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When designing  a new web site  you should take into consideration the layout size of your page which can define your appearance on different browser size, in this post i am going to describe you the main difference between all layouts

Fixed Layout : A fixed layout in web design is one that uses a unit of measurement that does not depend on other factors, such as the size of the font or the dimensions of the browser window, to determine the width of a web page. To put it another way, the website appears with a constant size no matter how big the browser window is, or what sort of font is chosen for the page.

Liquid layout : A relative layout in web design is one that uses a relative unit of measurement to specify the width of the page,The content of the page resizes to adapt to the size of the browser window displaying it or the font used on the page .
The page will stretch to fits with the browser window also we can call it relative layout and Fluid layout so both elastic and liquid layout are called and the measurement tool used in this kind of layout are a relative unit EM and % the EM is basically the height of the font used in on the page and it is called relative coz 16 point font has a different height from lets say 12 point font the % is actually defined by the number of percentage lets say we have 80 % which mean that the maximum width it can have so if the font size in a document is 12 point
which mean that 1em= 12 point and 2em would equal to 24 point .
1em = 12pt = 16px = 100%.