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The Chinese electric car manufacturer “Nio” launched the first mobile phone that contains many advanced technical features for use with its electric cars, such as using the phone to direct the car to park itself.

CEO William Li, a major enthusiast of the project, unveiled the Neo phone in Shanghai on Thursday, highlighting its new features such as the ability to control several cars with one device, or unlock the car even when it is turned off.

The launch of the Neo phone highlights the advanced technologies of Chinese electric cars in the world’s largest car market, where electric cars now represent more than a third of car sales.

The Nio phone represents the first car phone sold by a Chinese company, and the Nio driver can also use the phone to command his vehicle to drive itself to his location.

The Nio phone contains more than 30 car-specific functions, and opens new horizons in communication technologies. “I believe many of our competitors will learn from our smartphone innovations,” William Lee said.

There are 3 models of the phone available, and their prices range between $890 and $1030, and are currently sold in China only, and deliveries begin from September 28.