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China is the world most populous country,with a population around 1.4 billion, according to the latest statistic in 2017,with a GDP around 12.4 trillions .
The trade tension between china and the united states came up before one year ago, in 2018.When president trump imposed tariff and other trade barriers on china,with the goal of forcing and to make changes to what the U.S. says are unfair trade practices.Those trade practices have impacted the intellectual property and forced the transfer of the American technology to china.This trade tension between the two countries have prompted experts to speak of decoupling, referring to an increased disconnect between the world’s two largest economies.As the result of decoupling, the Chinese thought about self-sufficiency according to CNBC East tech conference Held in Guangzhou china to supports the Blockchain financial technology and 5G tech, and artificial intelligence,as a way to speed up the economy slows.

Why 5g ?

Particularly there was a competition between Huawei and US around the development of the next generation 5 G services ,and Huawei 5 G product imports to the US was been forbidden by the government for security reason .

Why Blockchain ?

Blockchain is the record keeping technology behind the Bitcoin,and is now being used by various industries from finance to food.China recently threw its weight behind this technology,aiming to launch their own digital currency,which mean that the virtual Yuan would come a reality quite soon. !

Why Artificial intelligence ?


AI was first being introduced in 1956,by John McCarthy,and is one of the most elusive subject in computer science.AI can be broadly defined as technology that replicates human intelligence and behavior, in areas such as problem-solving, learning and reasoning. China aims to lead the world in AI by 2030 ,with the industry worth 1 trillion yuan almost $147.7 billion.