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New reports revealed that Facebook is preparing to make some drastic changes to the WhatsApp and Messenger applications, allowing chatting directly with each other from within the two applications.

Facebook plans to integrate WhatsApp with Messenger to make chatting easier for users, as this feature will allow only one of the two applications to be kept on the phone, to send messages to contacts via the two applications.

For example, WhatsApp can be used to send messages to contacts via the app itself to those who use Messenger, or vice versa), which means that you only need to keep one of the messaging apps on your phone.

While this may seem simple because the messaging services are owned by Facebook, and they have a very similar set of features, it is possible that the combination of them will lead to some problems, given that WhatsApp uses comprehensive encryption to secure all communications, while Messenger does not do so, which Shows information of people who are not using Messenger but who are using WhatsApp at risk.

The new feature can pose a problem with how to deal with privacy and security in the future,due to the complex nature of this feature and Facebook may resort to abandoning it completely.