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I can offer you a delightful web design and development services suited to fits all your needs,I am well skilled in different programming languages like
PHP,HTML,CSS,JS, ASP.NET , in addition I am well skilled in CMS Platform such as WordPress , Joomla and Drupal .


Professional capabilities: ( Web development )

  • Web design , web development  ( Custom design , CMS wordpress , Joomla, Drupal )
  • Social Media Making :Facebook Twitter Youtube channel
  • SEO optimization and site submission to major internet search Engine. ( Yahoo, Google and Bing )
  • Web forms and inquiry forms creation for corporate and individual usage
  • Corporate identity making and Logo design
  • Email Newsletters
  • SMS Marketing
  • Web Mastering and site Maintenance
  • Facebook and Google Adsense analysis and implementations (CPM,CPC CPL )

Technical skills & languages:

HTML ,CSS,PHP,MYSQL ,SQL,JS, VB VB.net ,Adobe Photoshop
illustrator, Dreamweaver and Flash Action script



Telecoms is one of my important interests in which i follow its development permanently,During my studies i have achieved a solid understand of Telecommunication principles , Analogue and Digital Signal Transmission , Mobile Networking and GSM Network Architecture . 


I have always been impressed by everything require math and analysis from theory to design
i have a big interest and creative ability on the ways how things work and the ways we can imply improvements .The challenge of solving practical problems inherent in the field of engineering appeals directly to these traits.


Internet is one of my main interest in which i use everyday , the way i use internet is for making research and read about something that’s interest me i also benefit from the power of internet as work completion specialy when i am testing and developing a web site sending Emails or developing an online application, internet can be considered as one of the most important innovation ever made .


3D photoFor several years provided through out work and practical experience i have achieved a solid understanding of single and double sided  PCB Electronic Circuits Design ,Pspice Circuit Simulations and Microcontrollers programming through its Integrated Development Environment MPLAB.




As technology advances, the definition of technology literacy changes. In 1980, Until the early 1990s, most cell phones were too big for pockets, Movies were unavailable on DVD until 1997. Google didn’t arrive until 1998.There was no MySpace until 2003, and YouTube launched two years after that.
Now the definition of technology literacy is much richer and more complex because there is more information available than ever before, And the tools for finding, using and creating information are rapidly becoming more diverse and sophisticated.

Business Technology:

Technology has become an essential part in many businesses , and can be written to address the needs of two groups,The first is external investors in a business and the second is an internal business plans which targets intermediate goals required to reach the external goals this internal business plan will cover major changes in an organisation such as the development of a new product, IT systems, etc…