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Uber has forced Google to remove a tool that helped drivers figure out if Uber underpaid them.

The developer of the chrome extension “UberCheats” , Armin Samii, said that the application is no longer available on the “Google Play” store. He explained that the deletion of the application came after the company “Uber” claimed that the application violates the protection of its trademark. He added, “Uber filed a trademark counterfeiting lawsuit against ”UberCheats”, so the app was removed from the store,” stressing that customers might be confused about the original Uber products.

”UberCheats”simply calculates the actual distances that an Uber driver travels in the trip, while Uber estimates the distance using a straight line between the starting point and the end point, which can be less than the driver’s actual distance. This can lead to the driver getting less than they are actually entitled to.

Sami said Uber Technologies had already recognized this problem for its drivers in New York City in 2017 and returned wage differentials to the drivers affected by it.