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The Kingdom’s economy will benefit from the momentum that Expo 2030 will create before and during the launch of the event, at a time when the impact is expected to extend beyond the end of the exhibition, which will be held from October 2030 to March 2031.

Al Rajhi Capital estimated the economic impact of the exhibition over the next 25 years at 355 billion riyals ($94 billion), equivalent to about 4 billion annually, which represents an addition of about 19% to the non-oil GDP expected in the 2023 budget.

Mazen Al-Sudairi, head of research at Al Rajhi Capital, said that the economic impact of Expo will rise gradually over the coming years, reaching its maximum during the exhibition period, with expected revenues exceeding $60 billion. He added: “This does not mean that after the exhibition ends, the economic impact will stop. Rather, we expect average revenues to be higher than they were before the exhibition was held.