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The final summit for the future of e-sports was launched in Jordan, organized by the Jordanian Games Lab, in cooperation with the King Abdullah II Fund and the Ministry of Digital Economy, and with the participation of more than a thousand young men and women interested in the e-sports industry, as one of the largest gaming and e-sports forums in the region.

Over the past few days, several Jordanian cities hosted the conference activities, such as Umm Qais (north) all the way to the capital, Amman, and the ancient city of Petra (south). The main and closing event concluded in the city of Aqaba (325 south of Amman), which received Arab and international participation, and was accompanied by the holding of many Competitions, sessions, and educational and educational workshops for the public on how to create e-sports games, the most prominent of which are:

Designing and developing electronic games for Jordanian university students, researching the importance of electronic sports at the economic level, and how to benefit from them for investment, and linking them to the cultural and tourism field at the country level, building successful strategies for electronic sports, and researching ways to make Jordan a home and a regional center for this type of industry.