launched early last month, but it quickly disappeared from the market with problems in the supply chain and the company’s inability to proceed. Ahead to meet the unrivaled demand for the product around the world. A report by “Bloomberg” agency indicates that the rapid disappearance of the product from the market is linked to a ploy that brokers and retailers resort to allowing them to obtain the rare device in the market and then resell it for high sums of money that reached about 3 times the original price announced by Sony “When the device was put on the market. Brokers have always been present in the scene of sales of Sony’s gaming platforms, but the consequences of the Corona pandemic this year have strengthened their presence in the scene, […]

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Twitter is testing the new voice chat feature “Spaces”

Twitter began testing the new feature,”Spaces” which are voice chat rooms that were first announced last month, and in a series of tweets announcing the feature test, Twitter said: A very small group of users will be granted The ability to create “Spaces”, but theoretically anyone can join those “Spaces”, however, who will be allowed access to a particular “Space” depends on the user who created them. Twitter explained at the time how the first people to be granted access to “Spaces” would be women and people from other marginalized communities, and the groups most likely to experience abuse and harassment when trying to engage in regular conversations and discussions. The list is based on comments on the platform. Supervision appears to be a major focus of the “Spaces” feature. Creators can control who can or cannot speak, and there are reporting and blocking features included in the first version. […]

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WhatsApp is testing an “important” feature in the web version

“WhatsApp” has begun testing an important feature, targeting users of the web version and the desktop version. The website “WABetaInfo”, which specializes in monitoring experimental features in WhatsApp, said that work is currently underway to test the ability to make voice and video calls on the “WEB” desktop version. WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, has provided the ability to make audio and video calls to users of its mobile app for a few years, but this feature is still not available to users of the web version, which is used by those who spend most of their time using personal computers. According to what the source said, the buttons for voice and video calls will appear to users at the top of the chat, next to the search button. In the event that the user is the recipient of the call, a separate popup window will appear for him with the […]

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Nokia Leads a 6G Wireless Project for European Union

Nokia is leading a group of companies and universities in the European Union-funded wireless project called “Hexa-X” to help launch the new generation of mobile communications networks called “6G”. The group includes companies such as “Intel”, “Siemens”, “Ericsson”, “Orange” and “Telefonica SA”, as well as the University of Oulu and University of Pisa, according to the membership list. Preparations for the development of “6G” began in several regions around the world, although the deployment of 5G networks is still in its infancy, and 100 telecommunications companies around the world provide service in some limited areas. In addition to “Hexa-X” led by “Nokia” in Europe, there is “Next G Alliance” and “O-RAN Alliance” in the United States, and the Chinese government is also funding a group to develop “6G” technologies. Starting in 2030, 6G technology is expected to use terahertz ultra-high-frequency waves, while providing advanced communication that can link technology with […]

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Twitter tweets on Snapchat ?

Twitter INC made it possible to publish private tweets on one of its competing platforms. And she revealed a new technology that allows for the first time to publish tweets directly via the instant messaging platform “Snapchat”. In the past, a person was required to take a “screenshot” to spread his tweets through the “Snapchat” video messaging platform, but now his tweet can be shared directly without the need to convert it into an image. The update is now available to Twitter users via iPhones and iOS devices, and promised to extend it to iPhone devices soon. After sharing their tweets through “Snapchat”, users can convert them into a picture via the application and add it to their stories. The “Twitter” platform also indicated that it is currently testing the ability to publish tweets through “Instagram” stories as well, with the same mechanism used with “Snapchat”. Advertisements

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The largest unmanned plane in the world.

”Aevum” A private American company, has produced the largest unmanned aircraft in the world dedicated to launching small satellites. The company called this plane “Ravn X”, and its dimensions are: length 24 meters, height 5.5 meters, wingspan 18 meters, and the maximum payload of this plane is 25 tons. It can take off and land on a 1.6 km runway, and it uses regular aviation fuel. This aircraft is supposed to fly after take-off at a great altitude, and after that, the small satellite carrier, which flies towards the scheduled orbit, separates from it, while the drone returns to Earth. The producers note that this aircraft can fly practically in all climatic conditions, launching a satellite every 3 hours. The producing company signed an agreement with the US space forces to launch satellites and small space devices. Advertisements

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Wireless charging technology is able to fully charge a smartphone in just 19 minutes

A Chinese company has revealed a wireless charging technology that can fully charge a smartphone in just 19 minutes, as it can fill a standard battery, with a capacity of 4000 mAh, to 10% in just one minute, 50% in 8 minutes, and 100% in 19 Accurate. For comparison, the wireless charging technology “30W Mi”, which was released last year, charges a similar battery by 50% in about 25 minutes and to 100% in 69 minutes. The Beijing-based company said: “The introduction of the new wireless charging technology” Mi 80W “is expected to set a new standard not only in wireless charging but in charging as a whole.” Advertisements

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YouTube launches a new feature against offensive comments.

YouTube announced the launch of a new feature related to the offensive comments that appear at the bottom of the videos displayed on the platform. According to what “YouTube” indicated in a post on his blog, this new feature will warn users when they post a comments it thinks may be offensive to others, to give them the opportunity to think before publishing. The site added that this does not mean that this new tool will prevent users from posting comments, and warning phrases will not appear before each comment, but it will appear for comments that the system sees as offensive, which include content that is reported repeatedly. And as soon as that warning phrase appears to users, this means that users can go on posting the comment, or slow down a little to amend it. And for the creator of the content, “YouTube” launched a tool to filter […]

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Volkswagen expects to introduce self-driving cars to the market from 2025

Volkswagen Group CEO said in a press statement that he expected self-driving cars to be ready for sale between 2025 and 2030, according to Reuters. Herbert Deiss cited his expectations for improved performance of computer chips used in self-driving cars and the rapid developments in artificial intelligence.“It is expected that these systems will soon be able to master even the complex situations of autonomous driving,” Wirtschaft Fuchs told the magazine.Deiss resigned from BMW in 2015 to help Volkswagen overcome the diesel engine scandal with a 73 billion euros ($ 87 billion) plan to invest in electric cars. Advertisements

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TikTok will soon allow its users to upload 3-minute videos

Matt Navara, a well-known social media analyst, shared a tweet with a screenshot from his “TikTok” app indicating That the company tests videos up to three minutes long. And some users were thrilled to hear the update news, to get rid of “liking to watch the second part of the video”, which is a common topic among creators, however, others noted that the length may lead to the site turning into another version of “Facebook.” According to the British site “Daily Mail”, “TikTok” swept the world when it arrived on the market in 2017 and became the leader this year amid the “Corona” virus pandemic, as the application witnessed 75.5 million new downloads in March alone. Advertisements

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The Saudi “Internet of Things” market exceeds $ 3 billion by 2023

The Internet of Things market in Saudi Arabia is heading to grow to about 11.6 billion riyals ($ 3.1 billion) in 2023, according to what was announced yesterday by the Saudi Communications and Information Technology Commission, with the presence of 11.3 million numbers dedicated to the Internet of Things, in light of the emphasis on the importance of keeping pace with emerging technologies and the need Invest in it. Dr. Muhammad Al-Tamimi, Governor of the Saudi Communications and Information Technology Commission, said that the authority had eased the difficulties of investing in the communications and information technology sector, saying that “60 percent of the requirements for licenses in communications were able to be canceled, to facilitate the investment environment,” revealing that the commission issued 23 licenses. For Communications and Information Technology, bringing the total licenses in force to 305 licenses. During a meeting held in the Asharqia Chamber, Al-Tamimi pointed […]

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“Master & Dynamic” launches new headphones in cooperation with “Lamborghini”

“Master and Dynamic” unveiled a new series of headphones in cooperation with “Lamborghini” company. The American company stated that the new group includes wireless headphones “MW65” equipped with effective noise cancellation technology, and headphones “MW07 PLUS” fully wireless and equipped with a design inspired by sports cars. The first group will include 3 dazzling color groups, and the headphones will be available in the following colors: silver metal, light gray, Alcantara yellow, black black metal, Alcantara yellow, black metal and black Alcantara gray, knowing that Alcantara is a luxury Italian material, widely used in the elements Interior of Lamborghini models. The MW07 PLUS acetate direct-in-ear headphones are inspired by the finishing touches of the Lamborghini models, while the charging case brings to mind the matte finish of the body. The direct in-ear headphones are available in three colors, glossy white with a matte silver case, glossy black with a matte […]

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Samsung’s smartphone segment profits are at the highest level since 2014

The south korean tech giant profit share generated by the global smartphone segment was 32.6% in the third quarter, up from 18.8% in the same period in the previous year, which is the largest share of the company since the second quarter of 2014. “Apple” maintained its position as the highest seller of smartphones in the world in terms of profitability, as its share reached 60.5% during the third quarter, although it was down from 66.9% in the same period of the previous year. In terms of shipments, “Samsung” comes first in the global smartphone market with a share of 21.9%, followed by Chinese “Huawei” 14.1%, “Xiaomi” 12.7%, and “Apple” in fourth place with a share of 11.9%. Advertisements

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Facebook fined $ 6 million after leaking data from millions of users.

The South Korean Personal Information Protection Committee fined Facebook $ 6 million for passing information on 3.3 million Koreans to other companies. The committee responsible for the policy of protecting personal information has filed a complaint against “Facebook” with the investigation agency. The committee stated that “Facebook” violated the country’s personal data protection law by providing personal information to at least 3.3 million local users in the country, out of a total of 18 million during the period from May 2012 to June 2018 to other companies without their consent. Personal information shared with other companies included educational background, work experience, place of origin, family, marital status, and other personal information. The committee indicated that “Facebook” obstructed an investigation conducted by the committee by submitting false statements or submitting incomplete data. The commission also imposed a separate fine of 66 million won on Facebook for storing users’ passwords without encrypting […]

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Amazon customers get bags of rice and cat food instead of the PlayStation 5.

The British branch of the American company, “Amazon” for electronic retail trade, is investigating a strange incident involving a number of its customers who received bags of rice, cat food and barbecues, instead of the new home gaming device “PlayStation 5” they were waiting for. Users who placed a pre-order for the new £ 450 gaming unit were surprised by strange things such as foot massagers, cat food, barbecues, air fryers, and rice bags, which made them so frustrated that they went to Twitter to file a complaint with pictures and videos confirming and documenting their statements. It seems that the shipments were orchestrated by a number of thieves, who stole the PlayStation 5 devices before they were delivered. The company is still investigating that incident, and urges all affected users, who have been subjected to the incident of theft, to contact the company’s customer service for assistance. The company […]

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India bans dozens of Apps, most notably Chinese

India has banned 43 mobile phone apps, many of them from China, in a move that strengthens the ongoing conflict between the two border countries. The Indian Information Technology Ministry stated that the applications threaten “the sovereignty and unity of the country”, and that the applications include 4 from the Chinese retail giant “Alibaba”. The move comes months after India banned dozens of Chinese-owned apps, including TikTok and PUBG, saying it had received reports that it was “stealing and using user data.” Advertisements

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Bitcoin Price Hits $19.000

Bitcoin hit $ 19,000 today for the first time in nearly three years, and is close to reaching an all-time high of just under $ 20,000.The world’s most popular cryptocurrency has increased by about 160 percent this year, supported by demand for riskier assets amid unprecedented fiscal and monetary stimulus measures, appetite for assets deemed resistant to inflation, and expectations that cryptocurrencies will gain widespread acceptance.According to (Reuters), Bitcoin won more than 37 percent in November alone. Advertisements

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Huawei sells “Honor” phone brand.

