Google has begun integrating its latest artificial intelligence program, “Gemini,” into its various applications, which will be a prominent competitor to the “Chat GBT” robot, which has created a breakthrough in the world of technology since its launch last year. Among the versions of the new program is “Gemini Pro,” which has been integrated into the “Bard chat bot,” which will compete with “Chat GBT” in its responses to inquiries based on artificial intelligence. Google Gemini currently only allows use in the English language, but it is working on developing it to provide support in other languages.


Simply, all you want to do is to have a Google account and use a regular browser to access Bard, but remember that so far Gemini is a beta version, and you may encounter some programming errors in the response of the Bard chatbot.

The “BARD” bot may not differ from other chat bots, as you may find flaws in it, such as fabricating some information.

Gemini will be able to work with more flexible models, ranging from data centers to mobile devices, according to Google, as it will be offered in three models:

Gemini Ultra: Designed for larger, more complex business models.
Gemini Pro: Designed to work on broad-duty models.
Gemini Nano: Designed to run on a range of tasks on stand-alone devices.

Google confirms that the version of Gemini Ultra, which it is still testing, is designed to handle complex tasks across text, images, video, and various programming codes.