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A recent study conducted by Deel, the leading global company in human resources management and remote recruitment, revealed that jobs related to artificial intelligence have witnessed significant growth globally, both in terms of the number of employees hired and the number of companies looking for employees in this field.

Dell conducted this study to evaluate the increasing impact of artificial intelligence on job opportunities. The study showed that the growth we are witnessing in the number of jobs related to artificial intelligence is a global phenomenon, indicating that artificial intelligence has in recent years become a driving force in the business world in countries. The Gulf Cooperation Council, as its innovations and the rapid adoption of its technologies are leading to major changes in various industries and sectors in the region and the entire world.

In this regard; “The growth we are seeing in the number of AI-related jobs is a global phenomenon,” said Tarek Salam, Managing Director, Dell Middle East and North Africa. Pointing out the role that Deal plays in connecting companies in the region with the competencies and talents they need to maintain their leadership in the field of innovation.”

He added: “Our platform provides companies with services that allow them to access the best specialists and experts in the field of artificial intelligence around the world, which helps them develop their system in this field. We are excited to participate in this transformation process and help companies develop their capabilities and achieve their goals in a world that depends on intelligence technologies.” increasingly artificial.