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Dtek.AI,was previously Dukkantek a provider of innovative retail technology solutions, Has announced the launch of SWIFT. A new technology leveragares Artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision to transform the retail checkout process. SWIFT represents a significant change in the world of retail technology This innovative automated checkout system reimagines the shopping experience by allowing customers to effortlessly scan and purchase products without the need for traditional checkout lanes. The automated-checkout system provides shopper-focused innovation, streamlining the retail experience to ensure customer satisfaction every step of the way. SWIFT can identify any grocery item in less than 200 mili- seconds, giving shoppers a more convenient and contactless shopping experience. The checkout system has been carefully designed with feedback from retailers, addressing common pain points such as crowded checkouts and stock mismanagement. It ensures a streamlined in-store environment and allows plug-and-play integration and intuitive onboarding, minimising disruption and enabling retailers to elevate […]