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Despite the lukewarm talk about metaverses during recent times, several Arab countries are still seeking to invest in modern technology that was widely discussed in October 2021, after it was adopted by the CEO of the company.

According to the “Metaverse and its potential in the Middle East and North Africa” report, which was recently issued by Deloitte Financial Services, five Arab countries have already started investing or planning to invest in the new digital world, by developing initiatives and legislation aimed at regulating the work of this technology and encouraging its use by its citizens. Those who do not exceed the age of half of them twenty-five.

In September 2022, the Emirate of Dubai launched its strategy for Metaverse, while the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced billions of dollars in investments in various Metaverse platforms, which encouraged several foreign technology companies to transfer their business to the Arab region, given their readiness for this modern technology.