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The increase in the use of mobile phones in shopping, and the spread of social media, prompted the growth of e-commerce via mobile devices, with a volume of about $2.2 trillion during the first half of this year, according to Statista, a platform specialized in statistics and financial analysis.

This platform stated that the figures constitute 60% of the total e-commerce sales in the world, and it expected that sales would exceed $ 3.4 trillion in 2027.

She attributed this huge increase in the use of mobile phones for shopping to several factors, including: the ease of access to the Internet, the availability of shopping applications through mobile phones.

Statista also indicated an increasing role in the use of communication and marketing via SMS and e-mail, as it contributes to increasing consumer awareness of real-time offers.

The platform saw in these figures a clear indication that the future of e-commerce – through mobile phones – is promising due to advanced technology and the availability of high-speed Internet in most parts of the world.

It also expected that this growth would continue, and the reliance on mobile phones in e-commerce would increase in the coming years