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Microcontrollers are widely used in today controls systems and usually for several reason covering design & simulation ,Flexibility ,High integration ,Cost and easy to use ,Microcontrollers usage are available in many applications like Cash Register machines,Home ovens , Washing Machines , Alarm clocks, Playing Toys,Elevators ,Typewriters,Safety Systems and in industrial Automation,Road in cars and Traffic signals,the question is what makes all these machines smart? The answer is Microcontrollers.

Microcontrollers Projects


“Please note that all circuits has been Realized,Designed and Tested before being posted using ISIS ELectronics LAB Center Tool”.
“More Microcontrollers programming Tips are available inside Category/Microcontroller Menu”


Here is a bunch of very useful Micronctrollers Projects

1- Blinking a LED using Microcontroller PIC 16F877A

Circuit Description:

The circuit consist of a PIC MC unit 16f877A programmed to Blink a LED in Flip FLop Mode , The output is taken from RB0 which is programmed as an output port , other components of the circuits Like C1,C2, and X1 are regular components


2 – LED Chaser Circuit Using PIC 16F628A

This circuit consist of a Led chaser realized by PIC 16F628A Microcontroller , This vesion of PIC doesn’t require an osc cell since it is already embedded inside the chip unlike of the MC16F84,The project runs on three mode Manual , Auto and Sequential already programmed to the chip program memory which provide visual effect to the project, Mode can be selected through the SW1 Switch , The LED used are regular 5 mm Red LED However you can choose any Type of LED color depending on your choice .

MODE Selection :

  • Manual Mode : Run the same sequence continually
  • Auto Sequential Mode : The program run through each sequence in pic program memory
  • Random Mode : The program select sequence randomly


ps: The 16F628A osc frequency has to be modified to 4 MHZ from the device property

Watch Chaser Live in Simulation mode :

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