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The Board of Directors of the Qiddiya Investment Company announced the launch of the gaming and e-sports zone within the city of Qiddiya, which is the first multi-use gaming and e-sports zone in the world with the aim of attracting players from all over the world, and enhancing the position of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a global center for gaming and e-sports.

The announcement of the region comes as an extension of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s support for the gaming and E-sports sector through the launch of the National Strategy for Gaming and E-Sports, and many initiatives that would contribute to achieving the Kingdom’s goals in this sector, which attracts the interest of two-thirds of society members.

This project will occupy an area with more than 500,000 square metres, including 100,000 square meters dedicated to selling games, dining and entertainment. It will also provide a suitable environment for living, working and playing through high-quality residential units and hotel rooms in a style that suits its identity.

It will also include 4 arenas designed according to the highest standards to host the most prominent global events in the sector throughout the year, with an audience capacity of 73,000 seats, and one of them contains a stadium with a capacity of 5,300 seats, making it one of the three largest E-sports stadiums in the world, and is characterized by the presence of the largest An indoor LED screen between all areas of these sports around the world.

It will also host up to 25 E-sports clubs from around the world to live, train and compete, welcome industry leaders, and provide more than 30 regional headquarters for leading development companies. It will also support the national strategy, which aims to make Saudi Arabia a global hub for gaming and e-sports by 2030, and will play a key role in attracting up to 10 million visits annually.