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Web design course

Whether you are a student or beginner and having the passion of learning and entering the realm of web designing here is the different courses i can offer you under different associated packages which enable you to understand the fundamentals of designing a web site.

Package 1 : The Design fundamentals 

Understanding the right techniques and programming languages used behind designing a web site
after taking the lesson you will have to make your own web site and upload it
the technologies you will learn is : HTML ,HTML 5 and CSS or  (Cascading Style Sheets) Difference between fixed and liquid layouts. you will also learn the tools needed behind developing your web site.

Course duration : 3 Hrs

Price : 400 / SAR

Package 2 : HOSTING

In this course you will learn the secret of hosting and all matters related to
the things covered in this course are :

  • Understanding the difference between a shared and dedicated hosting
  • What is dedicated IP ?
  • What tools or FTP programs are used to host your web site ?
  • The difference between Dynamic and static web site
  • MYsql database ( what is MYSQL databases and what are used for) ?

At the end of this course you will have a small exercise which resume the things you learned .

Course duration : 2 HRS

Price : 300 / SAR