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A small American company was able to achieve huge profits of up to 660 million dollars in just two days, thanks to a tweet posted by the American businessman and owner of Tesla electric car company Elon Musk, in which he called for the use of the Signal ” application instead of the application of WhatsApp ” .

In the details, Elon Musk, who was on the throne of the richest man in the world, had published two days ago a tweet on his Twitter account that contained two words “Use Signal”, meaning “Use Signal” and did not explain his words.

And the signal intended in the tweet is a communication application similar to WhatsApp, but it is much better than it in terms of security and privacy.

After Musk’s tweet, many of his followers used the Signal application, but other people decided to invest in it by entering the stock market and buying shares in the “Signal” company, but the Signal application issued a statement indicating that it is a commercial company, not a profitable company, and has no investments. In the stock exchange.

It turned out later that the people who entered the stock market had bought the shares of the “ Signal Advance ” company, which is an American company so small that it does not employ employees and employees and only the owner of the company works for it, which is a company that provides services to female workers and workers in the medical and legal field, and not for it Any relationship with the intended Signal app in Mask’s tweet.

And according to what was reported by the American CNBC site, the company’s share was operating on the stock exchange before Musk’s tweet at a value of $ 0.37, meaning less than 40 cents, to jump after Musk’s tweet to 1100%, as its value per share became $ 6.36, and thus the company’s owner’s fortune rose to $ 660 million. Just two days, thanks to Elon Musk.