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rise car

The director of the EV Electra company, the Lebanese-Palestinian businessman Jihad Al-Mohammed, decided to launch his project from within Lebanon to the world in the electric car industry, competing with leading international companies in this field and in light of talk about the conquest of electric cars around the world starting in the year 2030.

The idea of the RISE car started after the Beirut port explosion and the destruction that befell the city on the fateful August 4, and the company’s first plant in Lebanon and the Middle East for the electric car industry will be opened on 21-2-2021.

The price of the car is $ 30,000, which is low for imported cars that have the same specifications in speed and other features.

In an interview with the director of the administration office, Ahmed Al-Yaseer, he says that the idea of the EV Electra company started 3 years ago and was launched in 2020. The Lebanese RISE car was previously announced, the Quds electric car, which has global advantages, was announced, and it also launched an electric taxi.

The company opened an opportunity for maintenance workers, mechanics, engineers and university degree holders to join the work team.

Al-Yaseer said that the company does not depend on financial aid from the Lebanese Ministry of Industry, especially in these situations. However, we contacted the Minister in the caretaker government, Imad Hoballah, and he promised to provide facilities in the matter of licenses for the company.