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“Apple” INC has officially set the date of its annual event, which is expected to witness the announcement of the latest iPhone smartphones, which will be held this year via the Internet only.

The American company stated that the event will take place next Tuesday, September 15, and due to the Corona pandemic, the event will be held online.

The tech giant usually unveils new iPhones during a personal event at its headquarters in Cupertino, California, in September.

Although Apple announced its products in September, it may take some time for them to reach the public. Because the company announced last July that iPhone shipments would be delayed by a few weeks from the usual schedule.

In addition to the new iPhone, Apple is expected to announce the sixth generation of its smart watches, “Apple Watch Series 6”, and the new version of its tablet, “iPad Air”.

The event will begin at 10 am Pacific Time. Apple said the event will be broadcast on the company’s website from its Cupertino, California campus, without providing further details..

Additionally Apple is expected to announce 4 new iPhones for the current year, including the “regular” iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models, with new designs that include sharper edges around the corners.

the iPhone 12 Pro models will have 3 cameras and a new 3D optical radar sensor that helps in augmented reality applications.

The company had launched this sensor for the first time in the latest models of computers, “iPad Pro” earlier this year.

The question remains, will the new Apple phone support 5G technology or not?

The investing analyst of Apple Harris Anwar says that With a lot of hype about Apple’s ability to integrate 5G technology into its device, timing will be an important factor for this.The late arrival of the new phone could be a big problem for Apple.

and If they are not able to launch in October, this could seriously damage sales in the crucial holiday season, as many are looking to replace their phones with newer models.

Analysts have suggested that Apple may schedule a separate event for later launches of new versions of the iPhone.

Reports indicated that Apple will also announce a new “iPad Air” device similar to “iPad Pro”, with a screen covering it from edge to edge; But it is also possible that Apple will postpone that to another event in October, as it did in 2018, when it announced new iPads and MacBooks.