Huawei announced on Tuesday that it has sold its brand of low-cost smartphones, “Honor”, to a local consortium due to “tremendous” pressures on its supply chain as a result of US sanctions. The “Honor” brand was bought by a consortium of 40 companies that includes agents, distributors and other companies whose lives depend on this brand, according to what Huawei and the consortium announced in separate statements. Huawei, one of the world’s three largest smart phone manufacturers, said its production was “under enormous pressure” because of the sanctions imposed by the United States that prevented it from obtaining enough electronic components to manufacture low-cost phones. “The sale will help Honor sellers and its suppliers through this difficult time,” Huawei said in a statement. Honor, the brand that mainly targets young people and those with limited budgets, according to Huawei, sells about 70 million phones annually. Huawei stressed in its statement […]

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11 trillion operations per second … Apple launches its “supercomputer”

Apple officially launched its “MacBook” computer, based on the powerful “M1” chip, during its “One More Thing” virtual event.The British newspaper “Daily Mail” said that the “M1” chip is the most powerful chip ever made by “Apple”, providing performance up to 3.5 times faster for the CPU, performance up to 6 times for the GPU, and machine learning capabilities of up to 15 times. The company reported during the event that this unprecedented chip is capable of performing 11 trillion operations per second. M1 CHIP The new MacBook Air also features an extraordinary battery life, with up to 15 hours of surfing the web over wireless networks, and up to 18 hours of video playback. Apple said that “MacBook Air” will maintain its current price, which starts at $ 999, and for the education sector at a price that starts at $ 899. Advertisements

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Millions of “Android” phones will stop displaying websites in 2021.

Old smartphones that run an old version of the Android operating system will stop being able to run certain websites starting next year. This is due to an issue that arises with SSL certificates, which are used to correctly display HTTPS sites. Certificates are issued by the Certification Authority (CA), and since much of the web now runs securely on “HTTPS”, having them on your machine is extremely vital. Five years ago, the nonprofit certifying body launched “Let’s Encrypt” and signed a joint agreement with another certification body called “IdenTrust.” This means that all major platforms: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux, were able to be used in their corresponding browsers. Now, “Let’s Encrypt” has indicated that it will not renew the agreement, and this could leave many old Android devices unable to upgrade to the latest certification, and thus encrypted websites will not be downloaded securely. The authority stated […]

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“VPN” from Google for computers and phones … Additional protection for your devices

Google announced its VPN service on desktops and phones with a $ 9.99 Google One subscription to provide an additional layer of online protection for phones that It works on the Android system. There are already a large number of “VPN” services that can be used to help protect browsing privacy and Internet security through an encrypted Internet connection, and now Google has its own services, according to the US website (the verge). In theory, Google has already provided this service, but only to “Google Fi” subscribers on “Android” smartphones, which is the voice call service over cellular networks, and “Wi-Fi” (Wifi) through a private network by Google. Google announced that it will provide a free VPN for users of the Android operating system for any subscriber to a 2 TB cloud storage, Google One, in the United States, and will expand to include iOS and Windows systems. And Mac, […]

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Jeff Bezos sells more than $ 3 billion of Amazon shares.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos sold more than $ 3 billion of shares in his company this week, according to files from the Securities and Exchange Commission, compiled by OpenInsider, a website that monitors insider trading shares in Real time, according to the CNBC news site specializing in business news and coverage of financial markets in real time. Bezos had accelerated the sale of his shares last year. In August Bezos sold more than $ 3.1 billion of Amazon shares, after selling more than $ 4.1 billion of shares in February. This week’s sales pushed his total money in 2020 to more than $ 10.2 billion so far, a remarkable jump from 2019, when Bezos sold $ 2.8 billion worth of shares. Even with this recent stock sale, Bezos still owns more than 53 million shares worth $ 170 billion, making him the richest person in the world. Although Amazon declined […]

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WhatsApp launches “disappearing messages” feature.

WhatsApp will introduce the Disappearing Messages feature, which allows its users to automatically delete messages in chat conversations after seven days of sending them. Any user in one-to-one chat can turn the feature on or off, while in group chat only group admins can turn the feature on or off. According to “WhatsApp” the period was set at seven days, because it is short enough to assure you that your conversations are not permanent while still allowing you enough time to return to the last conversations.” On this subject, a WhatsApp spokesperson said: “The shopping list or the address of a store that you visited a few days ago will be present when you need it, then it will disappear after no need for it.” Message disappearance should be enabled on a group or contact basis. The setting will not delete old messages, as it will only affect new messages […]

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Apple adds a secret button to your iPhone

You might not have noticed that your iPhone got a new button last month. Of course, Apple did not sneak into your phone and covertly affix the button, but the operating system, “iOS 14” which is the latest version of Apple – includes a feature called “Back Tap”, which adds a “button.” New for your phone blurs the line between hardware and software. The “Back Tap” feature completely transforms the back of your iPhone into a giant touch-sensitive button that you can tap 2 or 3 times to run specific functions on your phone. And there’s a good chance that you haven’t noticed it yet, as Apple has put the new feature settings in the Accessibility menu on your phone. The purpose of the new feature is to give users more options to interact with their devices. Most “back Tap” options reflect this, as there are settings to open the […]

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WalMart ends its contract with a robotics company, opts for human labor istead.

WalMart INC that operates a chain of hypermakets ended a collaboration with a robotics company, preferring to assign workers the same work that machines previously did. The Wall Street Journal quoted related sources as saying that the retailer had terminated the contract with the Bossa Nova robotics company, with finding simple and cost-effective ways to manage the products offered for sale in stores with the help of their workers instead of robots. The newspaper reported that CEO John Forner was also concerned about shoppers’ reaction to the presence of robots in stores. Advertisements

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An apps that can identify “Corona” patients by their voices.

A group of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Artificial Intelligence has succeeded in creating a new application that can detect people infected with the emerging Corona virus from their voices, as the new application uses artificial intelligence techniques to study the types of forced cough from people, and differentiate it from the cough patterns of Corona sufferers “. The application detects through cough fingerprints people with the Corona virus, even if they are sick with it without showing any symptoms on them, because it works to distinguish slight changes in cough that indicate the effects of the emerging Corona virus, according to Sputnik News. The researchers explained that the neural networks of sounds can detect emotional states, nervous decline or increased frustration, and the strength and degree of coughing can also reveal the type of disease that afflicts its owner. And application by means of artificial intelligence […]

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An updates that interests millions of Instagram users

“Instagram” announced that the live broadcasting feature has obtained an amendment that may make it more practical and useful for many users. The application’s administrators indicated that the period of time for live broadcasts via Instagram is now 4 hours instead of one hour for users in various countries of the world,this feature will be available to those who have a good history of using the application and have not received any complaints related to the use policy. According to “Sputnik” users will also be able to watch their live broadcast videos on the application for a period of 30 days, ie similar to “stories” and publications, and they will also be able to download these videos and publish them through other applications. The “Instagram” organizers believe that increasing the duration of live broadcast hours through the application will help many users, especially those who use this feature for work, […]

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This is how the new WhatsApp shopping button will work.

Facebook recently added a “Shop” button in “WhatsApp”, where the button will allow users to shop directly from the app. In a promotional video shared by the company, you can get a glimpse of how the next feature works. The video shows a user sending a message to an activity Commercial on the product that he is interested in, then the business returns a catalog of products that the buyer can choose from, then the buyer adds the product to the card and exits the application itself. The product catalog will allow users to see the various items in their chat boxes, and upon announcing the feature, WhatsApp said: “We will expand ways for people to check available products and make purchases directly from the chat, and we also want to make it easier for companies to integrate these features into existing commerce. And customer solutions. This will help many […]

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Microsoft has begun to cancel Internet Explorer

Microsoft is taking additional steps to terminate the old Internet Explorer (IE) browser in favor of the new Chromium-based Edge browser. The company has been recommending users for years to abandon IE, yet the browser still has roughly 5 percent of the market share in browser usage. Soon Microsoft is taking more active measures to wean people away from IE. The browser is now denying access to certain websites, and the requested site is automatically opened in Edge starting next month.This mandatory behavior is part of Internet Explorer deprecation plans. Advertisements

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Apple develops an alternative search engine to Google.

“Apple” is strengthening its efforts to develop its own search technology, in conjunction with the investigations that pursue “Google” because of the monopoly, according to what sources told the “Financial Times” newspaper. The latest operating system for “Apple” “iOS 14” began to show its own search results, and link them directly to the sites whenever users write their inquiries on the main screen. It is worth noting that Apple had appointed John Gianandrea, the former head of Google’s search department, and although the recruitment was intended to benefit from his capabilities in the field of artificial intelligence and his virtual assistant, Siri, he also has 8 years of experience in the field of operating Search engine. The US Justice Department filed a lawsuit against Google last week, accusing it of monopolistic practices and using its market power to deter competitors. Advertisements

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Zoom introduces E2E encryption that supports meetings of up to 200 people.

