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In the Southern Taiwan Science Park, where they pour in cement to build what is expected to be the largest chipmaking plant in the world.

This gigantic challenge is in line with the great ambitions of the “Taiwan Semiconductor Industry” company, which is one of the most important chip makers in the world. The cost of this company’s facility is estimated at $ 20 billion, three times the cost of the “Giga Factory” of the American company “Tesla” Owned by, Elon Musk, in Berlin.

This colossal plant would have a carbon footprint proportional to its size.

Today, the world is witnessing a growing demand for semiconductors, as life shifts towards digital technology, with chips becoming the main ingredient used in applications, from washing machines to artificial intelligence products.

However, this computing power has a price. Although Silicon Valley has raised the slogan of sustainability, and chips making actually consumes an enormous amount of resources.