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“The Guardian” revealed that “WhatsApp” messaging application had lost millions of users in recent weeks, after announcing the launch of a controversial update that shared their data with its parent company, Facebook.

Although “WhatsApp” postponed the launch of this update, which was scheduled to start on February 8th, the application witnessed a “mass migration” to alternative services that users see as safer and more private, such as “Signal” and “Telegram”.

During the first three weeks of January, 25 million people worldwide downloaded the Telegram application on their phones, while Signal gained 7.5 million new users, according to figures published by the Home Affairs Committee of the British Parliament.

Data suggests that these numbers tended to “abandon” WhatsApp, in an unprecedented decline in the number of application users.

In the United Kingdom, for example, WhatsApp fell in the list of the most downloaded applications at the beginning of January, from the eighth to the twenty-third place. On the other hand, the “Signal” application, which was not among the thousand most downloaded applications in the country, rose to the first place. During days in the same month.