The video communication platform ”Zoom” revealed that it has enabled E2E end-to-end encryption for all video meetings via mobile devices and desktop devices, announcing its plans to launch E2E capabilities that support meetings in Zoom with a maximum of 200 participants. . Zoom has been criticized for using substandard encryption during its first releases. The first phase of Zoom deployment lacked E2E support within the browser, and meeting participants needed to join from the Zoom desktop app, mobile app, or Zoom Room for E2-enabled meetings. Toe. Released as a 30-day technical preview, the feature aims to collect customer feedback on their experience with E2E, and Zoom creates individual encryption keys that are used to encrypt audio and video calls between conference participants. The keys are also stored within the users’ devices, and are not shared with the “Zoom” servers, which means the company cannot access or intercept the meeting content. […]

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Orders exceed Sony expectations by days before the PlayStation 5 launch

“Sony” revealed an unprecedented increase in the volume of demand for the “PlayStation 5” device, before its launch on November 12th. Head of Sony’s games department, Jim Ryan, said that the company was surprised by a very large demand for the PlayStation 5, through reservation and purchase requests prior to its official launch. He explained that the company received pre-purchase orders on the device in the first 12 hours in the United States, comparable to what it received in the first 12 weeks of the previous device, “PlayStation 4”, reiterating “the demand is very, very large.” The company has sold more than 100 million PlayStation 4 devices, and it aims to persuade its user base to buy the latest device for games like Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales with improved graphics, sound and feedback through the new controller. The device’s launch comes in the midst of the Corona pandemic, which boosted […]

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A mask that purifies the air, monitors health indicators and handles translation

This new face mask by Japanese startup “Donut Robotics” that helps users to observe social distancing and acts as a translation tool. The “C-Face” mask works by transmitting the user’s words via “bluetooth” technology to a smartphone application that allows people to communicate within 10 distance Meters. According to the company, this lightweight mask was made of silicone and will be especially useful for doctors who want to communicate with patients while observing safe distances, and the C-Face smart mask can also translate a conversation in Japanese into other languages, such as English, Korean and Indonesian. It is expected that the smart C-Face smart mask will be put on the market in February, for approximately 4,000 yen,about 40 dollars , but it should be placed with another regular mask to completely prevent the Corona virus. Advertisements

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A new update from “WhatsApp” against spam messages.

WhatsApp has finally grants its users the ability to get rid of annoying messages forever. The “Times News Now” site said, “WhatsApp” has provided its users with the option to “mute certain chats forever”, to get rid of the spam without entering into controversy embarrassing them. With this new technology, individual chats or groups can be silenced forever without applying the option to block or exit the group. In the new feature, the application provides 3 options to silence chats, either 8 hours, one week, or forever, instead of the “one year” option. A while ago, WhatsApp had introduced this feature in the beta version of WhatsApp Beta, but it finally moved it to the public version of the app. Advertisements

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Amazon unveils an electric delivery van from Rivian

Amazon unveiled the first electric vehicle designed and built in partnership with Rivian. It is one of three different models that Amazon invested in and has been fully customized with Rivian to improve the driver’s experience and improve safety. Amazon has ordered a total of 100,000 vehicles from Rivian by 2030. The first 10,000 of them will be on the road in early 2022. Rivian will deliver the first batch of the electric vehicle fleet to Amazon at the beginning of 2021. Advertisements

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E-scooters will take over the streets of Dubai next week.

The trial run of the Dubai E-scooters will begin next week and will start in five zones : Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Dubai Internet City, 2nd December Street, Al Raqqa, and Jumeirah Lakes Towers.with a price starting from 3 dirhams.Five operators were selected through a tender3 international and two locals. The Executive Director of the Traffic Department at the Roads and Transport Authority ( RTA) , Hussein Al-Banna, indicated that compliance with the requirements and standards currently regulating the trial operation process, which will last for a year and will be adhered to provide the future plan for the electric scooter activity according to the results and data of the experimental stage. Advertisements

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Soon “WhatsApp” allows users to shop through the application with the imposition of fees on merchants

The social media giant “Facebook” announced that it will start charging merchants by offering purchases within the “WhatsApp” application, such as shopping in the chat, as WhatsApp has become a starting point for companies to chat with customers and sell products And, “Facebook” plans to reap some profits, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”. One of the main advantages coming to the application is to give companies the ability to sell products within “WhatsApp” through “Facebook” stores, which consumers can buy directly. From the chat. Companies can also add “Buy” buttons to other places that direct customers to the messaging service to purchase goods or services. The announcement shares that “WhatsApp” is now entering the cloud computing sector, providing companies that use customer service messaging tools the ability to store those messages on servers. “Facebook”. Facebook is trying to increase sales from high-growth units such as Instagram and WhatsApp, […]

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A new technology that extract drinking water from the air through solar energy

A team of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States has created a new technology to extract potable water directly from the air in dry areas by means of solar energy generation systems, depending on the heat, whether from the sun or from any other source. The new technology relies on a material with the ability to absorb moisture from the air called “zeolite”, which is made from a chemical compound called iron aluminum phosphate. This material is widely available, and can be used to extract water from the air at normal temperatures and under sunlight. The idea of ​​the new system also depends on extracting water from the air through two stages, where in the first stage the heat resulting from the generation of solar energy is collected by special panels, and it is used to heat the zeolite material, which leads to the condensation […]

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US Department of Justice sues “Google” in “largest monopoly case in decades”

The US government is preparing to sue Google, in the largest monopoly case in decades. The “Wall Street Journal” and “The New York Times” revealed last May that the US Department of Justice, in cooperation with a coalition of prosecutors, are preparing to sue “Google” for its monopoly and dominance of the digital advertising market. Google holds nearly 75% of the online advertising market. The move comes after months of investigations by federal antitrust agencies. The investigations conducted by these agencies are not only related to “Google”, but also to investigate the lack of hegemony of other Internet giants, such as: “Amazon”, “Facebook”, and “Apple”. Also, the investigations will not include abuse of power by Google towards competitors only, but towards users as well. So far, the nature or the details of the lawsuit have not been disclosed, but it may take years to reach rulings. This issue may prompt […]

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Apple releases the new iOS 14.1 update for iPhones …

Apple INC released “iOS 14.1” and “iPadOS 14.1” updates, which focus mainly on improvement and are available for all compatible “iPhone” and “iPad” phones. The company released this latest update in less than a month after the introduction of “iOS 14.0” .1 “and” iPadOS 14.0.1 “. With these early updates, the company offers bug fixes that come with “iOS 14” and “iPadOS 14”, as well as solutions to problems. New updates also provide “10-bit HDR” video playback and editing support for all “iPhone and iPad” devices. The company has also solved the problem related to pulling tools using the latest update, and with “iOS 14.1”, Apple has also fixed problems related to the “Mail” application. On the other hand, the “iPadOS 14.1” update includes fixes for errors related to tools, icons, folders and the Mail application. IPad users also get support for 10-bit HDR video playback and editing support for […]

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Bitcoin jumps to its highest level in 15 months with optimism about crypto assets.

Bitcoin continues to gain at the barrier of 12 thousand dollars during trading, to jump to the highest level in about 15 months, supporting optimism about the use of the crypto asset. Bitcoin rose by 6.9% to reach $ 12,698,000, the highest level since July 2019, at 6:17 pm Beirut time. The world’s largest cryptocurrency crossed the $ 12,000 mark yesterday for the first time since early September. At the same time, the currency “Ethereum” rose by 5.1%, while the “Tether” remained unchanged, while the “Ripple” rose by 3.3%, and the “Bitcoin Cash” increased 5.1%. As for the market value of all virtual currencies, it reached 384.36 billion dollars, compared with the level of 366.3 billion dollars recorded yesterday. Advertisements

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The Kingdom organizes the first international summit for standards.

The Saudi Organization for Standardization, Metrology and Quality, in partnership with a number of local and international bodies, is organizing the first international summit to discuss issues related to standard specifications and their role in facing crises and supporting digital transformation, as part of Saudi Arabia’s efforts during its presidency of the Group of Twenty to enhance cooperation between countries of the world in various fields The activities of the International Standards Summit will start on Wednesday, November 4, and will be jointly organized by the Secretariat of the Group of Twenty, the Food and Drug Authority, the Communications and Information Technology Commission, the International Organization for Standardization, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the International Telecommunication Union. The summit will focus on the role of standards and national standardization bodies in facing crises and discuss the role of standards in enabling governmental, private and non-profit institutions to overcome those […]

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Microsoft creates an artificial intelligence system that describes images better than humans

Microsoft has developed an advanced artificial intelligence system in describing images with a quality that is almost superior to humans, and this model is twice as good as its predecessor used since 2015, and Microsoft plans to provide the system to Azure for artificial intelligence as part of its cognitive services to help developers Applications, according to the Microsoft website. The new “Microsoft” system helps the blind and visually impaired to name their surroundings, browse the Internet and navigate more easily. The system will be available in the “Power Point” program on the web, “Windows” and “Apple” devices, which will make presentations more Suspense. Azure CEO Eric Boyd said that explaining the image is difficult in artificial intelligence, as it is not only related to understanding things in a place, but also to how they interact and how they are described, according to Engadget. Advertisements

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Through Google … this is how you can easily get the song you are looking for

Google LLC has introduced a new feature within its search tools, which can now detect a beep or “hum” to show the song the user wants to search for. Machine learning techniques are used to try to recognize the song, and users can click on the microphone icon and say (What is this song?) Or click (Search for a song) and start singing for 10-15 seconds. This feature is available today in English on the “iOS” operating system and in more than 20 languages on the “Android” system, with plans to add more in the future. This feature comes among many of the features recently launched by “Google” aimed at improving searches. Advertisements

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Snapchat adds a long-awaited feature…

Snap is committed to its promise to bring music to the Snapchat platform and prepare itself to compete more with TikTok and Instagram. The company announced that it now allows all (iOS) users around the world to add song clips before or after capturing the snapshots. The feature was available to users in New Zealand and Australia, and the company said in August that it will bring music to more regions this fall. Snap doesn’t mention when the voices might be available on Android devices.The company also says: It is testing letting people make their own voices and add them to shots, and this feature will be rolled out globally in the coming months. To note that Snapchat still lacks a feed like TikTok that pushes music content massively to users.Instead, Snapchat focuses on its partnerships with major publishers and the tightening of social bonds between users. And if someone […]

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To limit the spread of Corona … a Japanese computer reveals a “surprise”

A Japanese supercomputer showed that humidity can have a significant effect on limiting the spread of virus particles, indicating an increased risk of infection with the emerging coronavirus in dry indoor places during the winter. The results indicate that using humidity control devices may help reduce infection during times when windows cannot be opened for ventilation, according to a study published, Tuesday, by the Riken Research Institute and Kobe University. The researchers used the supercomputer “Fujaco” to simulate the emission and flow of virus-like particles from infected people in a variety of closed spaces. The simulations showed that air humidity of less than 30 percent resulted in more than double the amount of volatile particles compared to humidity levels of 60 percent or more. The study also indicated that face shields are not as effective as masks in preventing the spread of spray. There is a growing consensus among health […]

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YouTube Tests whether the products in the videos can be sold.

