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Facebook recently added a “Shop” button in “WhatsApp”, where the button will allow users to shop directly from the app. In a promotional video shared by the company, you can get a glimpse of how the next feature works. The video shows a user sending a message to an activity Commercial on the product that he is interested in, then the business returns a catalog of products that the buyer can choose from, then the buyer adds the product to the card and exits the application itself.

The product catalog will allow users to see the various items in their chat boxes, and upon announcing the feature, WhatsApp said: “We will expand ways for people to check available products and make purchases directly from the chat, and we also want to make it easier for companies to integrate these features into existing commerce. And customer solutions.

This will help many small businesses that have been severely affected at this time, and WhatsApp plans to offer hosting services on its platform, and it will provide a new option for companies to manage their WhatsApp messages. The company added: “This will make it easier for small and medium-sized businesses to get started. , Selling products, updating their inventory constantly, and quickly responding to the messages they receive – wherever their employees are.