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Check out a bunch of a useful Electronics Projects 

1 – Timer 555 Circuit :


Circuit Description :

This circuit consists of a timer realized by the 555 Chip,the circuit can be used in many applications which recommend timing in this example we are using 2 LED’S in the output glowing in Flip Flop Mode ,you can adjust the timing delay by changing the value of R1,R2 and C1,However the circuit can be tested under simulation mode .

2 – Power Supply 5v

Power Supply 5 v

Circuit Description :

This is a circuit of a small power supply project realized by a 7805 regulator , the circuit is a bit simple and doesn’t include a lots of parts and it can supply a small project with less than 1.5 Amp current flow.

3 – Light Dimer


Circuit Description :

This circuit represent a Light Dimmer and it can be used in many Applications which require dimming like AC bulb , projector, etc…
the realization of the circuit is very simple and the number of parts doesn’t exceed 12 parts ,
VR1 is used to control brightness and VR2 is used to control the light Dimer ,R2 and C2 are used to overcome interference Problem .
PS: The Diac used in the circuit is ER 900 and PCB package D041,and the Triac is BT136 with PCB package T0220.

4 – Electronic Clapper


Circuit Description :

This circuit is designed to command a Loud speaker and produce a clap sound , The LM 567 is a PLL Tone Decoder used to generate a Phase Looked Loop Signal,and the SK 100 is a pnp transistor used to command the speaker while receiving pulse from the LM567, All resistors are Metal film with 1/4 watt , sp1 is an spst switch button and the supply source is provided via a regular 9v Battery.

5 – Night Led Light Circuit :


Circuit Description :

This is circuit is used to drive white LED’s , LED light has become very popular in many applications since it consume less power and provide efficient light it should somehow replace the incandescent Lamp,this circuit is used in many applications such as bedroom and bathroom corridor and staircase, the circuit is supplied from the main with AC 220v ,R1 is 1W resistor R3 is a regular 1/3 Resistor D4 and D3 are regular 1W 12v zener Diodes ,C1 is 1uf 250 v ceramic capacitor the output consist of 3 white LED’s , Be careful of safety since the circuit is directly connected to the main supply ! .

6 – Solar LED Light Circuit:


Circuit Description :

This circuit provide and efficient automatic solar lighting and the best advantage is completely automatic and the solar panel acts as a light detector,The solar panel will charge the battery during day time and switch on the LED’S of at Dusk while at dawn all LED’S are switched off and the solar panel will restart to receive light from the sun and recharging the battery again , the used parts are very simple D1 is a regular 1N4001 rectifier , R1= 56 ohm and R2 :47 k ,The Transistor is 2N3906 pnp with PCB package TO92 the battery used is 3.7v 1.5v 1500 mAh rechargeable and the solar panel is 5.5 v / 2 W White LED’S are recommended in this application for an efficient lighting .

7 – Single LED on AC 220v. 


Circuit Description :

This circuit is designed to turn on a LED directly from the main supply , a LED light can be illuminated by using a 220 n/ 400v capacitor these kind of capacitors are designed to be directly connected to the main supply , However the realization of the circuit is very simple and it doesn’t include a lots of parts , The role of the diode is to discharge the capacitor and the resistor R1 will limit the peak current and protect the LED once the circuit is turned on.

8 – Blinking a  LED from 220V Main supply.


Circuit Description :

A LED can Blink if its connected throw a DIAC  , DIAC is a pulse generator electronic device used for triggering ,The R,C consist of a time constant cells used to define the charging and discharging of the capacitor C1 also it will define the blinking frequency of the LED, First the capacitor will start charging through the resistor R1 and once the capacitor voltage reach the DIAC triggering voltage, the Diac will open and by pass the pulse to the LED , The DIAC model is 1N5758 with D041 PCB package and the triggering voltage is 20v +-2 All other components are regular as shown in the above picture, This application can be used for marking places or as a Voltage indicator.

4 Comments so far:

  1. Dave says:

    Hi Adnan , i would like to to ask you about the ISIS version that you are using in developing those circuits , what is the best version that you would recommend ? thanks..

  2. Hi dave , i am using ISIS v 7.9 sp1 this version works perfectly with MPLAB vsm mode which provide the ability to co simulate Microcontroller project in Mixed mode , you can use older isis version like 6.9 sp4 but the 7.9 is much recommended ,


  3. Dave says:

    where i can download the 6.9 sp1 ? any specific link ?

  4. Hi Dave, check 4shared.com web site, likely a free version of download is available . !