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This has been unveiled during the FII 7 conference held in Riyahd last week and showcased the design of the second terminal of the airport, which will boost annual passenger capacity from 400,000 to six million. The total area of the airport will also be expanded to around two million and 400,000 sq.m, with the ability to accommodate 15 aircraft on its flight deck simultaneously.said the Royal Commission for AlUla Governorate (RCU) amid the FII7.


The Royal Commission unveiled designs for the second terminal after a global competition that brought together major design houses, according to SPA.

“The expansion elements included in the new design encompass a hotel, a spa, and various services and facilities,” said RCU. Additionally, the Commission is proactively preparing for the expected growth in air traffic to AlUla as a global destination, said SPA.


Saudia Private Aviation, a subsidiary of Saudi Group, has also signed a MoU with the RCU during FII7 to offer a comprehensive range of private aviation services at AlUla International Airport.

additionally, an MOU was signed between SPA & RCU which is strategically aligned into the increasing number of annual visitors to AlUla, intending to offer a wide range of services such as aircraft leasing, management, maintenance, and cleaning,” said RCU. The services include essential ground operations, including take-off and landing permits, ground handling, and catering logistics.

Furthermore, the agreement involves operating the private aviation lounge at the airport, serving a wide range of local and international clients, including VIPs, individuals, companies, and aircraft operators.