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Tesla has submitted the necessary documents to the Los Angeles City Council to establish a charging station equipped with a full-time restaurant and a drive-in theater, and the company plans to build a luxury charging station in Hollywood.

Forbes magazine reported that Tesla began construction work on the project in September. Tesla CEO and X platform owner Elon Musk in August also provided more details regarding the project after the city council approved the plans.

In 2021, Tesla filed an application with the US Patent and Trademark Office to use its trademark across a range of restaurants, from self-service restaurants to takeout restaurants.

Four years ago, Musk first tweeted about a restaurant that would also serve as an electric car charging station.

The 9,300-square-foot space includes plans for a cinema and a Supercharger charging station made up of 28 fast chargers. Architectural plans show a two-story restaurant with more than 200 seats inside and outside.

The outdoor seats have a direct view of two visual screens, with the possibility of delivering food to cars, as people can watch the movie either from their car or from the rooftop seating area.

The project description indicates that the cinema shows films for a period of time commensurate with the time required to charge a Tesla car, i.e. between 15 and 30 minutes.

Tesla originally planned to build the restaurant in the coastal city of Santa Monica, although the company later changed the location to Hollywood, after it opened a Supercharger station in Santa Monica in February without any restaurant.

There are no other details about the opening date or menus, and information indicates that the design may be futuristic, and replace a location for Shakey’s Pizza, which is one of the well-known restaurants in Los Angeles.

Plans include demolishing Shakey’s Pizza and building a new two-story restaurant in its place. The property has a large parking lot, although the parking lot needs to be redesigned in order to add fast chargers.

Musk originally tweeted that the concept could be a retro-style car with roller skates, and previously confirmed that payment could be made using Dogecoin.

Tesla’s plans to upgrade its charging stations highlight one of the company’s biggest advantages when it comes to adopting electric cars, which are Supercharger stations.

The company explained earlier this year that it plans to open the doors of some of its exclusive stations to some owners of electric cars that are not affiliated with the company.

The company has spent more than a decade installing more than 50,000 fast charging points in North America, making it the largest network of fast chargers in the region.

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Musk’s plans highlight Tesla’s efforts to transform its electric car charging stations into destinations that can compete with gas stations.

Through Supercharger stations, the company can combat hesitation in adopting electric cars, as many of its stations include many amenities, such as lounges, vending machines, and Tesla merchandise.