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Elon Musk, , expected on Monday that the development of artificial intelligence will reach the point where it becomes smarter than the smartest human by next year or 2026.

In an interview with Norwegian wealth fund CEO Nikolai Tangen on the X app, Musk said that artificial intelligence is limited by the availability of electricity and that the next version of Grok, the AI-powered chatbot for his startup XAI, is expected to be tested by May. .

When asked about the timeline for the development of “artificial general intelligence,” Musk said, “If AGI (artificial general intelligence) is defined as being more intelligent than the smartest human, then I think that would likely be within the next year, within Two years,” according to Reuters.

Musk, who also co-founded the artificial intelligence research company OpenAI, said that the lack of advanced electronic chips hinders the trial of the second version of the GRUK model.

Musk founded XAI last year to compete with OpenAI, against which he filed a lawsuit, accusing it of abandoning its original mission of developing artificial intelligence for the benefit of humanity and not for profit. OpenAI denies these allegations.

He added that although the chip shortage has been a major obstacle to the development of artificial intelligence so far, electricity supply will be crucial in the next year or two.

Regarding electric cars, Musk stressed that Chinese automakers are “the most competitive in the world” and pose “the most difficult competitive challenges” for Tesla.

Musk has previously warned that Chinese competitors will destroy global rivals if trade barriers are not put in place.

The Norwegian sovereign wealth fund, with assets amounting to $1.5 trillion, is one of the largest shareholders in Tesla.