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A number of experts have warned that the prices of PlayStation and iPhone devices may rise this year due to a shortage of semiconductors caused by a combination of factors including the booming demand for electronics, the confusion that afflicted the supply chains due to the Corona pandemic and the trade war. The lockdown measures taken due to the pandemic caused consumers to turn to computers, tablets or game consoles powered by chips.

Meanwhile, the technology giant Huawei, in light of the worsening trade war between China and the United States, has stockpiled semiconductors last year, adding pressure on the amount available for supply.

These market tensions jumped to the fore as the automaker sought more semiconductors, realizing that chip manufacturers were prioritizing consumer electronics. The car industry is still the most prominent victim of the chip shortage, as giant companies including Ford and Volkswagen were forced to cut production, but other sectors were also affected.

The agency “Bloomberg” indicated that the quantities of some models of the “iPhone 12” were limited due to the lack of components, while difficulties in obtaining the “Playstation 5” device from Sony and the latest “Xbox” from Microsoft were attributed. To the shortage of some chips. A number of semiconductor manufacturers, such as the US giant Qualcomm and its rival, AMD, have warned of a growing crisis.

Manufacturers face difficulty in meeting demand from different sectors as the change in production situation may take months. The chip shortage could delay production of nearly one million cars in the first quarter of this year, according to research firm IHS Markit. But analysts believe it is too early to measure the impact on other sectors. It is assumed that the shortage will decrease during the year thanks to the vaccination campaigns that will allow the factories to return to the usual pace of production, in addition to the fact that new factories will be established.