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In a new chapter in the “Fifth generation technology contest,” Huawei launched an advertising campaign in UK on Monday, as officials there review the role of the Chinese technology company in supplying equipment for high-speed mobile phone networks.

The company has published advertisements on a full page in British newspapers outlining its commitment to provide mobile phone companies with equipment for 5G networks.

The Chinese giant is stepping up efforts to win public opinion as it faces mounting pressure from a US-led campaign aimed at persuading allies to ignore telecom equipment, due to concerns that Beijing may use it for espionage or sabotage.

It is a charge that the company has always denied…

The heated race around the fifth generation network raises many questions about the technology, which will bring about a tremendous and positive change that pushes major countries to race and try to acquire them.

But what is that technique? And why do you cause all this controversy?

It is a wireless technology that transmits data over the air from cell towers to phones and other devices, much more quickly than we do today, And its importance is to increase the data transfer rate and reduce operating time, which improves the overall productivity.