A new report revealed that Google intends to start a plan that may be considered the biggest shift in the history of YouTube, making it a great competitor to giant stores such as Amazon, or major players in this field such as Facebook. Google began by asking some users to indicate the products they use in videos, and that data is sent to Google for analysis to work on developing special tools that allow shopping through YouTube or support the integration of specialized services such as “Shopify”. The plan is still in its early experimental stages as it is being tested with a limited number of channels. It is still unknown what percentage of the commission the company will charge from every sale made on its platform. Google wants to allow YouTube channels to transform into an online store so that they can sell the products shown in the videos. […]

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Microsoft chief warns of the dangers of working from home policy

Satya Nadella The CEO of “Microsoft” company warned of the dangers of staying away for a long time from offices, despite the company benefiting from the policy of working from home due to the global epidemic. He said at an event organized by the Wall Street Journal that online meetings can make employees feel overwhelmed, not to mention the difficulty of moving from a work mindset to private life. The CEO of the American technology company pointed out that “when you work from home, it sometimes feels as if you are sleeping at work.” Video meetings can be particularly annoying, Satya says, citing studies indicating that thirty minutes after a morning online meeting an employee may feel overwhelmed by the focus they need. He continued: “Remote work lacks some of the advantages of the office. Video meetings are only transitional. Work takes place before and after these meetings.” Microsoft’s share […]

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Apple is seeking a patent for a “Self-Healing” foldable phone screen.

Apple has applied for a patent to self-repair a foldable smartphone screen, or what what is called ”Self-Healing” According to what was reported by “Bentley Apple”, the iPhone maker filed for the patent which enables the device to repair scratches on the screen without requiring its owner to do anything . According to the patent application, the self-repair function fixes the protective layer which covers the entire screen of the device – through light, heat and electric current while the device is folded, and it can be operated automatically or at the user’s discretion. Advertisements

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“Farmville” The game on Facebook will be suspended at the end of the year

“Zynga” The development company of the famous Facebook game Farmville announced the suspension of the Game as of December 31, 2020, because creating and maintaining the virtual farm depends on the Adobe Flash web platform. 🙂 The American company “Adobe” announced that it would stop supporting the “Flash” platform for all browsers by the end of this year. Therefore, the “Facebook” network also announced that it would stop all flash games, starting from this date. “Zynga” revealed that players can still buy what is known as “Farm Cash”, which is used to buy animals and other purposes, until November 17, but that the balance of the farm funds must be used until December 31 as a maximum. Because Zynga excludes refunds. Advertisements

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A Chinese company introduces a smartwatch with amazing capabilities …

The Chinese company “Mobvoi” announced the launch of its smart watch “TicWatch Pro 3”, and the new watch offers many health and sports functions, as it can record heart rate and measure oxygen saturation and stress level. Among the amazing capabilities, the new watch can record air pressure and analyze training units in special modes, where it can also train according to heart rate ranges. The watch is the best for swimming, because it supports the protection class “IP68”, and has a built-in microphone that can record ambient sounds in a range of 30 to 120 decibels, weighs only 42 grams, and comes with dimensions of 47 x 48 x 12.2 mm, and pulse inside. The Snapdragon 4100 processor is supported by 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory, using the “Wear OS” operating system. Among the important capabilities is that the battery, which comes with a […]

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It opens your phone camera and records the calls … a dangerous application on Android

Technical experts recently warned of a spyware program that can penetrate Android phones and access a number of important data. According to “ESET” the company specialized in cybersecurity, the spyware that was discovered can record calls and steal numbers and data, as well as read messages. This spyware, known as “Android / SpyC23.A”, is being delivered to target phones via fake apps. According to the British newspaper “Mirror” these applications deceive users by disguising themselves in the form of known applications in order to successfully penetrate devices. The researcher at the Slovak company, Lucas Stefanko, said that experts had discovered a fake app store spreading the malicious program. The expert stated that this program does things that cause concern when it succeeds in penetration, because it can take pictures, record audio, delete files, and possibly screen capture. To avoid these risks, experts advise to limit the downloading of applications from […]

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Masks that sterilize and receive calls and play music .. Is this the future with Corona?

Masks have become an urgent necessity during the time of the spread of Corona virus but they can be cumbersome and prevent some activities such as talking on the phone and listening to music. The Bone Conduction mask filters dust, bacteria and other suspended particles, while allowing you to make calls and listen to music. The design of the “Bon Condection” sports mask is characterized by advanced technology, with excellent filtering of air particles, as well as Bluetooth for listening to music and calls. The mask battery, which lasts for 7 hours of use, can be recharged. This unique mask features a bone conduction headphone to free your ears and reduce direct damage to the eardrum, as it ensures that you enjoy private music while still being able to receive sounds from your surroundings, keeping you alert and aware of what is going on around you all the time. This […]

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Wikipedia presents its first website redesign since 10 years.

The overall look of Wikipedia for desktop browsers is undergoing a transformation for the first time in a decade. To make the site more relevant for new users, Wikipedia has been an integral part of web culture for nearly 20 years, allowing users to browse and browse millions of text-intensive encyclopedia entries on various desktops, tablets or smartphones. You can browse all the new features suggested in the mediawiki post, and there are some animated GIFs to show you what they might look like. Some may like the new table of contents feature, and some may be tempted to read wiki pages for public figures, and this new format may make it much easier to skip specific sections of the page without having to scroll down the browser The collapsible sidebar will be the first change to be introduced, and this will allow users to collapse the menu on the […]

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Instagram is making changes to the Reels feature to compete more with TikTok

Instagram announced today about some changes to the new Reels feature that competes with the TikTok app. This includes the ability to create longer videos, in addition to making it easy to trim videos. Not only will this feature help you compete with TikTok, but it may also help attract some of the top influencers from TikTok to Reels. The most important of these new features include changing the time allowed in each clip. You can now record clips of up to 30 seconds long. The other big change is the ability to set the timer for a longer period, so that it is now 10 seconds. You can also trim and delete any clip in a video, instead of the one you just finished recording. These are minor updates, but they definitely make creating Reels videos less difficult, but there are still some problems with Reels that Instagram has […]

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Is it true that there are apps spying on your WhatsApp activity?

There are some applications that spy on users and monitor their activities on WhatsApp, for commercial purposes and send advertisements. These apps monitor user activity and can tell when someone else was. Additionally it draw graphs of user activity, as they send all kinds of notifications when the user interacts with the phone. Among these applications, those developed by parents to monitor children, but at the same time monitor everyone’s activity. According to experts, these apps cross all red lines for user privacy, and at the same time, they use data that the user himself allows them to access. Advertisements

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Apple will officially launch its online store in India tomorrow, Wednesday

Apple will launch its online store in India tomorrow on September 23, giving Indian customers a way to purchase Apple products directly from the company for the first time. Apple said the Indian online store will offer “a full range of Apple products and support,” and that will include new products announced this week, O’Brien said in an interview with The Indian Express. Last Tuesday, Apple announced the launch of the Apple Watch Series 6, the new iPad Air, and other announcements. India is becoming an increasingly important market for Apple. In recent years, Apple started manufacturing some of its devices in the country so that Foxconn started manufacturing iPhone 11 near Chennai in India earlier this year, and the company has manufactured other iPhone models in India since 2017. Advertisements

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Tik Tok and the last minute deal.

After the United States banned the downloading of the Chinese short video app ”TikTok”of being considered a threat to national security which led to an escalating dispute with China and United States.The app is now moving on an agreement with “Oracle” as its technical provider in the United States, and “Walmart” as the commercial partner. The announcement came a day before a federal ban took effect on the Chinese company that owns the app. A spokesman for TikTok, which is owned by ByteDance, told France Presse, “We are pleased that the offer submitted by TikTok, Oracle and Walmart will solve the security concerns of the US administration and end questions about the future of TikTok in the United States.” The spokesman added that Oracle will become “the reliable technology provider responsible for hosting data for all users in the United States and securing the associated computing systems to ensure that […]

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A new Apps for business owners allows them to manage Facebook and Instagram

Facebook announced that it will enable companies to manage their accounts through “Facebook” and “Instagram” through one platform, thanks to a new application issued by the company. Facebook Business Suite looks to help SMEs adapt to a new way of doing business during the global shutdown, providing a unique interface where they can manage their profiles and pages across both platforms, Facebook and Instagram. Companies using the service, which operate via mobile and desktop devices, will be able to post to Facebook and Instagram at the same time, in addition to displaying all notifications and alerts in one place, and monitoring analytics and information in posts across both platforms. Companies will also be able to manage and receive messages through the company’s messaging platforms via WhatsApp and Messenger, which puts them in direct contact with customers. The service “Facebook Business Suite” is now available for small companies in the world, […]

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The first artificial intelligence cafe in the UAE ”Robo Café”

In line with the strategic vision of the smart government of the United Arab Emirates.This comes with the opening of the first coffee that is fully operated by robots, that depends entirely on artificial intelligence technology. “Robo Café” is located in Dubai Festival City. It allows its customers to order drinks and food via a tablet device installed on the table it relies on 3 robots that provide services to customers with music and laser shows.The robot receives customers’ requests, and then prepares and sends them via automatic paths to the customer’s table. It is noteworthy that the United Arab Emirates is one of the first and pioneering countries in the responsible use of artificial intelligence technology and its applications, by investing in the latest technologies and artificial intelligence tools and applying them in various fields of work with high-level efficiency. Advertisements

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Apple announces the date of unveiling the iPhone 12.Will it support the fifth generation technology? …

“Apple” INC has officially set the date of its annual event, which is expected to witness the announcement of the latest iPhone smartphones, which will be held this year via the Internet only. The American company stated that the event will take place next Tuesday, September 15, and due to the Corona pandemic, the event will be held online. The tech giant usually unveils new iPhones during a personal event at its headquarters in Cupertino, California, in September. Although Apple announced its products in September, it may take some time for them to reach the public. Because the company announced last July that iPhone shipments would be delayed by a few weeks from the usual schedule. In addition to the new iPhone, Apple is expected to announce the sixth generation of its smart watches, “Apple Watch Series 6”, and the new version of its tablet, “iPad Air”. The event will […]

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“Samsung” introduces its new miracle.The most expensive phone in its history .The Galaxy Z Fold 2

On Tuesday September 2 The South Korean electronics giant, Samsung, officially revealed its new foldable phone, “Galaxy Z Fold 2”, which features an improved design and multi-tasking capabilities. The characteristics of the expected phone, which is the third of its kind foldable, at a major conference held over the Internet. The “Galaxy Z Fold 2” phone was previously announced on August 5, but the detailed specifications of the device or its launch date were not revealed at the time. The company said that the phone will be launched in about 40 countries, including the United States and South Korea, on September 18. While the “Sky News” network confirmed that the new phone is the most expensive in the history of “Samsung”, as its price in Britain will reach 1799 pounds (about 2400 dollars). According to “Yonhap”, the new phone supports fifth generation networks, with a 7.6-inch screen when opened, with […]

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Facebook in an unprecedented threat: No news if you impose fees…

In an unprecedented incident, the social networking giant “Facebook” launched a stern threat to Australia, promising to deprive its media institutions and residents from publishing local and international news. The British newspaper “The Guardian” reported, Tuesday, that “Facebook” threatened to prevent users from publishing news on it, and on its “Instagram” platform, in case a new media law was passed that would force the platforms to pay for the news content published on it. Facebook said personal content among friends would not be affected in Australia. Major media organizations in Australia support the bill, as a way to offset losses incurred by media outlets due to social networks such as Facebook that have taken over the ads. Statistics compiled by the University of Canberra show that 39 percent of Australians depend on Facebook for general news, and 49 of them rely on it for coronavirus news in particular. If this […]

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ZTE officially announces the Axon 20 5G … the first phone with a camera under the screen.

