Adnan Kabbani  Business developer, entrepreneur and sales professional .Adnan brings more than 10 years of hands-on experience in business development, sales & entrepreneurship, with an extensive experience in the areas of information Technology ,Engineering,Telecommunications & Business strategies .Adnan graduated from IPNET,a High Tech Technology institute in Lebanon,where he studied Technical Bachelor Degree in Telecommunication & Electronics Engineering.He is also awarded with many professional ,technical and management courses from many countries arround the world.He passionately enjoy most things who’s in relation with Technologies,Electronics,Engineering and new business development.Adnan always like to share his expertise with all folks and business professionals.The purpose of this portfolio is to provide adequate examples on my work and COMPETENCIES in the following 6 areas.

<<<< Business development >>>>
<<<< Project management >>>>
<<<< Business strategy >>>>
<<<< MANAGEMENT >>>>
<<<< Marketing>>>>
<<<< SALES >>>>

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