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Top content management systemHere is a list of the most used CMS content management system , CMS is widely used know for many developers for its flexibility and usability and less coding ability that can make your web presence development much easier , in addition CMS allows you to track each and every single piece of your web site content easily like modifying the  content text, photos videos further to this CMS allows you changing your web content design such as colors layouts and other features ,Although many other free CMS available some of them are easy to use and others are a bit hard and require a greater Technical knowledge , in this article i am going to spot on the most used CMS platforms for the Web :


1- WordPress : WP is a CMS platform that you can use to create a beautiful web site or Blog, it is available for free for download through , you can use wordpress on your custom hosted account or through wordpress self hosted account along with a subdomain eg: or you can buy a custom domain and link it to your self hosted web site also wordpress can be downloaded from your hosting account inside your cpnal ,a plugins features are available inside wordpress which allows you to add more functionalty to your Blog .

Drupal2 –Drupal 
Another CMS Platform Drupal will let you to build your personal Blog or enterprise web site , Drupal can be used to make a large Database web site with few technical knowledge , Drupal is used by millions of web site and it is also available for download through your web site hosting provider .


joomla3 – Joomla Joomla is a very known CMC platform an is an award of winning content management system joomla is very flexible to use and available free for download from your hosting provider account.



silverstripe4 – Silverstripe :is another CMS platform available free for download silverstripe is mostly used for building web sites and web applications
it is easy to use and provide advanced security features and Multiple language capabilities , Silverstripe is powered behind PHP5 programming framework .



5 – Mod X : Mod x is one of the best platform which run both ajax xHTML CSS Mod xwill allows you to create custom application since you dont have to learn a complex template system also it is API friendly


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