Yesterday ZTE has officially announced its smartphone (Axon 20 5G) , which is the first commercial smartphone in the world with a front camera under the screen. The phone which comes with a thickness of 7.9 mm and weighs 198 grams – offers a 6.92-inch OLED screen with a resolution of 2,460 x 1,080 pixels, with an aspect ratio of 20.5: 9. Under the screen, there is a fingerprint sensor, and the front camera that comes with 32 megapixels. And on the back of the phone, there are four rear cameras; The main resolution is 64 megapixels, the second resolution is devoted to ultra-wide photography of 8 megapixels, the third resolution is dedicated to photographing close-up objects is 2 megapixels, and the fourth resolution is 2 megapixels, which is dedicated to photographing depth The Axon 20 5G includes an eight-core processor (Snapdragon 765G) from Qualcomm, and thanks to the processor, […]

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Apple and Google launch an integrated notifications system to prevent corona virus.

Google and Apple announced today about a new system that will enable public health authorities to use smartphones to help trace contact without the need to create an app. A new system of exposure notifications – called Exposure Notifications Express – will allow public health officials to send a small configuration file to Apple and Google. The two technology companies will then use the file to set up systems that phone owners can subscribe to to determine if they are in close proximity to someone who has tested positive for the new coronavirus. And in the case of iPhones, a new version of iOS released on Tuesday will alert users if the exposure notification system is available from local health authorities and allow users to set it up without downloading any new apps. On Android devices, users will also receive a prompt from the phone’s operating system, but they still […]

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Apple apologizes to WordPress after allowing updates to reach users.

In the past few days, Apple stopped the WordPress application updates on the App Store and blocked the application as it did with the game Fortnite and other applications, but the ban caused a great controversy, especially since the blogging platform application does not work with the same tired mechanism of the rest of the applications which the company violates the policy of the store . The great controversy over banning the app contributed to its return to the App Store and Apple’s official apology due to the confusion caused by the deletion. The American company confirmed that it will not force WordPress to add the payment option in the application through the application store portal, as it will not need to. Usually, Apple forces all applications that provide paid services such as the application to broadcast content or provide services, most notably Netflix, Spotify, Disney Plus and games such […]

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US restrictions are “choking” Huawei … and the Chinese response would be “dangerous”

Executives and experts have warned that increased US restrictions on Huawei will likely hinder the Chinese company’s access to even already-ready chips, threaten its throne as the world’s largest smartphone maker, and disrupt global technology supplies. On Monday, the administration of US President Donald Trump expanded the restrictions it imposed on Huawei and prevented suppliers from selling chips made using the company’s US technology without a special license, which led to the closure of potential loopholes in the May sanctions that may have allowed Huawei to obtain this technology, through Third parties. These restrictions confirm the growing disagreement in Sino-US relations, as Washington is pressing governments to tighten the screws on Huawei, indicating that the company will deliver the data to Beijing for espionage purposes. Huawei denies it is spying for China. “If the suffocation against Huawei continues, this will have repercussions on the semiconductor sector … and the Chinese […]

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Apple is removing the Fortnite game from its app store.

Apple INC removed the (Epic Games) Fortnite from its app store after the game’s developer introduced its own in-app payment system, which exceeds Apple’s standard 30 percent fee. The decision marks a major escalation in the feud between (Epic Games) and one of the world’s most dominant mobile app stores. It also comes at a particularly difficult time for Apple, as the iPhone manufacturer is dealing with antitrust concerns about its management of the App Store and the rules it imposes on some developers. (Epic Games) the developer of Fortnite implemented its payment system in the Android version of Fortnite as well, but Google has not yet taken any action. Apple said in a statement: It plans to work with (Epic Games) to solve these violations so that it can return (Fortnite) to the (App Store), but it does not intend to grant (Epic Games) a special status. (Epic Games) […]

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A new giant breaks into the TikTok deal … and $ 30 billion is not enough

In a new development for the TikTok app series in the United States, two sources familiar with the matter told Reuters that Twitter has opened up “BytDance”,the chinese owner of the popular video sharing app, to express its interest in acquiring Tik Tok operations in the United States, at a time when it raised Experts doubt Twitter’s ability to fund any potential deal. The two sources strongly questioned Twitter’s ability to outperform Microsoft and complete such a deal, which would represent a transformation for it, within the 45-day deadline that US President Donald Trump gave ByteDance to approve the sale. The “Wall Street Journal” was the first to report the news of Twitter and TikTok entering into initial talks, and Microsoft remaining in the lead as potential buyers of the US operations for the application. According to the sources, the market value of Twitter is close to 30 billion dollars, […]

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‘Killer Robots’ existential threats to humanity.

Human Rights Watch warned of the danger of using a killer robot, a robot, in the military field, saying it poses a great threat to humanity. According to the British “Sky News” website, several countries are keen not to develop a “killer robot” that is completely independent, and the goal is to remain under human surveillance at all times. About 30 countries are seeking to develop a global convention on these weapons, because they may be able to locate targets and hit them, without resorting to humans. Critics say these robots may make decisions to kill and hit targets, regardless of any human consideration, because what matters to them is to accomplish a specific task. And press reports indicated that Russia and the United States are among the few countries that reject these proposals calling for an agreement on regulating the use of killer robots. A report by “Human Rights […]

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Zuckerberg is angry: “No to bullying between Facebook employees or else

It seems that Facebook CEO cannot tolerate “bullying” at all, as some of his employees have threatened to be fired. A new report stated that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg threatened to dismiss employees from his company last June because of “bullying” on their colleagues, after the company’s large-scale exit to protest content management policies. According to the report – which was published by Buzzfeed News, Zuckerberg said during a question-and-answer session inside the company: I was very concerned about the level of disrespect, and at times, the scathing criticism that many people in our inner community face toward each other as part of these discussions. “If you bully your colleagues in taking a stand on something, we will fire you,” he said. inner struggle The Buzzfeed report touches on Facebook’s internal struggle since the company decided not to oversee a post by US President Donald Trump who was accused of […]

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Amazon announces 1,000 new jobs in this country

Yesterday on monday 27 Amazon announced ,that it will create a thousand new jobs in Ireland, and will open a new complex in the capital, Dublin, after increased demand for cloud services. New jobs include engineers, cybersecurity professionals and big data, program managers and account managers. Technical management and senior leadership positions are also currently being assigned to Amazon Web Services and Amazon Web Services. Amazon is building a new 170,000 square foot complex on Charlemont Square in Dublin, which will open in 2022, and is used by cloud computing employees at Amazon Web Services. A topic that concerns you? The Amazon company said today, Tuesday, that it will launch a bold investment fund that will focus on investing in technology that reduces … Amazon creates a billion dollar investment fund for this purpose Amazon creates a billion dollar investment fund for this purpose The number of employees on Amazon […]

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France, Huawei and the fifth generation

The french Finance Minister Bruno Le Mer announced Tuesday that France will not prevent the Chinese company Huawei from investing in the country, unlike Britain, which decided to get rid of the company’s equipment for the fifth generation network by 2027. Le Meir told France Info radio that there is no blanket ban on Huawei in France, but sensitive sites will be protected. “We will not prohibit Huawei’s investment in the fifth generation (network), we will protect our national security interests,” he said. A few days ago, the United States welcomed the British decision to exclude Huawei from establishing the fifth generation network in the United Kingdom. US National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien described the British move as reflecting an international understanding of Huawei and “others” that pose a threat to national security. Related news Withdraw Huawei equipment from the fifth generation network in Britain Britain for Japan: We want […]

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Will the Amazon and Tik Tok increase the ferocity of the war between America and China?

As if the relationship between the United States and China was missing a new factor to increase tension, despite the ongoing months of intense war between them, which started with commercial disputes, and then the Corona pandemic, through Chinese hacker attacks on some research centers related to the emerging virus, to prevent flight Or reduced by the US administration, and strict visa granted to Chinese students, and the Hong Kong and Taiwan dossier that accumulated the severity of the dispute between the two forces, a new chapter came to this strained relationship. The American giant Amazon company has ordered its employees to delete the Chinese video application “Tik Tok” from their mobile phones, and explained the reason for the “security risks”, according to an email sent by the company, on Friday. In the email, which was obtained by the New York Times, Amazon officials said that employees should delete the […]

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Amazon sparks controversy over Tik Tok and the reason was a Faulty Email.

A wave of confusion, criticism and controversy has left Amazon’s conflicting decisions over the past hours. After asking its employees to delete the Tik Tok app from their device, the company’s spokesperson quickly retracted. He said in a statement, according to what was reported by “CNN”, that “the e-mail” that was sent to the employees “by mistake.” He also stressed that “there is no change in the company’s policies currently regarding TikTok.” A topic that concerns you? The anger of the Egyptian street was not enough to calm down after the spread of a video clip of a student pulling a dog in his car to death, until the condemnation came again on … Video .. The cry of an Egyptian child who tortured his father broke the hearts Video .. The cry of an Egyptian child who tortured his father breaking the hearts Social Media And Amazon had requested […]

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Google announces 10 bn investment in INDIA

The Alphabet company that owns the search engine Google, will spend about $ 10 billion in India over the next five to seven years through equity and relationship investments, representing its largest investment in a major market outside the United States. The investments will be made through the so-called digitization fund, which highlights Google’s focus on the rapid growth of applications and software platforms in India, one of the largest Internet service markets in the world. Sundar Pichai, CEO of the company,said we will do this through a mixture of investments in stocks, partnerships, operational investments, infrastructure and the ecosystem,” in an Internet broadcast on Monday at the annual Google for India event. “This is a reflection of our confidence in India’s future and its economy.” Digital “. Pichai said the new investment – worth $ 10 billion – is the largest investment Google has made in India, adding, “We […]

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Facebook tests WhatsApp integration with Messenger

New reports revealed that Facebook is preparing to make some drastic changes to the WhatsApp and Messenger applications, allowing chatting directly with each other from within the two applications. Facebook plans to integrate WhatsApp with Messenger to make chatting easier for users, as this feature will allow only one of the two applications to be kept on the phone, to send messages to contacts via the two applications. For example, WhatsApp can be used to send messages to contacts via the app itself to those who use Messenger, or vice versa), which means that you only need to keep one of the messaging apps on your phone. While this may seem simple because the messaging services are owned by Facebook, and they have a very similar set of features, it is possible that the combination of them will lead to some problems, given that WhatsApp uses comprehensive encryption to secure […]

