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Human Rights Watch warned of the danger of using a killer robot, a robot, in the military field, saying it poses a great threat to humanity.

According to the British “Sky News” website, several countries are keen not to develop a “killer robot” that is completely independent, and the goal is to remain under human surveillance at all times.

About 30 countries are seeking to develop a global convention on these weapons, because they may be able to locate targets and hit them, without resorting to humans.

Critics say these robots may make decisions to kill and hit targets, regardless of any human consideration, because what matters to them is to accomplish a specific task.

And press reports indicated that Russia and the United States are among the few countries that reject these proposals calling for an agreement on regulating the use of killer robots.

A report by “Human Rights Watch” reviewed the policies adopted by 97 countries, and the non-governmental organization has discussed this issue since 2003.