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The United Nations Climate Change conference, COP28, has concluded yesterday in DUBAI UAE with a historic agreement to transition away from fossil fuels and to try to rein in accelerating climate change.

Representatives of 197 countries participating in COP28 approved the “UAE Agreement” for climate action on Wednesday.
The UAE Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology, President of the Conference of the Parties (COP28), Dr. Sultan Al Jaber, praised the success in developing the COP system and providing an effective response to the results of the global outcome.
The COP28 presidency succeeded in reaching the conference’s objectives and exceeding the specified ambitions.
The “Historic UAE Agreement” is considered an exceptional turning point in the process of international climate action, develops the system of conferences of the parties, and succeeds in including comprehensive provisions related to traditional fuels for the first time.

Al Jaber said during his speech at the closing session of COP28:

  • We achieved a lot together in a short time and in two weeks, we worked hard and sincerely to build a better future for our people and our planet.
  • The world needed a new course of action, and by focusing on our main purpose we found it.
  • We provided a comprehensive response to the results of the global stocktake, and completed all necessary negotiating requirements.
  • We have presented a robust action plan to keep the 1.5°C target averted, based on scientific facts.
  • This action plan is balanced, contributes to reducing emissions, addressing the gaps in the issue of adaptation, developing and reformulating global climate financing mechanisms, and achieving the requirements for addressing losses and damages.