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UK aims to keep Huawei away from 5G Networks

Just as they did in the united states,The UK plans to keep the Chinese tech giant Huawei from setting up the country’s 5G network infrastructure due to security concerns. The decision will be announced by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson after British intelligence, known as government communications headquarters, re-evaluated the risks posed by the Chinese company. In January, the British Prime Minister decided to allow Huawei to play a limited role in building the fifth generation network in the United Kingdom, as it defied security concerns, especially those coming from the United States, about the company. However, a study due to be submitted to the government this week will announce that US sanctions against Huawei will prompt the company to use “unreliable” technology, according to the reports. A report by the National Intelligence Center of the British Intelligence had stated that the US sanctions that prevent Huawei from using American […]

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European investigations with Apple related to the competition

The American Tech giant company found itself under the target of two European Union antitrust investigations into the App Store and Apple Pay, claiming that it had conducted anti-competitive business practices. The European Commission said that one of the investigations will consider obligating Apple to use its system for in-app purchases on its own store and rules that prevent application developers from informing iPhone and iPad users of cheaper options elsewhere. The case came after a complaint from Swedish music broadcast service Spotify last year, which said Apple was banning competitors for its Apple Music application. In addition to paying a 30% fee imposed on application developers. Spotify welcomed the European Union investigation, saying it hoped regulators will deal with the issue quickly. A smaller competitor also filed a similar complaint related to e-books and audiobooks last March. The European Competition Commissioner Margaret Westager said in a statement.It appears that […]

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The state of the construction sector in Saudi Arabia after the outbreak of the Corona epidemic.

A Saudi government agency reported that the local contracting market in the country is witnessing a slowdown in the current period due to pressure factors that have caused the sector to decline in business, with low oil prices and the consequences of the emerging Corona virus. The Saudi Contractors Association clarified that a survey conducted by 600 contracting companies in the Kingdom revealed challenges facing Saudi contractors, which are cash flow, project delays, and supply chain disruptions, noting in a report issued recently that it expected project award to decrease by 20% during the year Current due to the pandemic. The report pointed out that the most common challenges among Saudi contractors stand out in the cash flow with 90% of the sample choices, while 86% indicated the challenge of delaying projects, while 70% of the participants identified a crisis that interrupts the supply chain. And the factor of oil […]

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The conflict with Huawei continues

In a new chapter in the “Fifth generation technology contest,” Huawei launched an advertising campaign in UK on Monday, as officials there review the role of the Chinese technology company in supplying equipment for high-speed mobile phone networks. The company has published advertisements on a full page in British newspapers outlining its commitment to provide mobile phone companies with equipment for 5G networks. The Chinese giant is stepping up efforts to win public opinion as it faces mounting pressure from a US-led campaign aimed at persuading allies to ignore telecom equipment, due to concerns that Beijing may use it for espionage or sabotage. It is a charge that the company has always denied… The heated race around the fifth generation network raises many questions about the technology, which will bring about a tremendous and positive change that pushes major countries to race and try to acquire them. But what is […]

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Social media has sparked controversy with US President

In May 28, 2020 US President Donald Trump has signed an executive order aimed at limiting the protection of major social media platforms, such as Twitter, from their legal immunity in relation to content and publishing. And in doing so, Trump carries out his threats against these sites. If this law is activated, sites such as Twitter and Facebook will be subject to legal accountability and more government restrictions. Trump, angry at Twitter, said specifically that there was a need for regulation because these companies were no longer neutral forums, but rather engaged in “political activities.” This comes after Trump entered into a confrontation with Twitter after the site tagged two of his tweets about mailing in the elections as unreliable. As US media leaks stated that Trump is seeking to remove the protection that these sites enjoy regarding publishing and content Will Trump succeed in his new battle, or […]

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Alliance of Technology and Communications companies to demand the creation of an open 5g system

More than thirty technology and communications companies have allied together in order to push forward for the creation of open and interoperable “Fifth generation systems (5G)”, allowing to eliminate the need for a single supplier such as Chinese Huawei.This alliance includes giant groups such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, AT&T and Vodafone, in addition to chip manufacturing groups such as Qualcomm, Intel and Samsung. The move comes against the background of geopolitical differences, especially between China and the United States, while the giant Chinese group Huawei dominates the fifth generation market, followed by the Europeans “Nokia” and “Ericsson”.Washington has banned “Huawei” from US networks in the name of national security concerns, and it is trying to encourage its allies to follow suit. This alliance, called “Open Run Policy Qualification”, says that an open system with invitations to tenders for different components (equipment, software, radio waves …) will allow avoiding dependence on […]

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Uber binds its drivers to wear Face masks

ِAs coronavirus spread continues around the world, Uber technologies inc want to binds drivers to wear face masks when transporting passengers. but the question is, how can they impose this on them? It turns out that they can, The company revealed that it is now working on a technology that will ensure that drivers wear masks while transporting passengers. It is unclear how you plan to do exactly that, but since Uber already has the feature of verifying face with the “Real Time ID-check” feature, it might be possible to take advantage of that to discover if drivers are wearing face masks, and may also give customers an opportunity to report For drivers who do not. In a statement to CNN Business, Uber stated: “With the countries reopening, Uber focuses on safety and proceeds with caution. Today, we still require passengers to stay indoors if they can, while we ship […]

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Using your mobile in the toilet may increase your chances from infection with coronavirus.

According to ‘Mirror’ British newspaper. People who use the phone inside the toilet increase their chances to be infected by the emerging coronavirus The source stated that the bacteria in the toilet may transfer them to the screen of your phone, which makes you vulnerable to infection, even if you wash your hands after going out, given that the bacteria moved to the phone, during your use of it. You can wash your hands after the toilet, but if you touch the screen of your phone and then touch your face, this will lead to infection,” said Professor William Kevil of the University of Southampton. To note that coronavirus can live for two to nine hours on surfaces such as metal, glass, and plastic. Previous studies have indicated that a person’s phone contains up to 17,000 bacterial species.So taking precautions was necessary even before Corona virus appearances. Advertisements

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How china is using drones to warn its citizens about coronavirus.

Residents walking down the streets of Wuhan could face chastisement from drones flying overhead. Advertisements

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Zuckerberg wealth drops to 80 billion.

It is not new for the Facebook founder to lose money from his wealth, this has happened previously when he lost $ 9 billion in the company’s shares, following the scandal of the robbing of data theft of millions of users on the social network during 2016. 2020 has recorded an additional loss of nearly $ 5 billion in just 24 hours, after a weak business results for the company. According to Bloomberg Index of the people personal wealth, “Zuckerberg” wealth fell by about $ 5.04 billion yesterday, taking his total wealth to $ 80 billion. This led to the shrinking of the gains of the American billionaire this year to $ 1.57 billion from the beginning of this year until the end of the January 30 session. Advertisements

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Lebanon internet under the threat of interruption

Due to the economic instability in the country resulted with a lack of liquidity in hard currency,The Internet is at risk of being stopped in Lebanon if no payments in dollars is secured for international suppliers. Mr.Imad Kreidie chairman of Ogero (The fixed infrastructure operator in Lebanon) has stated in a press conference that an amount of 4 million dollars should be paid by the end of march that to keep the internet connection ongoing and to avert disconnection . To keep an eye that all sectors are suffering from the lack Hard currency needed in order to perform payments . since all the imported parts and installation equipment’s are paid in dollars and many businesses have been affected from this so far. We hope to find quick solutions to this crisis and avoid a new problem that the country is experiencing, including electricity, water, and others things right. Advertisements

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WhatsApp users be aware of losing your chat !

This is a bad news for all WhatsApp users that still working on the old operating systems. Older operating systems on Apple and Android devices will no longer be supported by the App.IPhone users running on iOS 8 or earlier and Android customers with versions 2.3.7 and older will be locked out next month. So before its too late and to avoid losing your chat,you must save their data before they are locked out of the app, by going to Group Info and Export Chat. To mention that WhatsApp is most populous instant messaging App founded in 2009 by two former Yahoo employees, Brian Acton and Jan Koum. With more than 1.5 billion users in 180 countries . In February 2014 Facebook inc has acquired WhatsApp for US $19 billion, considered as the largest acquisition to date. Advertisements

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Happy New Year 2020 :):):)

New is the year, new are the hopes, new is the resolution, new are the spirits, and new are my warm wishes . Happy New Year for you all and i hope all your endeavors in 2020 are successful. 🙂 Advertisements

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Around the clock License for shops in Saudia Arabia

Among the steps taken by the Vision 2030 and the decision by the ministry of municipal affairs and the ministry of interior to enhance the macro economy by giving permission for commercial shops to work around the clock in all cities ,but with condition that surveillance cameras should be installed in shops that wish to obtain 24/7 license.with a defined price of 100.000 SR in order to obtain this special license. Some businesses have been exempted from the rule including sectors like , pharmacies,wedding halls, Educational ,Gaz station. This step allowing some business activities to work and to provide commodities and services to residents around the clock in all Saudi cities.As stated by Mr. Majed Al Qasabi, the acting Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs. Advertisements

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2019 recorded some major events

This year has witnessed major events in the world of tech,in which share prices of big names such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, Amazon, Alibaba, Tencent and Facebook continued to soar and a host of start-ups went public. To mention some : Major security breach on whatsapp app has been recorded ,the resignation of the Iphone designer ” Jony Ive” from Apple,The built of the first Quantum Computer made by Google , and the launch of the broken folding phone by Samsung. In addition the revealing of a new currency by Facebook ,Uber IPO crashed and the quit of Ali Baba CEO ”Jack Ma” and his resignation from the company.This is regardless of the dispute between china and US,and the war between the two biggest economies continue,as no real signs in the short term to cool it .Remember this famous saying 🙂 Advertisements

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TIK TOK popularity increase

As this application became known from its distinguished name TIK TOK ,This video sharing application owned by Bytedance a Chinese company based in Beijing,and founded in 2012 designed to create short lip-sync, comedy, and talent videos of all ages .Regardless the recent news and faulty rumors that have been reported from some known sources ”Bloomberg ” stating the company intention to sell its stakes in the app .A company official and Head of TIK TOK explained through messages sent to the employees stating that the information received was not correct and the news is not true. The app continues to recent attention from US officials of so-called security threat and the increase of popularity of this App made it a source of concern, especially that the trade war between the United States and China intensifies. Advertisements

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ICT coopeartion between Saudia Arabia and Egypt

