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WhatsApp will introduce the Disappearing Messages feature, which allows its users to automatically delete messages in chat conversations after seven days of sending them.

Any user in one-to-one chat can turn the feature on or off, while in group chat only group admins can turn the feature on or off.

According to “WhatsApp” the period was set at seven days, because it is short enough to assure you that your conversations are not permanent while still allowing you enough time to return to the last conversations.”

On this subject, a WhatsApp spokesperson said: “The shopping list or the address of a store that you visited a few days ago will be present when you need it, then it will disappear after no need for it.”

Message disappearance should be enabled on a group or contact basis. The setting will not delete old messages, as it will only affect new messages once you enable it on either end.

WhatsApp team had been testing the hidden messaging feature since October 2019, and it was available at that time for group messaging only, but the final product works for both conversations (group and individual).

The feature also works with media files, allowing users to share images, videos, and hidden gif files via WhatsApp.