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We all know that life is about taking risk but sometimes risks may turn disappointing, if it hasn’t been taken considerably and through a tangible study, which indicates the key factors to make this project feasible .Project managers usually use feasibility studies to determine potention positive and negative outcomes of a project before investing in time and money.and knowing the true cost of your product or services is the only way to go .

There are several factors of feasibility study and the most important of which i am mentioning :

1- Description
( The layout of the business , Product or services to be offered and how they will be delivered )

2- Market feasibility
(describes the industry, the current and future market potential, competition, sales estimations and prospective buyers.)

3- Technical feasibility
( Provide details on how a good or service will be delivered, which includes transportation, business location, technology needed, materials and labor.

4- Financial Feasibility
(  A projection of the amount of funding or startup capital needed, what sources of capital can and will be used, and what kind of return can be expected on the investment.

5- Organizational feasibility
( A definition of the corporate and legal structure of the business; this may include information about the founders, their professional background and the skills they possess necessary to get the company off the ground and keep it operational.)

A sample feasibility study that i am sharing below and available for downloads