A few highlight about the Telecom and Technology sector in the region, taking a part of some important news in the ICT industry,and this time was between Saudia Arabia and Egypt and the recent two memorandum of understands signed by the two countries to cooperate in all matters related to ICT and SDGS ( sustainable development goals )The contract duration was for three years and was centered around AI ( Artificial intelligence ) Digital transformation and Digital awareness areas . Cooperation means sharing ideas that enhance information exchange between the two sides,specially that two big players in the digital industry was enrolled in the agreement ,The Saudi digital academy ( SDA ) and the Information technology institute ( ITI ) in Egypt. Advertisements

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Twitter, bye bye to animated portable graphics

The micro blogging social media and social networking service decided to ban the animated graphics format knows as ِِAPNG From its platform, after an attack has being made on the Epilepsy foundation and affected some people with sensitivity to motion and flashing imagery. So no more animated photos when tweeting ,for the safeguard of the app 🙂 alternatively adding multiple animated images to a tweet using animated PNG files can be the replacement of the APNG as disclosed . Advertisements

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HUAWEI to ship 230 million smartphones this year

The leading Chinese telecommunication equipment manufacturer and technology provider have stated in a press conference , that the company was estimated to ship more than 230 million units by the end of this year. which comes to close in less than two weeks . to mention back that in October 2018 the company have shipped 200 millions units within 64 days and in a while earlier this year that it did in 2019 , this was despite the load of missed sales due to the US ban on Huawei product. To note that a good increase of 30 millions units of sales was recorded comparing to 2018 and can be considered as a good achievements despite the US ban imposed by the government . There is no prospect in the short term to lift the ban, so the company must consider changing its game specially if the ban continues for […]

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Wellington monument take his part this Christmas

This is a unique and beautiful precedent ,A group of Santas dressed as father Christmas decided to make the holiday cheer twice this year for their initiatives to helps deploying scaffolding in order to repair the wellington monument tower situated on the Blackdown hills in the English country of somerset. This historical landmark was designed to commemorate the Duke of Wellington’s victory at the Battle of Waterloo,dated back to 1817 ,The construction date of the original design. As we are used to, Christmas always brings us beautiful things and wonderful events .Merry christmas everyone 🙂 🙂 Advertisements

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Neom city phase one was kicked off

A few highlight about the recent NEOM project .The company has recently started the construction work on the first phase of the residential complexes. More than 30.000 workers will be moving to NEOM to develop a different areas of the project.The work has started with the presence of the company CEO Nadhmi Al-Nasr in addition of two other companies heads involved in the building contracts . Al-tamimi group and SATCO . Taking notes that the contract was been awarded in sep 8 for the housing and awarded for 10 yrs forward for the listed companies . To mention that NEOM project is a cross-border city in the Tabuk Province of northwestern Saudi Arabia , planned to incorporate smart city technologies and also function as a tourist destination, it is situated in the red sea and shares the common area between Egypt and Jordan, and cover a total area of 26,500 […]

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Fingerprint unlock and enhanced privacy for Whatsapp app

Another two update from Whatsapp now is being released after the latest call waiting feature updated recently for the beta and stable version. It is the privacy group setting and the fingerprint unlock support for the app. This feature allows users to decide who can add them to a WhatsApp call. You can check this out by following this path: Account > Privacy > Groups in the settings menu. The changelog of the new stable and beta WhatsApp updates also mentions the arrival of fingerprint lock feature for the app that was announced back in October. You can enable this feature by going to Settings > Account > Privacy > Fingerprint lock. The latest WhatsApp update for both the beta as well as stable Android channels brings the call waiting feature. and is now available via the Google Play Store. Advertisements

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New call waiting feature by whatsapp

Whatsapp is the most used messaging apps in the world with more than 300 millions of active users until today.This is a good news and is now ready to bring the call waiting feature for the instant massaging app the Whatsapp . This feature is now available via the Google Play Store and available for both beta and stable Android channels.This features alerts users when they receive a WhatsApp call ,when they are already in the middle of another WhatsApp call with someone else. Rather than automatically disconnecting the second incoming WhatsApp. The call waiting feature on WhatsApp is now available in version 2.19.352 of the stable Android app, as well as version 2.19.357 and version 2.19.358 of the beta app. How the call waiting feature works ? When Android users received a WhatsApp call in middle of another WhatsApp call, the incoming call was automatically disconnected and they would […]

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How digital technology is changing the construction industry

The era of digital technology has been witnessed in many sectors and various industries in the world have to adapt to those new trends.The change is inevitable whether we want it or not. Embracing it now can make a huge difference in both efficiency and cost reduction. Today contractors need to review their long standing methods and recognize that the development of such old measures will soon be replaced by more digitized solutions. It’s not a now-or-never situation, rather the-sooner-the-better one. There are various other reasons why construction companies have to become more digitized. Safety in the work space is actually a priority to minimize the number of accidents on the site. Cost reduction is another factor for the change, not to mention efficiency. The shift from physical to digital is already taking place and here’s how Mobile technology and software Today, it’s possible for contractors and project managers to […]

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Dubai Jafza New distribution Center

With a total of 272m of investment the Landmark group has fully opened its fully automated mega distribution center in Dubai Jafza .The center can process 300 million units per year, and can handle pallets, cartons, pieces, ,with a storage capacity up to 2.2 million cartons and around 2 million GOH. Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem ,the chairman of the ports ,customs and free zone and the jabal Ali free zone authority has inaugurated the opening of the distribution center. He stated that the mega distribution center is in line with the smart Dubai 2021 strategy aimed for the digital transformation of the city . Note that the Landmark Group is a multinational conglomerate based in Dubai. The group is involved in retailing of apparel, footwear, consumer electronics, cosmetics & beauty products, home improvement and baby products.Additionally the group also has interests in hospitality & leisure, healthcare and mall management. Advertisements

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China aims to lead Technology worldwide to compensate its economy slows

China is the world most populous country,with a population around 1.4 billion, according to the latest statistic in 2017,with a GDP around 12.4 trillions . The trade tension between china and the united states came up before one year ago, in 2018.When president trump imposed tariff and other trade barriers on china,with the goal of forcing and to make changes to what the U.S. says are unfair trade practices.Those trade practices have impacted the intellectual property and forced the transfer of the American technology to china.This trade tension between the two countries have prompted experts to speak of decoupling, referring to an increased disconnect between the world’s two largest economies.As the result of decoupling, the Chinese thought about self-sufficiency according to CNBC East tech conference Held in Guangzhou china to supports the Blockchain financial technology and 5G tech, and artificial intelligence,as a way to speed up the economy slows. Why […]

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Drones has become an instrument for transporting parts

Drone technology is constantly evolving as new innovation and big investment are bringing more advanced drones to the market. some cars manufacturer have started to use drones as an instrument for transporting parts between their storage facilities and warehouses. making it an innovative way to reduce the carbon emission and traffic congestion’s. Additionally it helps to reduce the delivery time of the goods by almost 80 percents.This flying instrument became as much as usable not only for sky surveillance solely but for other things 😉 😉 😉 Advertisements

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Saudia Arabia to lead the construction recovery in the GCC region

The construction sector across the Gulf region will begin to recover from the beginning of 2020. Activity in the construction sector across the Gulf region will begin to recover steadily from the beginning of 2020, after a challenging period of subdued performance.Saudi Arabia currently holds the greatest potential for the construction sector within the GCC, with more than 5,000 capital projects worth well over $1.6 trillion in the pre-execution stage.That includes over 150 development projects worth $3.27 billion, for the Tabuk region, in the northwest of Saudi Arabia, that were announced by Saudi’s King Salman in November last year. The king also launched more than 600 projects in Qassim, 400km north west of Riyadh, worth $4.36 billion and around another 200 new projects in Hail, also in the north west of the Kingdom, valued at $1.14 billion. Furthermore the Vision 2030 initiative,is the $500 billion, 26,500 sq km, Neom project, […]

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Centerpoint kuwait to launch the first E-commerce site and apps

E-commerce business is the most rapidly growing business in today’s era.The number of worldwide digital buyers is expected to reach 2.14 billion by 2021,with a global E-commerce sales up to 4.5 trillion.Today the Dubai based retail and hospitality group known as Landmark group has launched an E-commerce apps for iPhone and Android and an E-commerce site for its Centrepoint brand in Kuwait.This will be a big step for all buyers that enjoy online shopping, specially that the number of people in the region is growing exponentially .Moreover,the Landmark Group was first ventured into E-commerce was in UAE in December 2012 with a 140 percent annual growth rate from 2013 to 2018.Its know offering online shopping in five countries KSA ,Bahrain,India,UAE and most recently in Kuwait. Advertisements

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2019 New IKEA store to open in Dubai south

This year will be the busiest in Dubai,with the launch of the largest new IKEA store,which is planned to open this year in December.The store will spread across 35.000 square meter of space in the south of Dubai based in Al Futtaim’s festival plaza.Al-Futtaim Real Estate group has appointed the largest UK consultancy firm Turner and Townsend to execute the planning and control of the project.Alongside of this agreement the company stated that it will work directly with Brewer smith Brewer Group to handle the design and delivery scope of the festival plaza project. This will be the largest IKEA store ever made in UAE since 28yrs, It will be equipped with a Solar Power facility and a 5.000 sqm training facility for the employees .The new store will provide an enjoyable experience and more accessibility specially in the significant area in the south. Advertisements

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Everything you need to know about CRYPTOCURRENCY

Cryptocurrency was first introduced 10 yrs later by the japanese american physicist ”Satoshi Nakamoto” who developed the bitcoin’s,authored the bitcoin white paper, and created and deployed bitcoin’s original reference implementation.His goal was to invent something that many people failed to create before digital cash . HOW CRYPTOCURRENCY WORKS ? Cryptocurrency is an internet-based medium of exchange which uses cryptographical functions to conduct financial transactions. Cryptocurrencies leverage blockchain technology to gain decentralization, transparency, and immutability. The most important feature of a cryptocurrency is that it is not controlled by any central authority.The decentralized nature of the blockchain makes cryptocurrencies theoretically immune to the old ways of government control and interference. Cryptocurrencies can be sent directly between two parties via the use of private and public keys. These transfers can be done with minimal processing fees, allowing users to avoid the steep fees charged by traditional financial institutions WHAT IS BLOCKCHAIN ? […]

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Latest PS5 specs and launching date

Sony declared the next generation PlayStation console and it’s landing at the end of 2020.7 years after the launch of the precedent ps4 .Sony has already confirmed the name and release window of its next-generation console and even let a few official specs slip ahead of an eventual reveal. Release date: Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan confirmed that the PlayStation 5 will launch in Holiday 2020. That will put it right up against Xbox’s Project Scarlett. What you need to know ? Price: TBDKey Games: Watch Dogs: Legion, Rainbow Six Quarantine, The Elder Scrolls VI; full PS4 backwards compatibilitySpecs: 8-core AMD Zen CPU, AMD Navi GPU, custom SSD, 4K Blu-ray playerKey Features: Ultra-fast loading times, ray tracing, 4K visuals at 120Hz, haptic controller Things you should know about the future of gaming . Advertisements

