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Just as they did in the united states,The UK plans to keep the Chinese tech giant Huawei from setting up the country’s 5G network infrastructure due to security concerns.

The decision will be announced by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson after British intelligence, known as government communications headquarters, re-evaluated the risks posed by the Chinese company.

In January, the British Prime Minister decided to allow Huawei to play a limited role in building the fifth generation network in the United Kingdom, as it defied security concerns, especially those coming from the United States, about the company.

However, a study due to be submitted to the government this week will announce that US sanctions against Huawei will prompt the company to use “unreliable” technology, according to the reports.

A report by the National Intelligence Center of the British Intelligence had stated that the US sanctions that prevent Huawei from using American intellectual property-based technology had a great impact on the company.

Reports indicate that British officials are drafting a contract to end the contract with the company and prevent Huawei from installing its new equipment in the 5G network within six months.