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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos sold more than $ 3 billion of shares in his company this week, according to files from the Securities and Exchange Commission, compiled by OpenInsider, a website that monitors insider trading shares in Real time, according to the CNBC news site specializing in business news and coverage of financial markets in real time.

Bezos had accelerated the sale of his shares last year. In August Bezos sold more than $ 3.1 billion of Amazon shares, after selling more than $ 4.1 billion of shares in February.

This week’s sales pushed his total money in 2020 to more than $ 10.2 billion so far, a remarkable jump from 2019, when Bezos sold $ 2.8 billion worth of shares.

Even with this recent stock sale, Bezos still owns more than 53 million shares worth $ 170 billion, making him the richest person in the world.

Although Amazon declined to comment on this sale, according to the files of the Securities and Exchange Commission, according to CNBC, the transactions were made as part of a pre-arranged trading plan.

It is noteworthy that Bezos had previously said that he would sell nearly $ 1 billion of Amazon shares each year to finance his missile project, which is the space rocket company Blue Origin.

In addition, last February, the CEO of Amazon launched what he called a “Earth Fund” worth $ 10 billion to combat the effects of climate change, which will provide grants to scientists, activists and other organizations.