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New YouTube Terms and services

Starting December 10th, YouTube’s new terms of service basically says if your channel doesnt make enough money, it has a chance of being other hands Youtube may terminate your google account access to all or part of the service if YouTube believes,in its sole discretion that provision of the Service to you is no longer commercially viable.More clearly to all smaller content creators out there , it was nice knowing you 🙂 Advertisements

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TAB ( Testing adjusting & balancing ) and its procedure

Today modern environmental system require a proper procedure in order to maintain a proper functionality of an HVAC systems. whether cooling is performed by air or water ( Hydronic ), TAB is necessary in order to maximize the efficiency of an HVAC systems and to maintain its stability. the TAB procedure are usually performed via a certified contractors or a third party provider who has the expertise to perform the test and using the equipment’s. some HVAC contractors would have their own in house team and that depends on company policy and size . A certified tab technician or Engineers are those who are certified and accredited to perform this kind of test and they are particularily certified from two major company standards ,the NEBB ( national environmental balancing bureau ) USA & CSA  ( Commissioning specialist association ) UK ,which are the two major international standards available to train […]

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CCTV and surveillance systems

What is CCTV cameras ? security systems or CCTV ( closed circuit television )  has become as essential as other thing in our lives. our property and premises are prone to be attacked if no proper security systems are well adopted in order to keep on surveillance on a continuous range. cctv systems are now available in different models and shapes, applications purposes and ready to keep on surveying during day and nights no matter what the weather condition is.  1- The 8 different types of cctv cameras available in the market .   2- Difference between analogue and digital CCTV : Many of us do not know the difference between analogue and digital cameras where both are behind the purpose of surveillance and providing security to our property. the main difference is that analogue CCTV cameras which use an analog video signal that is transmitted over coaxial UTP cable back […]

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Home Automation

The first rule of any technology applied in business is that automation applied in an efficient way, that’s magnify the efficiency and reduce the energy consumption of your home , We all know the light dimmer when its first introduced in 1959 by Joel spira , An american inventor and entrepreneur who find a way to change the intensity of a light bulb, by changing its voltage waveform ,know as (priming voltage).Home automation exploit the same idea of dimming, but with further controls such as wireless, wired or powered line communication to control applications like ventilation , security as well as home automaton such as Washers ,Dryers ,Home entertainment etc… in the main principal the diagram below shows the main device in the home automation system : Home automation comes in different models and features that depends on the number of peripherals named as (addresses) that you want to control.basically […]

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IOT & the future of economy

Imagine a world connected to the internet and shares data permanently ? imagine to set your washing machine on time and other home appliances remotely while mingling in the mall and do shopping ? Thats fun no ! We were ahead to set a new way of living immersed by technology and embedded devices , sensors , smart machines , appliances and all other stuff can be the next era for our lives . The world economy have changed a lot, since the advancement of technology & specially in the field of telecommunication and internet ,putting away a big players and giant companies to bankrupt for not keeping pace with the progress happening in the world of technologies .The evolution in the world of communication & mobile generation have put a lot of challenges for mobile operators in the market of data, over 60 percent of people nowadays are using […]

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The new PS4 Pro

Sony has just declared the new playstation 4 .The ps4 slim and the ps4 pro coming up to put again the giant of gaming in the forefront of electronic games development, over twenty years. . The ps4 is the most powerful console in the market today but after two and half years and due to the technology advances and the big competition existing in the gaming market specially from pc gaming,the company was eager to offer an advanced version of the system that offers a bit more processing power and speed to enable a better gaming and looking experience . The biggest difference between the PS4 and PS4 Slim isn’t the specs. The Slim will launch with the same internal specs as the original PS4, just with some design tweaks.Both the PS4 and PS4 Slim now also support HDR for gaming thanks to Update 4.00, so if you’ve got a […]

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Hotspot Systems

Introduction : Internet sharing has become an essential thing for many businesses which provided internet access for its customers ,when speaking about internet sharing, Hotspot systems would comes to our mind .because its the ideal solution for all internet cafes, Hotels ,shopping Malls ,Residential apartments that wants to have a secure ,reliable and continuous internet connection with an extended functionality. Hotspot systems usually comes with a built in software and embedded WYSIWYG editor which allows you to customize your landing page in order to fits with your business design also it comes with a billing interface which can be used to bills your users online or throughout an internet unique voucher code with a predefined time or data usage or via SMS customers would be able to request connection through a text message sent from their mobile phones. Hotspot technology has been improved and reached internet cloud ,Hotspot users are know […]

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How Lebanon Receives Internet ?

In this article i am pointing on the Lebanese internet and how the bandwidth are taken and distributed Between Lebanon , Cyprus , Syria and Egypt ,in 2011 and Before installing the IMEWE Cable internet in Lebanon was suffering from a lots of speed problems but know things have changed after the installation of the submarine international cable IMEWE which have boosted the internet speed and reduced the internet prices tarrif, However before 2011 internet sources was distributed as follow , Lebanon ( Beirut) and Cyprus are linked together through 230 Km , 622 Mbs submarine cable called Cadmos, This cable started its operations since 1995 but in 2010 the Lebanese Ministry of Telecommunication has signed an agreement with Cyprus and boosted its capacity to 40 Gb ,Tartus ( Syria ) receives internet from two sources Ugarit 633 Mbs from Cyprus and Aletar from Egypt a 5 Gbs cable which is connected […]

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Useful Links for web masters

1-Domain name checking tool Domain name research, including comprehensive Whois Lookup, Reverse Whois Lookup and Whois History. Domain name monitoring tools and buyer/seller 2-Geo IP Tool Checking your IP information with GEOIPTOOL 3-Checking IP Adresses IP address lookup, location, proxy detection, email tracing, IP hiding tips, blacklist check, speed test, and forums. Find, get, and show my IP address. 4-Website checking tool Checking web site info including : web site background , technology used,server side programming language,client side programming language and others … 5-Email checking tool Email address info: check if valid, photos, web search, blog entries, geo location info and more. 6-SSL checker This SSL Checker will help you diagnose problems with your SSL certificate installation. You can verify the SSL certificate on your web server to make sure it is correctly installed, valid, trusted and doesn’t give any errors to any of your users. To use the SSL […]

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How To create a New project in Dreamweaver CS4.

This video will give you a live example about making a new project in DW CS4. Advertisements

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Whats the difference between Fixed,Liquid and Fluid Layout

This video will show you a live example about the difference between Fixed and Liquid Layout . Advertisements

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How to transfer File to your Host through FileZilla

This video will show you an example on how you can connect and transfer files from your site to your Hosting account. Advertisements

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How To install Free and Self Hosted WordPress Blog

This video will show you a Live Example on How you can setup a Free and Self Hosted WordPress Blog .     Advertisements

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How To define CSS

What is Cascading Style Sheet ? CSS tends for cascading style sheets a Markup language usually used along with HTML in order to control the design (Colors,Fonts Tables ) and layout appearances of your web site. when working with CSS many aspect should be taken into considerations like Margin , Padding and Content the unit measured behind CSS box modeling are pixels as illustrated in the below photo . Advertisements

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The importance of Social Media

=============================== How Social Media used to turn communication into interactive dialogue between organizations. Advertisements

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Why does paypal is still banned in Lebanon ?

This topic would interest people involved in the E-commerce business and online payment, everyone know that Paypal is a online gate which allow you to make online payments and transferring money through the internet ,through many years a lots of people was wondering why Paypal is not active in Lebanon , there are several of common reason behind this which describe Paypal as a Jewish organization and it is banned to operate in Lebanon other reason is that because Lebanon doesn’t take a legitimate Electronic signature from Paypal inc which would make the system available in Lebanon and the parliament haven’t looked at the presented draft submitted in 1996.Another reason include insufficient regulation and security in a country’s banking system Hence, and in march 2013 Paypal has started to operates in many countries like Egypt Jordan. Yemen, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria excluding Lebanon but it should be available soon according […]

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Web Banners Dimensions

For your convenience i have listed below a variety of web banners that can be used depending on your needs . Size Style 468×60 Full Banner 728×90 Leader Board 336×280 Square 300×250 Square 2 160×600 Sky Scraper 120×240 Small Sky Scraper 240×400 Fat Scraper 234×60 Half Banner 180×150 Rectangle 125×125 Square Button 120X90 Button 120×60 Button2 88×31 Button3 Click this link to see a live Example : Web Banners Dimensions Not Standard Banner Size . Size Style 10×30 Button 230×33 Small Banner 728×210 Large Leaderboard 720×300 Large Leaderboard2 500×350 Popup 550×480 Popup2 300×600 Half Page Banner 94×15 Blog Button Click this link to see a live Example: Not standard Banner Sizer Advertisements

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Difference Between HTML & XHTML

When choosing between HTML and XHTML both are Markup languages and used to change the way on how your CSS box modeling appearances, the main difference between them is that XHTML has less attribute than HTML for example in XHTML you can use <br/>instead of <br></br> used by HTML which require an end tag for every start tag , choosing between HTML and XHTML depends of your browser technologies and devices used whether it is a mobile phones or other small devices which can be impacted by a bad markup language therefore by combining HTML and XML , XHTML ( Extensible Markup Language )was been developed ! The main difference between both Markup languages : DOCUMENT STRUCTURE XHTML DOCTYPE is mandatory The XML namespace attribute in <html> is mandatory <html>, <head>, <title>, and <body> is mandatory EG: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN” “”> <html xmlns=””> <head> <title>Title of […]

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Whats the difference between Liquid ,Elastic Fluid and Fixed layout

When designing  a new web site  you should take into consideration the layout size of your page which can define your appearance on different browser size, in this post i am going to describe you the main difference between all layouts Fixed Layout : A fixed layout in web design is one that uses a unit of measurement that does not depend on other factors, such as the size of the font or the dimensions of the browser window, to determine the width of a web page. To put it another way, the website appears with a constant size no matter how big the browser window is, or what sort of font is chosen for the page. Liquid layout : A relative layout in web design is one that uses a relative unit of measurement to specify the width of the page,The content of the page resizes to adapt to the size of the […]

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Top Content Management System for web site Building

Here is a list of the most used CMS content management system , CMS is widely used know for many developers for its flexibility and usability and less coding ability that can make your web presence development much easier , in addition CMS allows you to track each and every single piece of your web site content easily like modifying the  content text, photos videos further to this CMS allows you changing your web content design such as colors layouts and other features ,Although many other free CMS available some of them are easy to use and others are a bit hard and require a greater Technical knowledge , in this article i am going to spot on the most used CMS platforms for the Web : 1- WordPress : WP is a CMS platform that you can use to create a beautiful web site or Blog, it is available for free for download […]

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