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In a new development for the TikTok app series in the United States, two sources familiar with the matter told Reuters that Twitter has opened up “BytDance”,the chinese owner of the popular video sharing app, to express its interest in acquiring Tik Tok operations in the United States, at a time when it raised Experts doubt Twitter’s ability to fund any potential deal.

The two sources strongly questioned Twitter’s ability to outperform Microsoft and complete such a deal, which would represent a transformation for it, within the 45-day deadline that US President Donald Trump gave ByteDance to approve the sale.

The “Wall Street Journal” was the first to report the news of Twitter and TikTok entering into initial talks, and Microsoft remaining in the lead as potential buyers of the US operations for the application.

According to the sources, the market value of Twitter is close to 30 billion dollars, and you will need to raise additional capital to finance the deal.

One of the sources pointed out that the private company “Silver Lake”, a contributor to Twitter, had expressed interest in helping finance the potential deal.

TikTok, ByteDance and Twitter declined to comment.

The app has been criticized by US lawmakers over national security concerns related to data collection.