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A business process is a repeatable collection of steps a company uses to accomplish a goal.
Good processes are crucial to making progress toward your goals and improving your business’s operations.

The purpose of a business process is to help your company reach a specific target. If you want to accomplish things as a business, processes allow you to take repeatable, consistent steps forward. 

A good process meets three essential criteria:

  • Repeatability: All processes must be designed to be repeated. A process that you don’t intend to repeat is an action plan instead of a true process. It’s the difference between routine purchases and buying a new facility.

  • Transparency: Processes also need to be trackable, allowing you to monitor them for success. A good process has built-in data-tracking steps, allowing you to compare performance and efficacy over time.

  • Agility: Processes that are set in stone don’t hold up in the real world. A process should be adaptable to multiple situations so small changes to the work environment don’t cause delays. Furthermore, a good process should be easy to update in case of more significant or permanent adjustments.